Call Number Title Count
G1.G35 v.5 no.4 p.330-331 A new chart for the barometric determination of altitudes. 1
G1.G35 v.5 no.4 p.331 The work of the wind in warming a lake. 1
G1.G35 v.5 no.4 p.331-332 Showers of organic matter. 1
G1.G35 v.5 no.4 p.332 Meteorology and Flying. 1
G1.G35 v.5 no.4 p.332-333 Increasing commerce in vegetable oils. 1
G1.G35 v.5 no.4 p.333 Proposed departure this year of Amundsen's polar drift expedition. 1
G1.G35 v.5 no.5 p.345-361 The geographical distribution of the Balkan peoples, 1
G1.G35 v.5 no.5 p.358 Ethnographical map of the Balkan peninsula by Jovan Cvijic, Professor of geography, University of Belgrade. 1:3,000,000. 16 x 19 inches. 7 colors. 1
G1.G35 v.5 no.5 p.362-383 The islands of Juan Fernandez, 1
G1.G35 v.5 no.5 p.384-398 The growth of American cities / 1
G1.G35 v.5 no.5 p.399-404 Some influences of the sea upon the industries of New England / 1
G1.G35 v.5 no.5 p.405-414 The "old-fashioned" winter of 1917-18 / 1
G1.G35 v.5 no.5 p.416-417 The biogeographical contrast between the Costal Plain and the Piedmont. 1
G1.G35 v.5 no.5 p.417 pt.1 The Forests of the Isthmus of Panama. 1
G1.G35 v.5 no.5 p.417 pt.2 Spring cold spells in New England. 1
G1.G35 v.5 no.5 p.418 Franco-Italian and Franco-Swiss Ports in France. 1
G1.G35 v.5 no.5 p.418-419 The internal migrations underlying the present distribution of the Serbo-Croats. 1
G1.G35 v.5 no.5 p.419-420 Commandant Tilho's Exploration in the Tibesti Region 1912-1917. 1
G1.G35 v.5 no.5 p.420 Rubber cultivation in East Africa. 1
G1.G35 v.5 no.5 p.420-421 The meteorological station on the Island of Mauritius. 1
G1.G35 v.5 no.5 p.421 Economic geography in the high schools. 1
G1.G35 v.5 no.5 p.423-424 A review of R.A. Daly's geology of the North American Cordillera at the forty-ninth parallel. 1
G1.G35 v.5 no.6 p.433-458 The Belcher Islands of Hudson Bay : Their discovery and exploration / 1
G1.G35 v.5 no.6 p.459-469 The Guatemala earthquake of December, 1917 and January 1918 / 1
G1.G35 v.5 no.6 p.470-482 The Zones of civilization of the Balkan Peninsula, 1
G1.G35 v.5 no.6 p.483-491 The sun and the weather: New Light on their relation, 1
G1.G35 v.5 no.6 p.492-495 The rainfall of Java / 1
G1.G35 v.5 no.6 p.498 A new agricultural census in Connecticut. 1
G1.G35 v.5 no.6 p.499 California Coast Fogs. 1
G1.G35 v.5 no.6 p.499-500 The public lands of Argentina. 1
G1.G35 v.5 no.6 p.500-501 The World production of hard fiber. 1
G1.G35 v.5 no.6 p.501 Exploration by Airplane. 1
G1.G35 v.6 no.1 p.1-18 Zoological explorations in Yunnan Province, China, 1
G1.G35 v.6 no.1 p.20 Map showing territorial changes in the Balkan States in 1912-14 and the field of the present campaign / 1
G1.G35 v.6 no.1 p.37-51 The Turks and Caicos Islands, British West Indies, 1
G1.G35 v.6 no.1 p.52-65 The peoples of Austria / 1
G1.G35 v.6 no.1 p.66-70 Dutch cartographers of the seventeenth century, 1
G1.G35 v.6 no.1 p.71-73 The different meanings of the terms "Leeward islands" and "Windward islands." 1
G1.G35 v.6 no.1 p.73-74 Illustrations of seasonal migration from Switzerland and the Dinaric countries. 1
G1.G35 v.6 no.1 p.74-75 An African Scourge : The Tsetse Fly. 1
G1.G35 v.6 no.1 p.75-76 Recent development in the theory of glacial variations. 1
G1.G35 v.6 no.2 p.89-115 Alsace-Lorraine and Europe, 1
G1.G35 v.6 no.2 p.116-132 Two traverses across Ungava Peninsula, Labrador / 1
G1.G35 v.6 no.2 p.133-146 Traveling in China's Southland / 1
G1.G35 v.6 no.2 p.147-155 Portugal : the country and the people / 1
G1.G35 v.6 no.2 p.156-171 The Rumanians in Hungary, 1
G1.G35 v.6 no.2 p.168 pt.1 [Nationality map of] eastern Hungary / 1
G1.G35 v.6 no.2 p.168 pt.2 Population density map of eastern Hungary, 1
G1.G35 v.6 no.2 p.172 An expedition to the Sierra de Perija, Venezuela. 1
G1.G35 v.6 no.2 p.173-174 The forest resources of Texas. 1
G1.G35 v.6 no.2 p.174 Food production in the British Isles. 1
G1.G35 v.6 no.2 p.175 The mineral resources of Alsace-Lorraine and their significance. 1
G1.G35 v.6 no.2 p.175-176 Meteorology and Aviation. 1
G1.G35 v.6 no.3 p.185-214 The Finn in America / 1
G1.G35 v.6 no.3 p.215-228 On "Savssats": A crowding of arctic animals at holes in the sea / 1
G1.G35 v.6 no.3 p.229-239 The Galapagos Islands, 1
G1.G35 v.6 no.3 p.240-267 The real temperatures throughout North and South America / 1
G1.G35 v.6 no.3 p.268-281 The Slavs of northern Hungary, 1
G1.G35 v.6 no.3 p.282-283 The fall of a meteor in northern Canada. 1
G1.G35 v.6 no.3 p.283-284 Eighteenth century exploration in the middle-west: the routes of the Verendryes. 1