Call Number Title Count
DA670.S98S9 v.30 The parish register of Glynde, Sussex, 1558-1812. 1
DA670.S98S9 v.31 Thirteen custumals of the Sussex manors of the Bishop of Chichester, and other documents from libri P. and C. of the episcopal manuscripts, 1
DA670.S98S9 v.32 Calendar of Sussex marriage licenses recorded in the Consistory court of the Bishop of Chichester for the Archdeaconry of Chichester, January, 1731, to December, 1774, 1
DA670.S98S9 v.33 Sussex inquisitions; extracts from Rawlinson ms. B. 433 in the Bodleian library, Oxford, described as Inquistiones post mortem relating to Sussex, 1
DA670.S98S9 v.34 The book of John Rowe, steward of the manors of Lord Bergavenny, 1597-1622, comprising rentals of twenty-seven manors in Sussex, manorial customs and information concerning the borough of Lewes, the hundreds within the rape of Lewes, etc., 1
DA670.S98S9 v.35 Calendar of Sussex marriage licences recorded in the Consistory court of the Bishop of Chichester for the Archdeaconry of Chichester, January, 1775 to December, 1800; index to vols. XXXII and XXXV, 1731-1800; 1
DA670.S98S9 v.36 Sussex chantry records extracted from documents in the Public Record Office relating to the dissolution of the chantries, colleges, free chapels, fraternities, brotherhoods, guilds and other institutions; 1
DA670.S98S9 v.37 Lathe court rolls and views of frankpledge in the rape of Hastings, A. D. 1387 to 1474, 1
DA670.S98S9 v.38, 40 The chartulary of the priory of St. Pancras of Lewes ... 1
DA670.S98S9 v.39 The Buckhurst terrior, 1597-1598, 1
DA670.S98S9 v.41-43, 45 Transcripts of Sussex wills as far as they relate to ecclesiological and parochial subjects, up to the year 1560, 1
DA670.S98S9 v.44 Records of the barony and honour of the rape of Lewes, 1
DA670.S98S9 v.46 The chartulary of the high church of Chichester, 1
DA670.S98S9 v.47 Surveys of the Manors of Robertsbridge, Sussex, and Michelmarsh, Hampshire, and of the demesne lands of Halden in Rolvenden, Kent, 1567-1570; 1
DA670.S98S9 v.48, 69-70 The town book of Lewes. 1
DA670.S98S9 v.49-50 Churchwardens' presentments, 17th century. 1
DA670.S98S9 v.51 Records of deputations of gamekeepers, 1
DA670.S98S9 v.52 & 58 The acts of the dean and chapter of the Cathedral Church of Chichester. 1
DA670.S98S9 v.53 The manor of Etchingham cum Salehurst. 1
DA670.S98S9 v.54 Quarter sessions order book, 1642-1649. 1
DA670.S98S9 v.55 Ministers' accounts of the Manor of Petworth, 1347-1353. 1
DA670.S98S9 v.56 The lay subsidy rolls for the county of Sussex, 1524-25. 1
DA670.S98S9 v.57 Customals of the Sussex manors of the Archbishop of Canterbury. 1
DA670.S98S9 v.59 The chartulary of Boxgrove Priory. 1
DA670.S98S9 v.60 Customals of the manors of Laughton, Willingdon, and Goring. 1
DA670.S98S9 v.61 A catalogue of Sussex estate and tithe award maps. 1
DA670.S98S9 v.62 Minute book of the Common Council of the city of Chichester, 1783-1826. 1
DA670.S98S9 v.63 The book of Bartholomew Bolney. 1
DA670.S98S9 v.64 Rye shipping records, 1566-1590; 1
DA670.S98S9 v.65 The cellarers' rolls of Battle Abbey: 1275-1513; 1
DA670.S98S9 v.66 A catalogue of Sussex maps; 1
DA670.S98S9 v.67 Two estate surveys of the Fitzalen Earls of Arundel. 1
DA670.S98S9 v.68 The journal of Giles Moore, 1
DA670.S98S9 v.71 Accounts of the Roberts family of Boarzell, Sussex, c1568-1582 / 1
DA670.S98S9 v.72 Printed maps of Sussex, 1575-1900 / 1
DA670.S98S9 v.73 The correspondence of the Dukes of Richmond and Newcastle, 1724-1750 / 1
DA670.S98S9 v.74 Sussex coroners' inquests, 1485-1558 / 1
DA670.S98S9 v.75 The Religious census of Sussex 1851 / 1
DA670.S98S9 v.76 The Fuller letters, 1728-1755 : guns, slaves, and finance / 1
DA670.S98S9 v.77 East Sussex land tax, 1785 / 1
DA670.S98S9 v.78 Chichester diocesan surveys, 1686 and 1724 / 1
DA670.S98S9 v.79 Saint Richard of Chichester : the sources for his life / 1
DA670.S98S9 v.80 The Ashdown Forest dispute, 1876-1882 : environmental politics and custom / 1
DA670.S98S9 v.81 Sussex schools in the 18th century : schooling provision, schoolteachers and scholars / 1
DA670.S98S9 v.82 West Sussex land tax, 1785 / 1
DA670.S98S9 v.83 Poor law records of mid Sussex : 1601-1835 / 1
DA670.S98S9 v.84 Sussex in the First World War / 1
DA670.S98S9 v.85 Sussex depicted : views and descriptions, 1600-1800 / 1
DA670.S98S9 v.86 Edward Heron-Allen's journal of the Great War : from Sussex shore to Flanders Fields / 1
DA670.S98S9 v.87 East Sussex parliamentary deposited plans, 1799-1970 / 1
DA670.S98S9 v.88 Sussex cricket in the eighteenth century / 1
DA670.S98S9 v.89 East Sussex coroners' records 1688-1838 / 1
DA670.S98S9 v.90 The Durford Cartulary / 1
DA670.S98S9 v.91 Sussex clergy inventories, 1600-1750 / 1
DA670.S98S9 v.92 Accounts and records of the manor of Mote in Iden : 1442-1551, 1673 / 1
DA670.S98S9 v.93 East Sussex Church monuments, 1530-1830 / 1
DA670.S98S9 v.94 Winchelsea poor law records, 1790-1841 / 1
DA670.S98S9 v.95 The logbook of Thomas Slatford, headmaster, Littlehampton Boys School, 1871-1911 / 1
DA670.S98S9 v.96 The letters of John Collier of Hastings, 1731-1746 / 1
DA670.S98S9 v.97 Chichester Archdeaconry depositions, 1603-1608 / 1