Call Number Title Count
DA558.O76 Thoughts on the state and prospects of conservatism, with especial reference to the associations of the gentry, tradesmen, and operatives. 1
DA558.5.B85 1887 1887. The royal year : a chronicle of "Our good Queen's jubilee." A sequel to "The Queen's resolve" / 1
DA558.5 .C73 2006 Fifty golden years : incidents in the Queen's reign / 1
DA558.5.I3 Her Majesty's glorious jubilee 1897 / The record number of a record reign. 1
DA558.5.W358 1897 Our gracious Queen : Jubilee : pictures and stories from Her Majesty's life / 1
DA559.A1A2 1873 Prince Albert's golden precepts: or, The opinions and maxims of His Royal Highness the Prince Consort. Selected from his addresses ... 1
DA559.A1A23 Letters of the Prince Consort, 1831-1861, 1
DA559.A1A26 The Prince Consort and his brother; two hundred new letters, 1
DA559.A1A3 1862 The principal speeches and addresses of His Royal Highness the Prince Consort. With an introduction, giving some outlines of his character. 1
DA559.A1A5 The Albert memorial; a description of the Gothic shrine erected in memory of the late prince consort, 1
DA559.A1A55 Prince Albert and Victorian taste. 1
DA559.A1B380 1977b King without a crown : Albert, Prince Consort of England, 1819-1861 / 1
DA559.A1B5 Albert and Victoria; 1
DA559.A1B7 Albert the Good; by Hector Bolitho. 1
DA559.A1B71 Albert, Prince Consort / 1
DA559.A1D370 1983 The cult of the Prince Consort / 1
DA559.A1D9 The Crown and the Cabinet : five letters on the biography [by Sir Theodore Martin] of the Prince consort, 1
DA559.A1E92 The Prince consort : a political biography / 1
DA559.A1F93 The Prince consort. 1
DA559.A1G7 The early years of His Royal Highness the prince consort. 1
DA559.A1G8 The early years of His Royal Highness the prince consort 1
DA559.A1G82 The early years of His Royal Highness the Prince Consort / 1
DA559.A1J360 1984 Prince Albert : a biography / 1
DA559.A1M2 The life of His Royal Highness the Prince consort, 1
DA559.A1N480 1988 Albert von Sachsen-Coburg und Gotha : ein deutscher Prinz in England / 1
DA559.A1 P73 2004 Prinz Albert : ein Wettiner in Grossbritannien = Prince Albert : a Wettin in Britain / 1
DA559.A1P740 Prince Albert and the Victorian Age : a seminar held in May 1980 in Coburg under the auspices of the University of Bayreuth and the city of Coburg / 1
DA559.A1P88 Albert; a biography of the Prince Consort. 1
DA559.A1R50 The early homes of Prince Albert. 1
DA559.A1S33 1977 The Prince Consort, man of many facets : the world and the age of Prince Albert / 1
DA559.A1 S74 2012 Albert : a life / 1
DA559.A1 S88 2010 Die Studien Des Prinzen Albert an Der Universitat Bonn : (1837-1838) / 2
DA559.A1 W45 1997 Uncrowned king : the life of Prince Albert / 1
DA559.A12H4 2000 "He found Coburg "deadly dull"" : Herzog Alfred von Sachsen-Coburg und Gotha (1844-1900) ; eine Ausstellung des Staatsarchivs Coburg in Zusammenarbeit mit dem Thüringischen Staatsarchiv Gotha ; [Staatsarchiv Coburg, 5. Oktober - 30. November 2000 / 1
DA559.A13A766 1994 Prince Eddy and the homosexual underworld / 1
DA559.A14 C66 2006 Prince Eddy : the King Britain never had / 1
DA559.A4A3 Alice, grand duchess of Hesse : princess of Great Britain and Ireland / 1
DA559.A4N76 Princess Alice : Queen Victoria's forgotten daughter / 1
DA559.A7F73 1993 Witness of a century : the life and times of Prince Arthur Duke of Connaught, 1850-1942 / 1
DA559.B4 D46 2007 The last princess : the devoted life of queen Victoria's youngest daughter / 1
DA559.B4D85 The shy princess; the life of Her Royal Highness Princess Beatrice, the youngest daughter and constant companion of Queen Victoria. 1
DA559.C2A2 George, Duke of Cambridge; a memoir of his private life based on the journals and correspondence of His Royal Highness. 1
DA559.E9M93 William Ewart, M.P., 1789-1869; portrait of a radical. 1
DA559.G4 F37 2011eb The military and the monarchy : the case and career of the Duke of Cambridge in an age of reform / 1
DA559.G4S17 The Royal George, 1819-1904; the life of H.R.H. Prince George, duke of Cambridge. 1
DA559.L46 Z44 1998 Prince Leopold : the untold story of Queen Victoria's youngest son / 1
DA559.L6H39 2015 Queen Victoria's mysterious daughter : a biography of Princess Louise / 1
DA559.T27K55 A memoir of ... Princess Mary Adelaide, duchess of Teck; based on her private diaries and letters. 1
DA559.V6S9 The mother of Victoria, a period piece. 1
DA559.5.A57 1996 Indian Sahib : Queen Victoria's dear Abdul / 1
DA559.5 .B37 2010 Victoria & Abdul : the true story of the queen's closest confidant / 1
DA559.5.M25 Life with Queen Victoria: Marie Mallet's letters from court 1887-1901; 1
DA559.5.M251 Life with Queen Victoria; Marie Mallet's letters from court, 1887-1901. 1
DA559.5.S84A4 Victoria, Albert, and Mrs. Stevenson, 1
DA559.5.W35 A queen at home; an intimate account of the social and domestic life of Queen Victoria's court. 1
DA559.7.A2E6 The English chartist circular, and temperance record for England and Wales. [Jan. 23, 1841-1843]. 1
DA559.7.A2 N22 The national instructor 1
DA559.7.A2 R3 The Friend of the people equality, liberty, fraternity.
The red republican equality, liberty, fraternity.
DA559.7.B38 2014 Penny loaves & butter cheap : Britain in 1846 / 1
DA559.7 .B54 2002 Palmerston and the politics of foreign policy, 1846-55 / 1