Call Number Title Count
H1.B464 Behavioral science & policy. 1
H1.B465 Behavioural sciences and rural development. 1
H1.B56 BioSocieties. 1
H1.B94 Business and public administration student review. 1
H1.C18 Review. 1
H1.C25 The Canadian journal of economics and political science. 1
H1.C34 The Cato journal : an interdisciplinary journal of public policy analysis. 1
H1.C43 X crise. 1
H1.C45 The Ceylon journal of historical and social studies. 1
H1.C55 Chicago policy review. 1
H1.C67 International politics.
H1 .C73 Comparative studies in society and history. 1
H1.C73 Comparative studies in society and history. 1
H1.C8 The Cornell journal of social relations. 1
H1.C82 Constellations : an international journal of critical and democratic theory. 1
H1.D48 Development digest. 1
H1.E18 Economic abstracts. 1
H1.E19 Economic abstracts; review of abstracts on economics, finance, trade and industry, management and labour. 1
H1.E191 Key to economic science.
Key to economic science and managerial sciences.
H1.E2 The Economic and social review. 1
H1.E21 Economic development and cultural change. 2
H1.E23 Economy and society. 1
H1.E6 Equity series. 1
H1.E62 Evaluation studies review annual. 1
H1.E83 The Executive, a guide to reading for top management. 1
H1.E87 Espacio regional. 1
H1.F8 Free America; a magazine to promote independence. 1
H1.G9 Gunton's magazine. 1
H1.H25 HRAF news. 1
H1.H26 Hacettepe bulletin of social sciences and humanities. 1
H1.H27 Bulletin. Journal of social sciences and humanities. 1
H1.H34 Hagar : international social science review. 1
H1.H55 Hitotsubashi ronsō / 1
H1.H67 Hitotsubashi journal of social studies. 1
H1.H8 Human relations. 1
H1.H83 Humanitas. 1
H1.H85 The Human context. 1
H1.H86 Mosaic. 1
H1.H88 Human organization clearinghouse bulletin. 1
H1.H9 Human relations. 1
H1.I38 Indian journal of social science. 1
H1.I381 Indian social science review : a multidisciplinary journal. 1
H1.I4 The index. 1
H1.I43 Information bulletin on social policy. 1
H1.I5 Institute of Political and Social Studies bulletin. 1
H1.I59 Interdiscipline. 1
H1.I6 International social science journal. 1
H1.I62 International problems. 1
H1.I644 The International journal of social education : official journal of the Indiana Council for the Social Studies. 1
H1.J5 Journal of behavioral and social sciences. 1
H1.J556 Journal of social and economic studies. 1
H1.J565 Journal of social philosophy. 2
H1.J62 The Journal of social studies. 1
H1.J63 Journal for social research. Tydskrif vir maatskaplike navorsing. 1
H1.J64 Journal of social sciences. 1
H1.J65 Journal of applied behavioral science
The Journal of applied behavioral science.
H1.J66 The journal of developing areas.
The Journal of developing areas.
H1.J665 Journal of social and behavioral sciences. 1
H1.J67 Journal of social philosophy and jurisprudence; a quarterly devoted to a philosophic synthesis of the social sciences. 1
H1.J687 Journal of social sciences. 1