Call Number Title Count
DA129 .C67 2004 A dictionary of medieval terms and phrases / 1
DA129 .M43 1998 Medieval England : an encyclopedia / 1
DA129.5 .C45 1999 The debate on the Norman Conquest / 1
DA129.5 .C47 2005 Charters and charter scholarship in Britain and Ireland / 1
DA129.5.D38 1996 The matter of Britain and the matter of England : an inaugural lecture delivered before the University of Oxford on 29 February 1996 / 1
DA129.5 .F46 2008 Gender, nation and conquest in the works of William of Malmesbury / 1
DA129.5.H31 The framework of Anglo-Saxon history, to A.D. 900 / 1
DA129.5.H550 1981 Kaiser- und Papstbriefe in den Chronica majora des Matthaeus Paris / 1
DA129.5.N55 2015 The idea of Anglo-Saxon England 1066-1901 : remembering, forgetting, deciphering, and renewing the past / 1
DA129.5.O880 1996 Inventiones : fiction and referentiality in twelfth-century English historical writing / 1
DA129.5.R63 2018 Early modern Britain's relationship to its past : the historiographical fortunes of the legends of Brute, Albina, and Scota / 1
DA130 The Britons.
Eighteenth century papers in the possession of Sir Mark Dalrymple of New Hailes. /
The Peterborough chronicle /
Historia anglorum : the history of English people /
DA130 .A35 2011 The history of England. Volume I, Foundation / 1
DA130.A58 The Peterborough Chronicle, 1070-1154. 1
DA130.A58 1970 The Peterborough Chronicle, 1070-1154; 1
DA130.A6 The Peterborough chronicle of Hugh Candidus; 1
DA130.A82 Great Britain to 1688, a modern history. 1
DA130.B28 Bartholomæi de Cotton, monachi norwicensis, Historia anglicana; (A.D. 449-1298.) necnon ejusdem Liber de archiepiscopis et episcopis Angliæ. 1
DA130 .B66 2000 A book of British kings, 1200 BC-1399 AD / 1
DA130.B7 Les quatre conquêtes de l'Angleterre; son histoire et ses institutions sous les Romains, les Anglo-Saxons, les Danois et les Normands, depuis Jules César jusqu'à la mort de Guillaume-le-Conquérant. 1
DA130 .B72 An introduction to the old English history comprehended in three several tracts the first, an answer to Mr. Petyt's Rights of the commons asserted ... the second, an answer to a book intituled Argumentum antinormanicum ... the third, the exact history of the succession of the crown of England ... together with an appendix ... and a glossary ... / 1
DA130.B8 An introduction to the old English history, 1
DA130.B87 From Alfred to Henry III, 871-1272. 1
DA130.C2 England before Elizabeth. 1
DA130.C2 1960 England before Elizabeth [by] Helen Cam. 1
DA130 .C4914 2016 Le Brut moyen-anglais en prose : (version commune des origines à 1333) / 1
DA130.C5 The records of medieval England; an inaugural lecture. 1
DA130.C56 Divi britannici: being a remark upon the lives of all the kings of this isle, from the year of the world 2855. unto the year of grace 1660. 1
DA130 .C57 1552 A breuiat cronicle contaynynge all the kinges from Brute to this daye : and manye notable actes gathered oute of diuers cronicles fro[m] Willyam Conquerour vnto the yere of Christ a. M.d.c.lii. 1
DA130 .C62 A glasse of truth : wherein the bondages of the nation of England under the Norman yoke are clearly seen and discovered, made manifest both by Scripture and reason to be arbitrary and tyrannical over the natives of England : as also shewing why the Lord hath a controversie with the land and gives empiers and kingdomes from one to another, proved both by Scripture and chronicle : very necessary to be looked upon in this present age of ours by an eye of equitie and reason : being an addition to a little booke lately set forth intituled a Prosepctive glasse / 1
DA130 .C91 1869 History of England from the earliest to the present time : in five volumes / 1
DA130 .D16 The collection of the history of England / 1
DA130 .D18 1634eb The collection of the history of England / 1
DA130.D2 Mediaeval England from the English settlement to the reformation / 1
DA130.D24 The collection of the history of England / 1
DA130.D25 The collection of the history of England / by S.D. 1
DA130.D258 The collection of the history of England / 1
