Call Number Title Count
GN875.P6F79 The Tabon Caves; archaeological explorations and excavations on Palawan Island, Philippines, 1
GN875.P64 Oceanic explorations : Lapita and western Pacific settlement / 1
GN875.P64 D433 2015 Debating Lapita : Distribution, Chronology, Society and Subsistence / 1
GN875.P64K386 2002 Umi no mongoroido : Porineshiajin no sosen o motomete / 1
GN875.P64K57 2015 Unearthing the Polynesian past : explorations and adventures of an island archaeologist / 1
GN875.P64L360 1988 Lapita design, form and composition : proceedings of the Lapita Design Workshop, Canberra, Australia, December 1988 / 1
GN875.P64 L365 2011 Pacific archaeology : documenting the past 50,000 years : papers from the 2011 Lapita Pacific Archaeology Conference / 1
GN875.P64S55 2002 An archaeology of West Polynesian prehistory / 1
GN875.P64W34 Prehistory of the eastern highlands of New Guinea / 1
GN875.S2G81 Archaeology in Western Samoa. 1
GN875.S59 W345 2010 Archaeological investigations of Marae structures in Huahine, Society Islands, French Polynesia : report and discussions / 1
GN875.S59W350 1993 Ceremonial stone structures : the archaeology and ethnohistory of the Marae Complex in the Society Islands, French Polynesia / 1
GN875.S6K19 A style analysis of pottery sherds from Nissan Island, Papua-New Guinea : an inquiry into the prehistory of a stepping stone island and its role in regulating trade and population interaction between the Solomons and the Bismarck Archipelago / 1
GN875.T6K570 1988 Niuatoputapu : the prehistory of a Polynesian chiefdom / 1
GN875.T6P68 1987 Early Tongan prehistory : the Lapita period on Tongatapu and its relationships / 1
GN875.V36 B43 2006 Pieces of the Vanuatu puzzle : archaeology of the north, south and centre / 1
GN875.W35 F39 2000 La palma del potere : i capi e la costruzione della società a Futuna (Polinesia occidentale) / 1
GN875.W45R63 2018 Rockshelter excavations in the East Hamersley Range, Pilbara region, Western Australia / 1
GN885 .A44 1996 American beginnings : the prehistory and palaeoecology of Beringia / 1
GN885.A44 1996 American beginnings : the prehistory and palaeoecology of Beringia / 1
GN885 .F76 2011 From the Yenisei to the Yukon : interpreting lithic assemblage variability in late Pleistocene/early Holocene Beringia / 1
GN885 .I58 1973eb Prehistoric maritime adaptations of the circumpolar zone / 1
GN885.I61 1973 Prehistoric maritime adaptions of the circumpolar zone / 1
GN885.P58 2004 Peuples du Grand Nord / 1
GN885 .Q22 2021 An exploration of prehistoric ontologies in the Bering Strait region : boundaries and structures / 1
GN885.R9T65 Po drevnim delʹtam Oksa i I͡Aksarta / 1
GN890.P740 1985 Prehistoric intensive agriculture in the tropics / 1
GN890 .U53 2003 Under the canopy : the archaelogy of tropical rain forests / 1
GN935.A1J85 Actas. 1
GN943.W35 1993 Die Schatzsuche als religiöses Motiv : Schatz, Pretiosen, Kostbarkeiten / 1
GN999 Fertilizer has brought poison : crises of reproduction in Ngoni society and history / 1
GN999 Adams Methods and techniques in archaeology. 1
GN999 Albert The work of marriage and of death : ritual and political process among the Lak, Southern New Ireland, Papua New Guinea / 1
GN999 Armstrong State formation in Negro Africa. 1
GN999 Aronson Cultural stability and social change among the modern Ijebu Yoruba. 1
GN999 Avis Brachiation and human ancestry : an appraisal. 1
GN999 Ayres This side, that side : locality and exogamous group definition in Morehead area, Southwestern Papua / 1
GN999 Baer Growth of the cranial vault of the albino rat; an auconometric study.
Patterns of growth of the skull as revealed by vital staining.
GN999 Banks Malay kinship. 1
GN999 Barker Functions of the ancestral language among American immigrants and their descendants. 1
GN999 Barkow Hausa and Maguzawa : processes of group differentiation in a rural area in North Central State, Nigeria. 1
GN999 Bell Lithic analysis as a method in archaeology. 1
GN999 Benedict Hunting pattern of mind as expressed in certain aspects of clan totemism among the North American Indians.
Ula: an Anatolian town: the decline of a mediating center.
GN999 Bennett Hawaiian heiaus.
Hawaiian heiaus /
GN999 Bentley Kinship and social structure at Early Bronze IA Bab edh-Dhraʻ, Jordan : a bioarchaeological analysis of the mortuary and dental data / 1
GN999 Benton A description of crania from the Riviere aux Vase site, Macomb County, Michigan. 1
GN999 Bock An investigation of the genetic basis for structural relations in the anterior dentition. 1
GN999 Boon Dynastic dynamics : caste and kinship in Bali now. 1
GN999 Braidwood Artifactual materials of terminal food-gathering stage of North Africa and the Near East.. 1
GN999 Brandewie An internal analysis of the kinship system of the Mbowamb of the Central Highlands of New Guinea. 1
GN999 Bro Analysis of body build in 159 college women. 1
GN999 Brown Political organization and law in West Africa.
Dōzoku : a study of descent groups in rural Japan.
The prairie peninsula : an interaction area in the eastern United States /
GN999 Buckley Yurok realities in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries / 1
GN999 Cachel The origins of the anthropoid grade / 1
GN999 Carroll Nukuoro kinship. 1
GN999 Cartmill The orbits of arboreal mammals: a reassessment of the arboreal theory of primate evolution. 1
GN999 Chalip The framing of policy : explaining the transformation of American sport / 1
GN999 Chun Land is to live : a study of the concept of Tsu in a Hakka Chinese village, New Territories, Hong Kong / 1
GN999 Clark The Asturian of Cantabria: a re-evaluation. 1
GN999 Cole Culture change in the middle-upper pleistocene transition in Africa. 1