Call Number Title Count
H1.R931 Romanian scientific abstracts. 1
H1.S38 Scientific research abstracts in the Republic of China. Humanity [i.e., Humanities] & social sciences/ 1
H1.S4 Scienza nuova; international journal of reviews and studies in the psychosociological and humanistic sciences. 1
H1.S42 Scope; a journal of the social sciences. 1
H1.S43 SEEU review. 1
H1.S55 Social and economic administration.
Social policy & administration.
H1.S55 v.41 no.6 Reforming the Bismarckian welfare systems / 1
H1.S59 Social dynamics. 1
H1.S6 Socio-economic studies. 1
H1.S6 v.1 Evaluating social action projects : principles, methodological aspects, and selected examples. 1
H1.S6 v.2 Socio-economic indicators for planning : methodological aspects and selected examples. 1
H1.S6 v.3 Women and development : indicators of their changing role. 1
H1.S6 v.4 Planning methods and the human environment / 1
H1.S6 v.5 Quality of life : problems of assessment and measurement. 1
H1.S6 v.6 Evaluation manual / 1
H1.S6 v.7 Applicability of indicators of socio-economic change for development planning. 1
H1.S6 v.8 Social science methods, decision-making, and development planning. 1
H1.S6 v.10 Evaluation in Latin America and the Caribbean : selected experiences. 1
H1.S6 v.11 Planning integrated development : methods used in Asia. 1
H1.S6 v.12 Socio-economic analysis and planning : critical choice of methodologies. 1
H1.S6 v.13 Women's concerns and planning : a methodological approach for their integration into local, regional, and national planning. 1
H1.S6 v.14 Innovative approaches to development planning. 1
H1.S6 v.15 Evaluating educational programmes and projects : holistic and practical considerations / 1
H1.S6136 The Social science review. 1
H1.S6142 Social science review. 1
H1.S6143 Social science review : journal of the Social Scientists Association of Sri Lanka. 1
H1.S624 Social sciences research journal. 1
H1.S63 Social research
Social research.
H1.S631 Social research; an international quarterly of political and social science. 1
H1.S631 no.1 Economic consequences of recent American tax policy, 1
H1.S645 Social science. 1
H1.S65 Social science.
International social science review.
Social science
International social science review
H1.S66 Social science & medicine. 1
H1.S663 Social science history. 1
H1.S664 Social science Japan : newsletter of the Information Center for Japanese Social Studies, Institute of Social Science, University of Tokyo. 1
H1.S665 Social science journal.
Korean social science journal.
H1.S67 Items. 1
H1 .S675 Societies. 1
H1.S675 Social sciences. 1
H1.S68 Items & issues / 1
H1.S69 The Social sciences in Mexico and South and Central America. 1
H1.S692 Soviet ethnographic studies : SES. 1
H1.S72 Soundings; world politics, economics, trade. 1
H1.S74 South Asia social science abstracts. 1
H1.S76 State, culture and society. 1
H1.T39 Theory and decision. 2
H1.T4 Theory, culture & society. 2
H1.U558 Bibliography of social science periodicals and monograph series : Greece 1950-1961,
Bibliography of social science periodicals and monograph series : Hong Kong, 1950-1961,
Bibliography of social science periodicals and monograph series: Republic of Korea, 1945-1961,
H1.V5 The Vital nexus. 1
H1.W39 Behavior & society / 1
H1.W68 World social science report. 1
H1.W9 Working papers for a new society.
Working papers magazine.
H1.Y2 Yale review ... 1
H1.Y62 Yorkshire bulletin of economic and social research. 1
H 2 Design of information systems in the social sciences. Working paper. 1
H2 The historical method in social science; an inaugural lecture. 1
H 3 The relationship between usefulness and style of secondary publication : an experimental information service for planners. 1
H3 Economic education in industry. 1
H3.A2 L'Action populaire. Revue tri-mensuelle. 1
H3.A265 A contrario 1