Call Number (LC) Title Results
DA935.L46 1994 Sixteenth-Century Ireland : the incomplete conquest / 1
DA935.M17 Tudor and Stuart Ireland 1
DA935 .M33 2005 The Earldom of Desmond 1463-1583 : the decline and crisis of a feudal lordship / 1
DA935 .M34 2005 "Civilizing" Gaelic Leinster : the extension of Tudor rule in the O'Byrne and O'Toole lordships / 1
DA935.M34 2015 The Tudor discovery of Ireland / 1
DA935.M46 Irish history from contemporary sources (1509-1610) / 1
DA935 .M66 2011 The roots of English colonialism in Ireland / 2
DA935.N370 1986 Natives and newcomers : essays on the making of Irish colonial society, 1534-1641 / 1
DA935 .O75 2005 The origins of sectarianism in early modern Ireland / 1
DA935.P350 1994 The problem of Ireland in Tudor foreign policy, 1485-1603 / 1
DA935 .P53 2009 Plantation Ireland : settlement and material culture, c.1550-c.1700 / 1
DA935.S74 A view of the present state of Ireland, 1
DA935.S74 1970 A view of the present state of Ireland; 1
DA935 .T35 2003 Taking sides? : colonial and confessional mentaliteś in early modern Ireland : essays in honour of Karl S. Bottigheimer / 1
DA935.T92 Builders of England's glory, 1
DA935 .W37 Rerum Hibernicarum annales regnatibus Henrico VII, Henrico VIII, Edwardo VI & Maria, ab anno scil. MCCCCLXXXV ad annum MDLVIII / 1
DA935 .W373 Rerum Hibernicarum Henrico Octavo regnante annales / 1
DA935.W75 The beginnings of modern Ireland, 1
DA935.5.S6 Sixteenth century maps of Ireland. 1
DA936.K5B9 Gerald Fitzgerald, the great earl of Kildare (1456-1513) 1
DA936.K5 C37 2002 Surviving the Tudors : the 'wizard' earl of Kildare and English rule in Ireland, 1537-1586 / 1
DA936.O43 C53 1998 Granuaile : the life and times of Grace O'Malley, c. 1530-1603 / 1
DA936.O43 C54 2009 Granuaile : Grace O'Malley--Ireland's pirate queen, c. 1530-1603 / 1
DA936.O43 C66 2003x Pirate queen : the life of Grace O'Malley, 1530-1603 / 1
DA937 Victorie in Ir-landt, van den Coninghinne van Engel-landt, teghen de Spaignarden ende Romanisten. 1
DA937 .B38 2004 The battle of Kinsale / 1
DA937.B430 1996 Solon his follie, or, A politique discourse touching the reformation of common-weales conquered, declined or corrupted / 1
DA937.B470 1978 The twilight lords : an Irish chronicle / 1
DA937.B85 Discourses & devises touching the ill state & reformation of Ireland. [Document relating to Nicholas Dawtrey] 16th century. 1
DA937.C22 The Elizabethan conquest of Ireland : a pattern established, 1565-76 / 1
DA937 .C67 1581 Een Copye van eenen brief gesonden wt Irlant : va eenen Edelman aen zijnen goeden Vrint om te laten weten die groote Victorie die Godt het Coninckginnen Volck verlent heeft teghens die Rebellighe die op de Sterckte ware ... Ouergeset uutten Engles in nederduyths. 1
DA937.D47C470 1986 Eleanor, Countess of Desmond, c. 1545-1638 / 1
DA937.E45 2016 The last armada : Queen Elizabeth, Juan del Águila, and Hugh O'Neill : the story of the 100-day Spanish invasion / 1
DA937.F23 Elizabeth's Irish wars. 1
DA937.F56 Fitzwilliam accounts, 1560-65 (Annesley collection) 1
DA937.G373 2000 Irlanda y el rey prudente / 1
DA937.H4 Scots mercenary forces in Ireland (1565-1603), an account of their service during that period, of the reaction, of their activities on Scottish affairs, and of the effect of their presence in Ireland, together with an examination of the gallóglaigh or galloglas, 1
DA937 .H46 2012 The impact of the English colonization of Ireland in the sixteenth century : a very troublesome people / 1
DA937 .H46 2012eb The impact of the English colonization of Ireland in the sixteenth century : a "very troublesome people" / 1
DA937 .H5 2009 Sir Walter Ralegh in Ireland / 1
DA937.H520 1992 Croftus, sive, de Hibernia Liber / 1
DA937.H71 The Walsingham letter-book or register of Ireland, May 1578 to December 1579. 1
DA937 .I74 1576 A proclamation for the obseruation and due execution of certayne statutes : and a summarie abridgement of euery of the same statutes folowyng, to be duely kept and obserued within this realme of Irelande. An. D. 1576. & . 19. Elizabeth Reginae. 1
DA937 .K65 2010 Castles and colonists : an archaeology of Elizabethan Ireland / 1
DA937.M17S2 MacCarthy more : or, The fortunes of an Irish chief in the reign of Queen Elizabeth / 1
DA937 .M24 2011 The Book of Howth : the Elizabethan re-conquest of Ireland and the Old English / 1
DA937 .M39 1997 The Elizabethan conquest of Ireland : the 1590s crisis / 1
DA937.M67 2014 The Welsh and the shaping of early modern Ireland, 1558-1641 / 1
DA937.M86 Ireland under Elizabeth and James the First. 1
DA937.M88 Elizabethan Ireland, 1
DA937.M89 An history of Ireland, from the year 1599, to 1603. With a short narration of the state of the kingdom from the year 1169. To which is added, a description of Ireland. 1
DA937.O2 Elizabethan Ireland, native and English, 1
DA937.O3O2 Beatha Aodha Ruaidh ui Dhomhnail : The life of Hugh Roe O'Donnell, prince of Tirconnell (1586-1602) / 1
DA937.O6B3 The great O'Neill 1
DA937.O85 Ireland under Elizabeth. 1
DA937 .P45 2002 A critical edition of Sir James Perrot's 'The life, deedes and death of Sir John Perrott, knight' / 1
DA937.P46 The chronicle of Ireland, 1584-1608 / 1
DA937 .P46 2005eb The treason and trial of Sir John Perrot / 1
DA937.Q7 The Elizabethans and the Irish. 1
DA937.R25 The history of that most eminent statesman, Sir John Perrott, knight of the Bath, and lord lieutenant of Ireland ... 1