Call Number Title Count
DT31 .B75 2017eb Britain, France and the decolonization of Africa : future imperfect? / 1
DT31.B7760 African boundaries : a legal and diplomatic encyclopaedia / 1
DT31.B78 Africa's challenge to America. 1
DT31.B78 1970 Africa's challenge to America. 1
DT31.B8 Osvobozhdenie Afriki. 1
DT31.B88 Diplomatii︠a︡ novoĭ Afriki / 1
DT31.B9 Africa in search of democracy, 1
DT31.C2 The heart of Africa. 1
DT31.C3 L'Affrica nella guerra e nella pace d'Europa, 1911-191 / 1
DT31.C33 Independence for Africa / 1
DT31.C35 Politics in Africa; 7 cases, 1
DT31.C36 The Africa reader / 1
DT31.C49 L'Afrique et l'expansion coloniale. 1
DT31.C51 Colonial Africa / 1
DT31 .C515 2004 European hegemony and African resistance, 1880-1990 / 1
DT31.C560 Colonial rule in Africa : readings from primary sources / 1
DT31 .C57 2010eb The coming African hour : dialectics of opportunities and constraints / 1
DT31 .C57 2018 Colonialism on the margins of Africa / 1
DT31.C64 1990 The colonial moment in Africa : essays on the movement of minds and materials, 1900-1940 / 1
DT31.C65 2016 Colonial heritage, memory and sustainability in Africa : challenges, opportunities and prospects / 1
DT31 .C66 2011 Contemporary Africa : issues and concerns / 1
DT31.C69 Europeans in Africa 1
DT31.C7 The partition of Africa: illusion or necessity? 1
DT31.C71 Colloque sur les politiques de développement et les diverses voies africaines vers le socialisme. Dakar, 3-8 décembre 1962. 1
DT31.C74 Aspetti politici della decolonizzazione africana. 1
DT31.C76 La cooperazione internazionale in Africa. International cooperation in Africa. Atti del Convegno di studi tenuto a Mogadiscio dal 14 al 16 gennaio 1960. Report of the Study Congress ... 1
DT31.C77 Before the African storm. 1
DT31.D2 L'équilibre africain au XXe siècle. La conquête de l'Afrique. Allemagne--Angleterre--Congo--Portugal. 1
DT31.D21 France et Angleterre. Cent année de rivalité coloniale, 1
DT31 .D24 2005 The dark webs : perspectives on colonialism in Africa / 1
DT31.D25 Geschichte der aufteilung und kolonisation Afrikas seit dem zeitalter der entdeckungen, 1
DT31.D29 Le panafricanisme. 1
DT31 .D436 2018eb Decolonisation of Materialities or Materialisation Of (Re- )Colonisation : Symbolisms, Languages, Ecocriticism and (Non)Representationalism in 21st Century Africa. 1
DT31.D64 African politics in perspective, 1
DT31 .D69 2015 Afrique en présences : du monde atlantique à la globalisation néolibérale / 1
DT31.D71 Governing in black Africa; perspectives on new states 1
DT31.D9 1959 The Pan-African manifesto / 1
DT31 .E45 2011 Season of rains : Africa in the world / 1
DT31.E68 2007 Erinnern verhandeln : Kolonialismus im kollektiven Gedächtnis Afrikas und Europas / 1
DT31.E84 Addis Ababa summit, 1963. 1
DT31.E85 Mezhgosudarstvennye otnoshenii︠a︡ v Afrike. (polit. problemy, ėvoli︠u︡t︠s︡ii︠a︡, org. formy). 1
DT31.E88 1997 The essentials of African studies / 1
DT31.E930 1975 European imperialism and the partition of Africa / 1
DT31.F31 O Ultramar portugues e a evolução politica da África. 1
DT31.F47 Comunismo e nazionalismo in Africa. 1
DT31.F48 Comunismo y nacionalismo en Africa. 1
DT31.F487 L'evoluzione politica dell'Africa. 1
DT31.F488 Evoluzione storico-politica dell'Africa; lineamenti fondamentali. 1
DT31.F49 Evoluzione storico-politica dell'Africa. 1
DT31.F49 1967 Evoluzione storico-politica dell'Africa. 1
DT31.F66 Vneshni︠a︡i︠a︡ politika stran Afriki. 1
DT31.F71 Foreign relations of African states; proceedings of the Twentyfifth symposium of the Colston Research Society held in the University of Bristol, April 4th to 7th, 1973. 1
DT31.F830 Gli Africani e l'evoluzione coloniale moderna; corso di storia etnologica e politica coloniale. 1
DT31.G2 L'Afrique au XXe siècle, 1
DT31.G21 Burden of empire; an appraisal of Western colonialism in Africa south of the Sahara, 1
DT31.G215 Colonialism in Africa, 1870-1960 / 1
DT31.G27 Aphrīkā kī rāshṭrīya jāgṛti. 1
DT31.G31 Panafrikanismus; zur Geschichte der Dekolonisation. 1
DT31 .G33 1994 Redrawing the map : two African journeys / 1
DT31.G55130 The pan-African movement; a history of pan-Africanism in America, Europe, and Africa. 1