Call Number Title Count
BS440 Theological dictionary of the Old Testament. Volume XVI /
The student bible dictionary /
Handwörterbuch des biblischen Altertums für gebildete Bibelleser /
A dictionary of the Bible
BS440.A28 Aid to Bible understanding, containing historical, geographical, religious, and, social facts concerning Bible persons, peoples, places, plant and animal life, activities, and so forth. 1
BS440.A4 1830 A pocket dictionary of the Holy Bible : Containing, a historical and geographical account of the persons and places mentioned in the Old and New Testaments: and also a description of other objects, natural, artificial, civil, religious, and military; together with a copious reference to texts of Scripture under each important word / 1
BS440.A417 A companion to the Bible. 1
BS440.A42 Vocabulaire biblique, 1
BS440.A53 1992 Anchor Bible dictionary / 1
BS440.B19 Onomatographia; sive, Descriptio nominvm varii et peregrini idiomatis, qvæ alicubi in Latina vulgata editione occurrunt. 1
BS440.B23 1997 Vēdaśabda ratnākaraṃ : Babiḷ nighaṇṭu / 1
BS440.B26 Barr's complete index and concise dictionary of the Holy Bible : in which the various persons, places, and subjects mentioned in it are accurately referred to, and difficult words briefly explained ; designed to facilitate the study of the sacred Scriptures. 1
BS440.B353 2001 Bāibila dharma vijñāna śabda kośa = A theological word book of the Bible / 1
BS440.B5 Thesaurus biblicus; seu, Promptuarium sacrum. Whereunto are added all the marginall readings, with the words of the text, and many words in the text expounded by the text, all alphabetically set downe throughout the Bible. In the end is annexed an abstract of the principal mattters [!] in the holy Scripture. 1
BS440.B55 Bibeltheologisches Wörterbuch / 1
BS440.B553 Sacramentum verbi; an encyclopedia of Biblical theology. 1
BS440.B57 Biblisches Taschenlexikon. 1
BS440.B58 Dictionnaire encyclopédique de la Bible. 1
BS440.B6 Bijbelsch woordenboek, 1
BS440.B603 Encyclopedic dictionary of the Bible. A translation and adaptation of A. van den Born's Bijbels woordenboek, 2d rev. ed., 1954-1957, 1
BS440 .B73 2009 A dictionary of the Bible / 2
BS440.B730 1996 A dictionary of the Bible / 1
BS440.B858 A dictionary of the Holy Bible : containing an historical account of the persons, a geographical and historical account of the places, a literal, critical, and systematical description of other objects ... and the explication of the appellative terms, mentioned in the writings of the Old and New Testament, the whole comprising whatever important is known concerning the antiquities of the Hebrew nation and church of God, forming a sacred commentary, a body of Scripture history, chronology, and divinity, and serving in a great measure as a concordance to the Bible / 1
BS440.C2 1847 Calmet's Dictionary of the Holy Bible; 1
BS440.C36 Catholic Biblical encyclopedia 1
BS440.C5 Encyclopædia Biblica : a critical dictionary of the literary, political and religious history, the archæology, geography, and natural history of the Bible / 1
BS440.D26 A dictionary of the Bible. 1
BS440.D27 A dictionary of the Bible / 1
BS440.D28 The Westminster dictionary of the Bible / 1
BS440 .D495 2005 Dictionary for theological interpretation of the Bible / 1
BS440 .D496 2007 Dictionary of biblical criticism and interpretation / 1
BS440.D527 1995 Dictionary of deities and demons in the Bible (DDD) / 1
BS440 .D53 2008 Dictionary of the Old Testament : wisdom, poetry & writings / 1
BS440 .D53 2012 Dictionary of the Bible and Western culture / 1
BS440.D5516 1997 Kultura biblijna : słownik / 1
BS440.D7 The new Bible dictionary / 1
BS440 .D86 2010 Ėnt͡siklopedicheskiĭ slovarʹ bibleĭskikh frazeologizmov / 1
BS440 .E44 2000 Eerdmans dictionary of the Bible / 1
BS440.E5 Enciclopedia de la Biblia. 1
BS440 .E53 2009 Encyclopedia of the Bible and its reception / 1
BS440.E54 The Encyclopedia of the Bible. 1
BS440.E57 Svenskt bibliskt uppslagsverk / 1
BS440.E6 ʼEnṣiḳlopedyah miḳraʼit. 1
BS440.E75 1997 Glossae divinae historiae : the Biblical glosses of John Scottus Eriugena / 1
BS440.E75 2011 The essential bible dictionary : key insights for reading god's word / 1
BS440.F2 The popular and critical Bible encyclopædia and Scriptural dictionary : fully defining and explaining all religious terms, including biographical, geographical, historical, archæological and doctrinal themes ; 1
BS440.F56 Clavis Scripturae Sacrae, seu De sermone sacrarum literarum, in duas partes divisae, quarum prior singularum vocum, atque locutionum Sacrae Scripturae usum ac rationem ordine alphabetico explicat; posterior de sermone Sacrarvm literarum plurimas generales regulas tradit ... 1
BS440.G2 Biblisches Reallexikon / 1
BS440.G2 1977 Biblisches Reallexikon : (BRL2) hrsg. / 1
BS440.G32 Encyclopädie der Bibelkunde. Handbuch für forschende freunde der Heiligen Schrift. 1
BS440 .G55 2006 A concise dictionary of Bible origins and interpretation / 1
BS440 .G55 2006eb A concise dictionary of Bible origins and interpretation / 1
BS440.G7 A dictionary of Bible topics / 1
BS440 .G754 2013 Astvatsashnchʻi hanragitaran : bazmahator, batsʻatrakan baṛaran / 1
BS440.G8 Bible meanings; a short theological word-book of the Bible, 1
BS440.G9 Kurzes Bibelwörterbuch. 1
BS440.G95 Who's who in the gospels 1
BS440.H16 Bibel-Lexikon. 1
BS440.H2 Realia Biblica geographica, naturalia, archaeologica quibus compendium introductionis Biblicae. 1
BS440 .H235 2011 The HarperCollins Bible dictionary. 1
BS440.H2350 1996 The HarperCollins Bible dictionary / 1
BS440 .H29 Harper's Bible dictionary / 1
BS440.H29 Harper's Bible dictionary / 1