Call Number Title Count
BS425.S882 1990 The New Strong's exhaustive concordance of the Bible : with main concordance, appendix to the main concordance, topical index to the Bible, dictionary of the Hebrew Bible, dictionary of the Greek Testament / 1
BS425.S884 Exhaustive concordance of the Bible; 1
BS425.T47 Complete concordance to the Bible (Douay version) 1
BS425.W2 The comprehensive concordance to the Holy Scriptures, 1
BS425.W5 The complete analysis of the Holy Bible: or, How to comprehend Holy Writ from its own interpretation, containing the whole of the Old and New Testaments, 1
BS425.Y761 Analytical concordance to the Bible on an entirely new plan : containing about 311,000 references, subdivided under the Hebrew and Greek originals, with the literal meaning and pronunciation of each : designed for the simplest reader of the English Bible / 1
BS425.Y762 Analytical concordance to the Bible on an entirely new plan : containing about 311,000 references, subdivided under the Hebrew and Greek originals, with the literal meaning and pronunciation of each, designed for the simplest reader of the English Bible / 1
BS425.Y764 Analytical concordance to the Bible on an entirely new plan containing about 311,000 references, subdivided under the Hebrew and Greek originals, with the literal meaning and pronunciation of each; designed for the simplest reader of the English Bible. 1
BS427.B53 1720 Biblisches Spruch=Register : Nach der Alphabets=Ordnung die fürnehmsten Sprüche, wie sie von Anfang lauten, in sich haltend, zu sonderbahrem Nutzen und Vortheil denen Liebhabern der Heiligen Schrift ... 1
BS427.B795 1530 Concordantz vnd zeyger der Sprüch vnd historien, aller Biblischen bücher alts vn[d] news Testaments teütsch : register weiss verfasst vnd zusammen bracht / 1
BS427.B9 M. Gottfried Büchner's Biblische real- und verbal- hand-concordanz, oder Exegetisch-momiletisches lexicon, worin die verschiedenen bedeutungen der worte und redensarten angezeigt ... und was zur erklärung dunkler ... schriftstellen ... nöthig, erörtert wird. 1
BS427.H87 Zürcher Bibel-Konkordanz. Vollständiges Wort-, Namen- und Zahlen- Verzeichnis zur Zürcher Bibelübersetzung. Mit Einschluss der Apokryphen. 1
BS427.L25 Concordantiæ Bibliorum germanico-hebraico-græcæ. Deutsche / hebraische / und griechische concordanz-Bibel, oder Vollständige anweisung aller wörter / welche in der gantzen H. Schrifft ... fürkommen ... Auff Gnädigste verordnung und beförderung dess ... herrn Ernsts / herzogen zu Sachsen ... in diese gantz neue und beqveme form ... 1
BS427.L25 1718 Concordantiæ bibliorum Germanico-Hebraico-Græcæ. Deutsche, Hebräische und Griechische Concordantz-Bibel, oder Vollständige Anweisung aller Wörter, welche in der gantzen H. Schrift ... vorkommen : wo und wie oft dieselben gefunden, und auf unterschiedliche Art gebraucht werden : vorhin nach Anleitung Conradi Agricolæ in der deutschen Concordantz nach und nach zusammen getragen, darauf emendiret, vermehret und auf eine gantz neue Art mit dem Parallelismo der Hebräischen und Griechischen Wörter versehen und verfertiget / durch Friedrich Lanckisch. 1
BS428.C9B53 1993 Biblická konkordance : k textu Kralické bible. 1
BS428.C9B58 Biblická konkordance. / 1
BS428.G67M34 1998 A concordance to Biblical Gothic / 1
BS428.I8C5 Chiave biblica; ossi, Concordanza della Sacra SCrittura, 1
BS428.I8C74 Concordanza biblica per argomenti. 1
BS428.I8D53 Dictionnaire biblique / 1
BS428.R9 S45 1988 Simfonii︠a︡ na Vetkhiĭ i Novyĭ Zavet. 1
BS428.S56V57 2001 Śuddha Bayibalayē samapada akārādiya = Concordance to the Sinhala Bible / 1
BS428.S8S9 Konkordanz zur syrischen Bibel, Die Propheten / 1
BS428.T3 T365 1951 Tamil̲ vētākama otta vākkiya akarāti = Concordance to the Tamil Bible. 1
BS432.A33 2008 Accordance 8 : Bible software : with Accordance 8.01 software and fonts / 1
BS432 .B4423 2001eb What the Bible says about-- : words that can lead to success and happiness / 1
BS432.B5 1913 The Old Testament phrase book : similes and metaphors, phrases and short descriptive passages / 1
BS432 .B52 Hereafter folowe x. certayne places of scrypture, by whome it is proued that the doctrynes and tradycyons of men ought to be auoyded. 1
BS432 .B78 1528 Pandectarum Liber XIII : de tropis, figuris & modis loquendi Scripturarum : item, de locis Scripturarum pugnantibus parallela, problemata, quare quædam parum curiose retulerunt Evangelistæe, prophetæ quare in parabolis & ænigmatibus sunt locuti /
Catalogi virorum illustrium Veteris & Novi Testame[n]t : virorum obscurorum utriusq[ue] Testament, illustrium item mulierum, obscurarum dein mulierum, de bellis, victoria, et triumphis Iustorum contra Impios, orationes, exhortationes, obsecratio[n]es, patre prophetarum, regum et virorum Illustrium, de tyrannide et bellis impiorum contra Iustos /
Tropi insigniores Veteris atque Novi Testamenti /
