Call Number Title Count
BJ1799.W38 The function of sympathy in moral knowledge ... 1
BJ1799 Dowler The ethics of evolution in its relation to Christian ethics ... 1
BJ1799 Heckman "The distinctive nature of the Christian conscience" ... 1
BJ1799 La Duc Some ethical implications of evolution ... 1
BJ1799 Lewis Comparison of certain aspects of the morals of Greeks and Egyptians ... 1
BJ1799 McGee Individual wrongdoing and social evil ... 1
BJ1799 Ostergren The development of Christian ethics in the western world ... 1
BJ1799 Peterson A comparative study of Mill's Utilitarianism and Small's Functional system of ethics ... 1
BJ1799 Price Crisis in the regulation of conduct ... 1
BJ1815 .E86 2017 Etiquette and taboos around the world : a geographic encyclopedia of social and cultural customs / 1
BJ1821.A7 The best behavior : the course of good manners - from antiquity to the present - as seen through courtesy and etiquette books / 1
BJ1821.B71 La "Civil conversazione" in Germania : letteratura del comportamento da Stefano Guazzo a Adolph Knigge, 1574-1788 / 1
BJ1821.C668 1993 Convivialité et politesse : du gigot, des mots et autres savoir-vivre / 1
BJ1821.C750 1994 The Crisis of courtesy : studies in the conduct-book in Britain, 1600-1900 / 1
BJ1821.H44 Wandel des Anstands im französischen und im deutschen Sprachgebiet. 1
BJ1821.H45 2016 Schönheit des Alltäglichen : zur Ethik des täglichen Umgangs bei Albert Schweitzer, Martin Buber und Adalbert Stifter / 1
BJ1821 .P37 2011 An uncommon history of common courtesy : how manners shaped the world / 1
BJ1821 .P37 2011eb An uncommon history of common courtesy : how manners shaped the world / 1
BJ1821.P37 2011eb An uncommon history of common courtesy : how manners shaped the world / 1
BJ1821.R39 2013 La politesse des Lumières : les lois, les moeurs, les manières / 1
BJ1821 .W68 2007 Informalization : manners and emotions since 1890 / 1
BJ1821 .W68 2007eb Informalization : manners and emotions since 1890 / 1
BJ1822.S3 Savoir-vivre; le savoir-vivre des "Femmes d'aujourd'hui". 1
BJ1838 .F669 2002 The global etiquette guide to Africa and the Middle East : everything you need to know for business and travel success / 1
BJ1838.F669 2002eb The global etiquette guide to Africa and the Middle East everything you need to know for business and travel success /
The Global Etiquette Guide to Africa and the Middle East : Everything You Need to Know for Business and Travel Success.
BJ1838.F673 2002eb The global etiquette guide to Mexico and Latin America everything you need to know for business and travel success / 1
BJ1838 .K33 2017 Politeness, impoliteness and ritual : maintaining the moral order in interpersonal interaction / 1
BJ1838 .R44 2007eb In praise of flattery / 1
BJ1838 .S76 2012 On manners / 1
BJ1843.A553 1859 Young-Ladyism : a handbook on the education, accomplishments, duties, dress, and deportment of the Upper Ten Thousand / 1
BJ1843.C76 1910 Manners for the metropolis : an entrance key to the fantastic life of the 400 / 1
BJ1843.C885 Lettera ad una sposa. Tradotta dal francese. 1
BJ1843.E9 The cutter, in five lectures upon the art and practice of cutting friends, acquaintances, and relations. 1
BJ1851.A5 The American academy of compliments, or , The complete American secretary : containing the true art of inditing letters suitable to the capacities of youth and age ... likewise rules for directing, superscribing, and subscribing of letters ... with dialogues very witty ... to which are added the art of good breeding ... with a collection of the newest songs. 1
BJ1851.W3 Washington's rules of civility and decent behavior in company and conversation / 1
BJ1852.A5 Amenities of home. 1
BJ1852.B35 Beadle's dime book of etiquette : a practical guide to good breeding, and complete directory to the observances of society. 1
BJ1852.B47 Polite life and etiquette : or, What is right and the social arts / 1
BJ1852.B6 Art, society, and accomplishments; a treasury of artistic homes, social life and culture. 1
BJ1852.B6 1851 Guide-manuel de la bonne compagnie du bon ton et de la politesse / 1
BJ1852.B66 1899 A book for boys and girls consisting of Our business boys / 1
BJ1852.B72 1841 The gentleman and lady's book of politeness and propriety of deportment : dedicated to the youth of both sexes / 1
BJ1852.B8 Every-day etiquette ; a manual of good manners / 1
BJ1852.C25 The canons of good breeding; or, The handbook of the man of fashion. 1
BJ1852.C74 Social etiquette; or, Manners and customs of polite society ... 1
BJ1852.C75 Twentieth century culture and deportment; or, The lady and gentleman at home and abroad, containing rules of etiquette for all occasions ... 1
BJ1852.C8 Correct social usage : a course of instruction in good form, style and deportment / 1
BJ1852.D4 1886 Decorum : a practical treatise on etiquette and dress of the best American society, including social, commercial, and legal forms, letter writting, the toilet, toilet recipes, etc., etc.; also valuable suggestions on self-culture and home-training / 1
BJ1852.D9 The ladies' and gentlemen's etiquette: a complete manual of the manners and dress of American society. Containing forms of letters, invitations, acceptances and regrets. With a copious index. 1
BJ1852.E4 Book of etiquette / 1
BJ1852.E402 Book of etiquette, 1
BJ1852.E80 Etiquette for Americans, 1
BJ1852.G8 The book of good manners; a guide to polite usage for all social functions 1
BJ1852.H15 Manners for millions, a correct code of pleasing personal habits for everyday men and women, 1
BJ1852.H32 Mrs. Oliver Harriman's Book of etiquette, a modern guide to the best social form. 1
BJ1852.H58 The principles of courtesy: with hints and observations of manners and habits. 1
BJ1852.H64 Never give a lady a restive horse; a 19th century handbook of etiquette. 1
BJ1852.H75 Encyclopaedia of etiquette : what to write, what to do, what to wear, what to say ; a book of manners for everyday use / 1
BJ1852.H83 1868 Excelsior, or, Essays on politeness, education, and the means of attaining success in life. 1
BJ1852(INTERNET) Frost's Laws and by-laws of American society a condensed but thorough treatise on etiquette and its usages in America, containing plain and reliable directions for deportment in every situation in life/ 1