Call Number Title Count
F61.C71 v.9 Check-list of Boston newspapers, 1704-1780, 1
F61.C71 v.15, etc. Harvard College records. 1
F61.C71 v.22-23 Plymouth church records, 1620-1859. 1
F61.C71 v.29-30 Records of the Suffolk county court, 1671-1680. 1
F61.C71 v.33 Compendium physicae. 1
F61.C71 v.36-37 William Bingham's Maine lands, 1790-1820. 1
F61.C71 v.39-41 The records of the First Church in Boston, 1630-1868 / 1
F61.C71 v.44-45 The journals of Ashley Bowen (1728-1813) of Marblehead. 1
F61.C71 v.46 Boston prints and printmakers, 1670-1775; a conference held by the Colonial Society of Massachusetts, 1 and 2 April 1971. 1
F61.C71 v.47 The notebook of the Reverend John Fiske, 1644-1675 / 1
F61.C71 v.48 Boston furniture of the eighteenth century : a conference held by the Colonial Society of Massachusetts, 11 and 12 May 1972. 1
F61.C71 v.51 Architecture in colonial Massachusetts : a conference held by the Colonial Society of Massachusetts, September 19 and 20, 1974. 1
F61.C71 v.52 Seafaring in colonial Massachusetts : a conference held by the Colonial Society of Massachusetts, November 21 and 22, 1975. 1
F61.C71 v.53-54 Music in colonial Massachusetts, 1630-1820 : a conference held by the Colonial Society of Massachusetts, May 17 and 18, 1973. 1
F61.C71 v.55-56 The records of Trinity Church, Boston, 1728-1830 / 1
F61.C71 v.57 Medicine in colonial Massachusetts, 1620-1820 : a conference held 25 & 26 May 1978 / 1
F61.C71 v.58 Thomas Shepard's Confessions / 1
F61.C71 v.59 Sibley's heir : a volume in memory of Clifford Kenyon Shipton. 1
F61.C71 v.60 The Pynchon papers / 1
F61.C71 v.62 Law in colonial Massachusetts, 1630-1800 : a conference held 6 and 7 November 1981 / 1
F61.C71 v.63 Seventeenth-century New England : a conference / 1
F61.C71 v.64 The Glorious Revolution in Massachusetts : selected documents, 1689-1692 / 1
F61.C71 v.65 In debt to Shays : the bicentennial of an agrarian rebellion / 1
F61.C71 v.66 The sermon notebook of Samuel Parris, 1689-1694 / 1
F61.C71 v.67 Aristotelian and Cartesian logic at Harvard : Charles Morton's A logick system & William Brattle's Compendium of Logick / 1
F61.C71 v.68 The printed catalogues of the Harvard College Library, 1723-1790 / 1
F61.C71 v.69 The eighteenth-century records of the Boston overseers of the poor / 1
F61.C71 v.70 New England silver & silversmithing : 1620-1815 / 1
F61.C71 v.71 Reinterpreting New England Indians and the colonial experience / 1
F61.C71 v.73, etc. The papers of Francis Bernard : Governor of colonial Massachusetts, 1760-69 / 1
F61.C71 v.74-78,85 Portrait of a patriot : the major political and legal papers of Josiah Quincy Junior / 1
F61.C71 v.79 The correspondence of John Cotton Junior / 1
F61.C71 v.80 Henry Hulton and the American Revolution : an outsider's inside view / 1
F61.C71 v.82 New views of New England : studies in material and visual culture, 1680-1830 / 1
F61.C71 v.84 The correspondence of Thomas Hutchinson / 1
F61.C71 v.88 Boston furniture, 1700-1900 / 1
F61.C71 v.89 The insurgent delegate : selected letters and other writings of George Thatcher / 1
F61.C71 v.90-91 The colonial records of Kings Chapel, 1686-1776 / 1
F61.C71 v.93 Of Plimoth plantation / 1
F61 .H36 1992 Handbook of the Colonial Society of Massachusetts. 1
F61.M3 Handbook of the Massachusetts Historical Society, 1791-1948. 1
F61.M31 Proceedings of the Massachusetts Historical Society. 1
F61.M32 The Massachusetts historical review. 1
F61 .M37 1697 Pietas in patriam : the life of His Excellency Sir William Phips, Knt. late Captain General and Governour in Chief of the province of the Massachuset-Bay, New England, containing the memorable changes undergone, and actions performed by him / 1
F61.M41 Collections of the Massachusetts Historical Society ... 1