Pandectarum Veteris & Novi Testamenti, libri duodecim /
BS432.B818 Bible index, 1
BS432.B82 Section headings and reference system for the Bible. 1
BS432.B824 A short index to the Bible / 1
BS432.C48 1660 A choice table to the Bible of the most eminent persons contained in the Old and New Testament : both good and bad; directing to the book and chapter wherein they are recorded; of special use for all sorts that delight to meditate in sacred history. 1
BS432 .C56 2002 Weisheit der Bibel = Mądrość Biblii : niemiecko-polski słownik cytatów z Pisma Świętego / 1
BS432.C6 Holy oyle for the lampes of the sanctvarie: or, Scriptvre-phrases alphabetically disposed: : For the vse and benefit of such as desire to speake the language of Canaan more especially the sonnes of the prophets, who wonld [sic] attaine elegancie and sublimity of expressions. / 1
BS432.C77 Bible helps for busy men, 1
BS432.D28 1992 Roget's thesaurus of the Bible / 1
BS432.E2 1857 An analytical concordance to the Holy Scriptures, or, The Bible presented under distinct and classified heads or topics / 1
BS432.G3 1841 A Scripture account of the faith and practice of Christians : consisting of an extensive collection of pertinent texts of Scripture, illustrative of the various articles of revealed religion reduced into distinct sections so as to embrace all the branches of each subject, the motives to the belief or practice of the doctrines taught, and the threatenings, promises, rewards, punishments, examples, etc. annexed : addressed to the understanding, the hopes, and the fears of Christians : the whole forming a complete concordance to all the articles of faith and practice taught in the Holy Scriptures / 1
BS432 .G72 1684 Graphautarkeia, or, The Scriptures sufficiency practically demonstrated : wherein whatsoever is contain'd in Scripture, respecting doctrine, worship or manners, is reduced to its proper head, weighty cases resolved, truths confirmed difficult texts illustrated, and explained by others more plain. 1
BS432.G75 2006 Russkai͡a bibleĭskai͡a frazeologii͡a v kontekste kulʹtury / 1
BS432 .H442 1588 A B C aff bibelske ordsprock, : det er, de kortiske, lettiske oc brugeligste Sprock aff Bibelen effter A B C faar børn. / 1
BS432 .H62 Index biblicus multijugus, or, A table to the Holy Scripture : wherein each of its books, chapters and divers matters are distinguished and epitomized : together with some most eminent synchronisms, parallelisms, reconciliations of places seemingly contradictory, comparations of prophecies and their fulfillings, a chronology to every eminent epocha of time and a harmony of the evangelists : with a table referring each verse in them to its due place in the harmony, & c : all which, and their respective uses are explained in the epistle to the reader. 1
BS432 .H63 1669 Index Biblicus: or, The historical books of the Holy Scripture abridged. : With each book, chapter, and sum of diverse matter distinguished. And a chronology to every eminent epocha of time superadded. With a harmony of the four Evangelists: and a table thereunto. A singular help for all persons of what age, rank, or ability soever; for their better knowledge, remembrance, and observation: of that only sure, and perfect fountain of divine light: rule of Christian life: & foundation of everlasting hope. 1
BS432.H66 Hitchcock's new and complete analysis of the Holy Bible : ... on the basis of Matthew Talbot ... / 1
BS432.H74 Holman topical concordance. An index to the Bible, arranged by subjects, in alphabetical order. 1
BS432.H8 Thesaurus philologicus, seu clavis scripturae / 1
BS432.I5160 1983 Sŏnggwi taesajŏn : chujebyŏl / 1
BS432.J8 Harper's topical concordance, 1
BS432.J801 Harper's topical concordance. 1
BS432.K21 Ḳonḳordantsyah ʻinyanit shel ha-Tanakh le-ʻinyanehah ha-shonim : be-arbaʻah kerakhim / 1
BS432.K21 v.1 Ḳonḳordantsyah ʻinyanit shel ha-Torah le-ʻinyanehah ha-shonim / 1
BS432.K47 Biblical subject index / 1
BS432.L8 A common-place-book to the Holy Bible, or, The Scripture's sufficiency practically demonstrated ... / 1
BS432.L81 A Common-place-book to the Holy Bible; or The Scriptures sufficiency practically demonstrated. Wherein are the substance of Scripture. 1
BS432.M3 A booke of notes and common places : with their expositions, collected and gathered out of the workes of diuers singular writers, and brought alphabetically into order ... / 1
BS432.O8 Biblical tables : an epitome of various important statistics of the Scriptures: a complete handbook of reference ; for readers, teachers, and students of the Bible: prepared from the highest authorities and the latest examinations / 1
BS432.R38 The Topical Bible concordance for the use of ministers, missionaries, teachers, and Christian workers / 1
BS432.R4 1850eb The Scripture text book. 1
BS432.R84 God and man in the Old Testament. 1