Call Number Title Count
DT30.K56 2001 Voices of freedom : great African independence speeches / 1
DT30.K61 Neokolonnializm i pechatʹ. 1
DT30.K88 Les dirigeants d'Afrique noire face à leur peuple 1
DT30.L150 1980 Diblūmāsīyat al-qimmah wa-al-ʻalāqāt al-dawlīyah al-Afrīqīyah / 1
DT30.L33 Young Africa. 1
DT30.L37 La promotion humaine dans les pays sous-développés, 1
DT30.L390 1962a Pan-Africanism; a short political guide. 1
DT30.L51 Africa, handbook to the continent. 1
DT30.L511 Africa; a handbook to the continent. 1
DT30.L512 Africa; a handbook. 1
DT30.L513 Africa; a handbook to the continent. 1
DT30.L514 Africa handbook. 1
DT30.L52 Pan-Africanism; a short political guide. 1
DT30.L52 1965 Pan-Africanism; a short political guide. 1
DT30.L63 The African kaleidoscope / 1
DT30.L67 French-speaking Africa; the search for identity. 1
DT30.L92 L'Afrique noire depuis l'indépendance ; l'évolution des états francophones. 1
DT30.L93 French-speaking Africa since independence. 1
DT30.L932 French-speaking Africa since independence. 1
DT30.M18 Africa in world politics. 1
DT30.M230 Demystifying "national character" in Black Africa : a comparative study of culture and foreign policy behavior / 1
DT30.M270 V avangarde revoli︠u︡t︠s︡ionno-osvoboditelʹnoĭ borʹby v Afrike / 1
DT30.M28 La militarisation des systèmes politiques africains, 1960-1972 : une tentative d'interprétation / 1
DT30.M30 Afrīqah: ek cailanj. 1
DT30.M3380 The African condition : a political diagnosis / 1
DT30.M3390 1984 Nationalism and new states in Africa from about 1935 to the present / 1
DT30.M378 1998 Africa kills her children : Africans killing Africans, victory for whom? / 1
DT30.M44 African powder keg: revolt and dissent in six emergent nations. 1
DT30.M46 On heroes and uhuru-worship: essays on independent Africa 1
DT30.M460 1984 The first dance of freedom : Black Africa in the postwar era / 1
DT30.M47 Towards a Pax Africana: a study of ideology and ambition 1
DT30.M471 Towards a Pax Africana: a study of ideology and ambition. 1
DT30.M51 Profiles of African leaders. 1
DT30.M52 The white man's future in black Africa. 1
DT30.M526 2008 La France et l'Afrique sub-saharienne, 1957-1963 : histoire d'une décolonisation entre idéaux eurafricains et politique de puissance / 1
DT30.M530 al-Nuẓum al-siyāsīyah fī Ifrīqiyā : taṭawwuruhā wa-ittijāhuhā naḥwa al-wuḥdah / 1
DT30.M59 Africa in the sixties 1
DT30.M61 The African nettle; dilemmas of an emerging continent. 1
DT30.M63 The philosophy of pan-Africanism; a collection of papers on the theory and practice of the African unity movement. 1
DT30.M66 Regímenes políticos afroasiáticos 1
DT30.M72 Africa; a political travelogue, 1
DT30.M8 El nuevo reino; ensayo sobre el sentido de la política en Africa Negra 1
DT30.N24 Narysy derz︠h︡avno-politychnoho rozvytku afrykansʹkykh kraïn. 1
DT30.N26 On Africa / 1
DT30.N27 1961 Africa and the United States, images and realities; background book, 8th National Conference, United States National Commission for UNESCO, Boston, October 22-26, 1961. 1
DT30.N275 Nationale und soziale Revolution in Afrika. 1
DT30.N380 Nehru and Africa; extracts from Jawaharlal Nehru's speeches on Africa, 1946-1963. 1
DT30.N390 Neocolonialism and Africa in the 1970s / 1
DT30.N57 Organisation de l'unité africain, O. U. A. 1
DT30.N73 Africa must unite. 1
DT30.N73 1970 Africa must unite. 1
DT30.O18 The modern African / 1
DT30.O58 Ideologicheskai︠a︡ dei︠a︡telʹnostʹ nezavisimykh gosudarstv Afriki. 1
DT30.O62 Afrika překvapení a ukvapení. 1
DT30.O68 1964 Assembly of the heads of state and government of the O.A.U.; speeches delivered at the assembly, Cairo, 17-21 July 1964. 1
DT30.O735 1988 Kara sevda / 1
DT30.P16 Africa and world order / 1
DT30.P3 Revolution in Africa. 1
DT30.P363 1982 Pan-Africanism and the liberation of Southern Africa : international tribute to William E.B. DuBois : statements made at the special meetings of the Special Committee against Apartheid held on 23 February 1978 in tribute to Dr. William E.B. DuBois. 1
DT30.P3880 The Performance of soldiers as governors : African politics and the African military / 1