F61.M41 ser.1 v.1 Historical collections of the Indians in New England : of their several nations, numbers, customs, manners, religion and government, before the English planted there : also a true and faithful account of the present state and condition of the praying Indians (or those who have visibly received the Gospel in New England) declaring the number of that people, the situation and place of their towns and churches, and their manner of worshipping God ... : together with a brief mention of the instruments and means, that God hath been pleased to use for their civilizing and conversion, briefly declaring the prudent and faithful endeavours of the Right Honourable the Corporation of London, for promoting that affair : also suggesting some expedients for their further civilizing and propagating the Christian faith among them / 1
F61.M41 ser.2 v.2 An historical sketch of Charlestown, in the county of Middlesex, and commonwealth of Massachusetts : read to an assembly of citizens at the opening of Washington Hall, Nov. 16, 1813 / 1
F61.M41 ser.2 v.9 Statistical account of the town of Middlebury, in the state of Vermont. Part first / 1
F61.M41 ser.2 v.10 p.81-160 Observations on the language of the Muhhekaneew Indians : in which the extent of that language in North America is shewn, its genesis is grammatically traced, some of its peculiarities, and some instances of analogy between that and the Hebrew are pointed out : communicated to the Connectictut Society of Arts and Sciences, and published at the request of the Society / 1
F61.M41 ser.3 v.2 Two discourses, containing the history of the church and society in Cohasset, delivered December 16, 1821; being the first Lord's Day after the completion of a century from the gathering of the church in that place, and the ordination of the first pastor. With a geographical sketch of Cohasset. 1
F61.M41 ser.3 v.3 p.1-53 Advertisements for the unexperienced planters of New-England, or anywhere : or, The path-way to experience to erect a plantation. With the yearely proceedings of this country in fishing and planting, since the yeare 1614., to the yeare 1630 ... / 1
F61.M41 ser.3 v.3 p.55-128 Plain dealing: or, Nevves from New-England ... A short view of New-Englands present government, both ecclesiasticall and civil, compared with the anciently-received and established government of England, ... 1
F61.M41 ser.3 v.3 p.131-160 Leift Lion Gardener his relation of the Pequot warres. 1
F61.M41 ser.3 v.6 p.1-28 Nevves from America; or, A new and experimentall discoveries of New England : containing, a trve relation of their war-like proceedings these two yeares last past, with a figure of the Indian fort, or palizado ... / 1
F61.M41 ser.3 v.6 p.29-43 A true relation of the late battell fought in New-England, between the English and the Pequet salvages : in which were slaine and taken prisoner about 700 of the salvages ... with the present state of things there. 1
F61.M41 ser.3 v.7 Collections of the Massachusetts Historical Society. Third series, vol. VII. 1
F61.M41 ser.3 v.8 p.1-68 Extracts from the Chronicle of Bernaldez. 1
F61.M41 ser.3 v.8 p.72-81 The relation of Captain Gosnold's voyage to the north part of Virginia : begun the six-and-twentieth of March, anno 42 Elizabethae Reginae, 1602 / 1
F61.M41 ser.3 v.8 p.83-123 A brief and true relation of the discovery of the north part of Virginia : being a most pleasant, fruitful and commodius soil, made this present year 1602 by Captain Bartholomew Gosnold, Captain Bartholomew Gilbert ... / 1
F61.M41 ser.3 v.8 p.125-157 A true relation of the most prosperous voyage made this present year, 1605, by Captain George Waymouth in the discovrry of the land of Virginia : where he discovered, sixty miles up, a most excellent river ; together with a most fertile land / 1