DA130.D26 A continvation of the collection of the history of England, beginning where Samvel Daniell esquire ended, with the raigne of Edvvard the Third, and ending where the honourable Vicount Saint Albones began, with the life of Henry the Seventh, being a compleat history of the beginning and end of the dissention betwixt the two houses of Yorke and Lancaster. With the matches and issue of all the kings, princes, dukes, marquesses, earles, and vicounts of this nation, deceased during those times. 1
DA130 .D32 [The collection of the history of England]. 1
DA130 .D36 1626 The collection of the history of England : [containing briefly the especiall affaires of the government] / 1
DA130 .D36 1634 The collection of the history of England : [containing briefly the especiall affaires of the government] / 1
DA130 .D36 1685 The collection of the history of England / 1
DA130.D360 1986 The collection of the historie of England / 1
DA130 .D48 2010 Holinshed's nation : ideals, memory, and practical policy in the Chronicles / 1
DA130 .D48 2010eb Holinshed's nation : ideals, memory, and practical policy in the Chronicles / 1
DA130.D75 A chronicle of England, B.C. 55-A.D. 1485, 1
DA130.D85 Histoire d'Angleterre, d'Escosse, et d'Irlande, contenant les choses plvs dignes de memoire, auenuës aux isles & royaumes de la grande Bretagne, d'Irlande, de Man, & autres adiacentes. Tant sovs la domination des anciens Brtons et Romains, que durant les regnes des Anglois, Saxons, Pictes, Escossois, Danois, & Normans. 1
DA130.D87 Historiæ anglicanæ circà tempus conquestûs Angliæ à Gulielmo Notho, Normannorum duce, selecta monumenta. Excerpta ex magno volumine, cui titulus est "Historiæ Normannorum scriptores antiqui," 1
DA130.E56 Cambria trivmphans, or Brittain in its perfect lustre. Shevving the origen and antiquity of that illustrious nation. The succession of their kings and princes, from the first, to King Charles, of happy memory. The description of the country: the history of the antient and moderne estate. The manner of the investure of the princes with the coats of arms of the nobility. 1
DA130 .F12 1559 The chronicle of Fabian : whiche he nameth the concordaunce of histories, newly perused. And continued from the beginnyng of Kyng Henry the seventh, to thende [sic] of Queene Mary.
The chronicle of Fabian : whiche he nameth the concordaunce of histories, newly perused. And continued from the beginnyng of Kyng Henry the Seventh to thende [sic] of Queene Mary.
DA130.F168 Fabyans cronycle newly prynted wyth the cronycle, actes, and dedes done in the tyme of the reygne of the moste excellent prynce kynge Henry the vii. father vnto our most drad souerayne lord kynge Henry the viii. ... 1
DA130.F1685 The chronicle of Fabyan, which he hym selfe nameth the concordance of Historyes. / 1
DA130.F169 The chronicle of Fabian, : whiche he nameth The concordaunce of histories, newly perused. : And continued from the beginnyng of Kyng Henry the Seuenth, to thende of Queene Mary. 1
DA130.F17 The new chronicles of England and France, in two parts; 1
DA130 .F36 1997 Family trees and the roots of politics : the prosopography of Britain and France from the tenth to the twelfth century / 1
DA130.F63 Florentii Wigorniensis monachi Chronicon ex chronicis, ab adventu Hengesti et Horsi in Britanniam usque ab annum M.C.XVII., cui accesserunt continuationes duæ, quarum una ad annum M.C.XLI., altera, nunc primum typis vulgata, ad annum M.CC.XCV. perducta. 1
DA130.F633 The chronicle of Florence of Worcester, with the two continuations; comprising annals of English history, from the departure of the Romans to the reign of Edward I. 1
DA130.F730 1980z A history of the kings of England / 1
DA130.G66 Early history of North-West England. 1
DA130.G72 A chronicle at large, and meere history of the affayres of Englande, and kinges of the same, deduced from the creation of the worlde, vnto the first habitation of thys islande: and so by contynuance vnto the first yere of the reigne of our most deere and souereigne lady Queene Elizabeth: collected out of sundry aucthors, whose names are expressed in the next page of this leafe. 1