Call Number (LC) Title Results
DT770.S53 Essays on the liberation of Southern Africa. 1
DT770.S560 One Azania, one nation : the national question in South Africa / 1
DT770.S670 1982 South Africa : public policy perspectives / 1
DT770.S77 Blacks, Boers, & British; a three-cornered problem, 1
DT770.S830 The world, the West, and Pretoria / 1
DT770.T460 South African politics / 1
DT770.W90 1988 Apartheid, a graphic guide / 1
DT771.A5 1964 Verslage, 1962-163. Report, 1962-1963. 1
DT771.I7A320 1984 The unnatural alliance / 1
DT771.I7I85 Israel and South Africa : the progression of a relationship / 1
DT771.I7M33 1971 South Africa and Israel. 1
DT771.I7O840 Israel, South Africa, and black Africa : a study of the primacy of the politics of expediency / 1
DT773.A6 African societies in Southern Africa; historical studies, 1
DT773.A6 1972 African societies in Southern Africa; historical studies, 1
DT773.A93 South-east Africa, 1488-1530 / 1
DT773.B530 1983 Van oorloë en vrede : onder die suidersterre, 1795-1910 / 1
DT773.C6 The rise of South Africa; a history of the origin of South African colonisation and of its development towards the east from the earliest times to 1857. 1
DT773.D360 The pioneers, BC-1795 : an illustrated history of South Africa with biographical record / 1
DT773.H67 The story of the British settlers of 1820 in South Africa. 1
DT773.M51 The Voortrekkers: the story of the Great Trek and the making of South Africa. 1
DT773.M92 Die Britse owerheid en die Groot Trek, 1
DT773.N3 The voortrekkers of South Africa, from earliest times to the foundation of the republics, 1
DT773.S76 South African predicament. 1
DT773.S76 1961 South African predicament. 1
DT773.T4 Korte geschiedenis van Zuid-Afrika van 1486 tot 1814. Voor school-gebruik. 1
DT773.W195 The great trek, 1
DT773.W3 The history of English rule and policy in South Africa : a lecture delivered in the lecture room, Nelson Street, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, on Friday, the 30th May, 1879 / 1
DT773.W435 Portuguese rule and Spanish crown in South Africa, 1581-1640. 1
DT773.W44 South Africa under John III, 1521-1557. 1
DT773.3.R47G60 In the steps of Piet Retief / 1
DT773.3.S54H370 Sir Harry Smith : bungling hero / 1
DT773.3.Y87 1983 A critical biography of Shaykh Yusuf / 1
DT773.7.D880 Van die Tarka na die Transgariep : die emigrasie uit die noordoosgrensdele van die Kaapkolonie, 1835-1840 / 1
DT773.7.M840 1978 A pictorial history of the Great Trek : visual documents illustrating the Great Trek / 1
DT775.B79 Zuid-Afrika en Engeland : hun staatkundige verhouding ; historisch en staatsrechtelijk toegelicht / 1
DT775.D360 Perspectives in history : a documentary study of South African history 1849-1978 / 1
DT775.D370 1989 Umbala : the adventures of a Negro sea-captain in Africa and on the seven seas in his attempts to found an Ethiopian empire : an autobiographical narrative / 1
DT775.D71 Vengeance as a policy in Afrikanderland; a plea for a new departure, 1
DT775.E53 Randlords, 1
DT775.G65 Great Britain and South African Confederation, 1870-1881. 1
DT775.H5 A History of South Africa to 1870 / 1
DT775.H72 African tribes and European agencies; colonialism and humanitarianism in British South and East Africa 1870-1895. 1
DT775.J15 The awakening of Afrikaner nationalism, 1868-1881. 1
DT775.K5 1965 The imperial factor in South Africa; a study in politics and economics 1
DT775.L8 The struggle for South Africa, 1875-1899; a study in economic imperialism, 1
DT775.M9 Lord Milner and South Africa; 1
DT775.P96 Imperial policy and South Africa, 1902-10. 1
DT775.S9 Recollections of adventures; pioneering and development in South Africa, 1850-1911, 1
DT775.V62 Sozdanie I︠U︡zhno-Afrikanskogo Soi︠u︡za : 1902-1910 / 1
DT775.V95 Outlanders, a study of imperial expansion in South Africa, 1877-1902, 1
DT775.W75 The history of our own times in South Africa ... 1
DT775.W9 The reconstruction of the new colonies under Lord Milner, by W. Basil Worsfold. 1
DT776.A2B84 Makers of South Africa 1
DT776.A2J23 They came to South Africa. 1
DT776.A2M25 Eminent Victorians in South Africa, 1
DT776.A2M344 2000 McGregor's who made South Africa / 1
DT776.A2S7 Who's who of Southern Africa.
Who's who of southern Africa.
DT776.B42F7 Alfred Beit, a study of the man and his work, 1
DT776.B44A3 Bygone days ; being reminiscences of pioneer life in the Cape colony and the Transvaal, with some account of the Jameson raid and its consequences, 1
DT776.B44A3 Suppl. Bygone days ; being reminiscences of pioneer life in the Cape colony and the Transvaal, with some account of the Jameson raid and its consequences, 1