Call Number Title Count
DA670.S98S9 v.18 The first book of the parish registers of Angmering, Sussex. 1562-1687. 1
DA670.S98S9 v.19-20 Sussex manors, advowsons, etc., recorded in the Feet of fines, Henry VIII. to William IV. (1509-1833); 1
DA670.S98S9 v.21 The parish register of Horsham, in the county of Sussex, 1541-1635. 1
DA670.S98S9 v.22 The parish registers of Cowfold, Sussex. 1558-1812 1
DA670.S98S9 v.24 The parish register of East Grinstead, Sussex. 1
DA670.S98S9 v.25-26 Calendar of Sussex marriage licenses, recorded in the Consistory court of the Bishop of Chichester for the Archdeaconry of Lewes, and in the Peculiar court of the Archbishop of Canterbury for the deanery of South Malling, 1772-1837. 1
DA670.S98S9 v.27 An abstract of the Court rolls of the manor of Preston (Preston Episcopi). 1
DA670.S98S9 v.28 Sussex apprentices and masters, 1710 to 1752. 1
DA670.S98S9 v.29 Abstracts of Sussex deeds and documents from the muniments of the late H. C. Lane. 1
DA670.S98S9 v.30 The parish register of Glynde, Sussex, 1558-1812. 1
DA670.S98S9 v.31 Thirteen custumals of the Sussex manors of the Bishop of Chichester, and other documents from libri P. and C. of the episcopal manuscripts, 1
DA670.S98S9 v.32 Calendar of Sussex marriage licenses recorded in the Consistory court of the Bishop of Chichester for the Archdeaconry of Chichester, January, 1731, to December, 1774, 1
DA670.S98S9 v.33 Sussex inquisitions; extracts from Rawlinson ms. B. 433 in the Bodleian library, Oxford, described as Inquistiones post mortem relating to Sussex, 1
DA670.S98S9 v.34 The book of John Rowe, steward of the manors of Lord Bergavenny, 1597-1622, comprising rentals of twenty-seven manors in Sussex, manorial customs and information concerning the borough of Lewes, the hundreds within the rape of Lewes, etc., 1
DA670.S98S9 v.35 Calendar of Sussex marriage licences recorded in the Consistory court of the Bishop of Chichester for the Archdeaconry of Chichester, January, 1775 to December, 1800; index to vols. XXXII and XXXV, 1731-1800; 1
DA670.S98S9 v.36 Sussex chantry records extracted from documents in the Public Record Office relating to the dissolution of the chantries, colleges, free chapels, fraternities, brotherhoods, guilds and other institutions; 1
DA670.S98S9 v.37 Lathe court rolls and views of frankpledge in the rape of Hastings, A. D. 1387 to 1474, 1
DA670.S98S9 v.38, 40 The chartulary of the priory of St. Pancras of Lewes ... 1
DA670.S98S9 v.39 The Buckhurst terrior, 1597-1598, 1
DA670.S98S9 v.41-43, 45 Transcripts of Sussex wills as far as they relate to ecclesiological and parochial subjects, up to the year 1560, 1
DA670.S98S9 v.44 Records of the barony and honour of the rape of Lewes, 1
DA670.S98S9 v.46 The chartulary of the high church of Chichester, 1
DA670.S98S9 v.47 Surveys of the Manors of Robertsbridge, Sussex, and Michelmarsh, Hampshire, and of the demesne lands of Halden in Rolvenden, Kent, 1567-1570; 1
DA670.S98S9 v.48, 69-70 The town book of Lewes. 1
DA670.S98S9 v.49-50 Churchwardens' presentments, 17th century. 1
DA670.S98S9 v.51 Records of deputations of gamekeepers, 1
DA670.S98S9 v.52 & 58 The acts of the dean and chapter of the Cathedral Church of Chichester. 1
DA670.S98S9 v.53 The manor of Etchingham cum Salehurst. 1
DA670.S98S9 v.54 Quarter sessions order book, 1642-1649. 1
DA670.S98S9 v.55 Ministers' accounts of the Manor of Petworth, 1347-1353. 1
DA670.S98S9 v.56 The lay subsidy rolls for the county of Sussex, 1524-25. 1
DA670.S98S9 v.57 Customals of the Sussex manors of the Archbishop of Canterbury. 1
DA670.S98S9 v.59 The chartulary of Boxgrove Priory. 1
DA670.S98S9 v.60 Customals of the manors of Laughton, Willingdon, and Goring. 1
DA670.S98S9 v.61 A catalogue of Sussex estate and tithe award maps. 1
DA670.S98S9 v.62 Minute book of the Common Council of the city of Chichester, 1783-1826. 1
DA670.S98S9 v.63 The book of Bartholomew Bolney. 1
DA670.S98S9 v.64 Rye shipping records, 1566-1590; 1
DA670.S98S9 v.65 The cellarers' rolls of Battle Abbey: 1275-1513; 1
DA670.S98S9 v.66 A catalogue of Sussex maps; 1
DA670.S98S9 v.67 Two estate surveys of the Fitzalen Earls of Arundel. 1
DA670.S98S9 v.68 The journal of Giles Moore, 1
DA670.S98S9 v.71 Accounts of the Roberts family of Boarzell, Sussex, c1568-1582 / 1
DA670.S98S9 v.72 Printed maps of Sussex, 1575-1900 / 1
DA670.S98S9 v.73 The correspondence of the Dukes of Richmond and Newcastle, 1724-1750 / 1
DA670.S98S9 v.74 Sussex coroners' inquests, 1485-1558 / 1
DA670.S98S9 v.75 The Religious census of Sussex 1851 / 1
DA670.S98S9 v.76 The Fuller letters, 1728-1755 : guns, slaves, and finance / 1
DA670.S98S9 v.77 East Sussex land tax, 1785 / 1
DA670.S98S9 v.78 Chichester diocesan surveys, 1686 and 1724 / 1
DA670.S98S9 v.79 Saint Richard of Chichester : the sources for his life / 1
DA670.S98S9 v.80 The Ashdown Forest dispute, 1876-1882 : environmental politics and custom / 1
DA670.S98S9 v.81 Sussex schools in the 18th century : schooling provision, schoolteachers and scholars / 1
DA670.S98S9 v.82 West Sussex land tax, 1785 / 1
DA670.S98S9 v.83 Poor law records of mid Sussex : 1601-1835 / 1
DA670.S98S9 v.84 Sussex in the First World War / 1
DA670.S98S9 v.85 Sussex depicted : views and descriptions, 1600-1800 / 1
DA670.S98S9 v.86 Edward Heron-Allen's journal of the Great War : from Sussex shore to Flanders Fields / 1
DA670.S98S9 v.87 East Sussex parliamentary deposited plans, 1799-1970 / 1
DA670.S98S9 v.88 Sussex cricket in the eighteenth century / 1