Call Number Title Count
HC107.I33I45 Illinois Environmental Protection Agency ... biennial report. 1
HC107.I33I515 Illinois gross state product / 1
HC107.I33I5370 1991 Enterprise zones in Illinois : a study conducted for the Illinois Tax Foundation by the Institute for Public Affairs, Sangamon State University, Springfield, Illinois / 1
HC107.I33I54 Income and poverty in northeastern Illinois by county, township and municipality, 1979. 1
HC107.I33 P6326 2000 Make a difference : how one man helped solve America's poverty problem / 1
HC107.I33P6390 1983 Winter termination of utility service in Illinois : a report to the general assembly / 1
HC107.I33S863 1986 Hazardous waste enforcement in Illinois / 1
HC107.I33W32270 1987 An Economic impact analysis of proposed amendments to public water supply regulations pending before the Illinois Pollution Control Board R85-14 : final report / 1
HC107.I33W3240 1982 Economic impact study of proposed IPCB amendments to water pollution regulations, R80-6 / 1
HC107.I33W3250 1986 The economic impact analysis of R84-29 mine-related water pollution regulations / 1
HC107.I33W3260 1990 Report of the Virginia State Crime Commission on victims and witnesses of crime to the Governor and the General Assembly of Virginia. 1
HC107.I4M8 Statistics and information concerning the Indian Territory, Oklahoma, and the Cherokee Strip ... With compliments of the General passenger department of the Missouri Pacific Railway Co. 1
HC107.I5N677 1975 Growth forecasting : 1980, 1990, and year 2000 population and employment forecasts for northwestern Indiana. 1
HC107.I6A2 Annual report. 1
HC107.I6A22 Bulletin ... 1
HC107.I6A24 Miscellaneous publication. 1
HC107.I6A3 Radio broadcast series. Federal emergency activities in Indiana ... 1
HC107.I6A32 Radio news service ... 1
HC107.I6A4 1921 Natural resources of Indiana : a survey / 1
HC107.I6A4 1933 An aid for analyzing markets in Indiana and Kentucky. Concentration of markets for general consumer commodities ... Domestic Regional Division. 1
HC107.I6A4 1934 Preliminary report on a state plan for Indiana. 1
HC107.I6A4 1935 Report of the consultants of the State planning board of Indiana for the period ending February 22, 1935. 1
HC107.I6A4 1969 Indiana community profiles. 1
HC107.I6A4 1970 Indiana State services catalog, 1
HC107.I6A4 1971 Indiana intergovernmental co-operation; procedures guide, project notification and review system. 1
HC107.I6I4370 1978 A growth management strategy for Indiana / 1
HC107.I6I45 In context : the Indiana economy. 1
HC107.I6I5 Proceedings of ... annual Indiana State-wide Planning Conference ... 1
HC107.I6I53 1973 Goals for the Indiana Heartland Coordinating Commission and the heartland region. 1
HC107.I6I534 1975 Planning agenda for regional coordination : 1975-76 overall program design for comprehensive planning assistance and 1975-77 work program for areawide water quality management planning : summary / 1
HC107.I6I535 1976 State services catalog / 1
HC107.I6I6 Proceedings of ... annual Indiana state-wide planning conference... 1
HC107.I6K15 Indiana personal income, 1959-2000 1
HC107.I6M2 The physical assets of the state of Indiana and the earnings and distribution of income of Indiana corporations, 1936, 1
HC107.I6M3 Manufacturing and mercantile resources and industries of the principal places in Wayne, Henry, Delaware and Randolph counties, Indiana : with a review of their manufacturing, mercantile and general business interests, advantageous location, &c, including a brief historical and statistical sketch of their rise and progress. 1
HC107.I6S8 Indiana : a social and economic survey / by Frances Doan Streightoff and Frank Hatch Streightoff; with a chapter on charities and corrections by Cecil Clare North. 1
HC107.I6U5 Federal outlays in Indiana.
Geographic distribution of federal funds in Indiana /
HC107.I6V8 Economic geography of Indiana, 1
HC107.I7A2 Report. 1
HC107.I7A3 Bulletin. 2
HC107.I7A3 no.1 etc. Directory of manufacturing establishments ... 1
HC107.I7A3 no.2 etc. Statistics of manufactures ... 1
HC107.I7A3 no.3 etc. Arbitration and conciliation. Report ... 1
HC107.I7A3 no.4 etc. Child labor. Analysis of work permits issued during biennium ending June 30, 1920 ... 1
HC107.I7A3 no.5 etc. Labor organizations. Trade union statistics for biennium ending December 31, 1919 ... 1
HC107.I7A3 no.6 etc. The State Free Employment Bureau (co-operating as the state-federal employment service) Geo. B. Albert, chief clerk. Including farm wage data for biennium ending June 30, 1920 ... 1
HC107.I7A3 no.16 etc. Directory of manufacturing establishments ... 1
HC107.I7A35 Bulletin. 1
HC107.I7A355 Report. 1
HC107.I7A37 Iowa planning news ... 1
HC107.I7A38 A preliminary report of progress. 1
HC107.I7A38 v.1 A preliminary report of progress. 1
HC107.I7A38 v.2 A preliminary report of progress : the second report. 1
HC107.I7A4 Retail trading areas ... a study by the Committee on business and industry, Iowa state planning board ... 1
HC107.I7A5 1911 Report of the Iowa State Drainage, Waterways and Conservations Commission for the biennial period ending January 1911. 1
HC107.I7A5 1935 A report by the Committee on Population and Social Trends. Project no. S--A2--1048. Iowa State Planning Board. The income of the counties of Iowa. 1
HC107.I7A5 1945 Report presented to the governor of Iowa and the Iowa 51st General assembly, January, 1945. 1
HC107.I7A5 1949 Iowa, land of industrial opportunity. 1
HC107.I7A6 1971 Iowa state economic development policy study : submitted to the Iowa Office for Planning and Programming / 1
HC107.I7B25 Design and use of social accounting systems in State development planning, 1