Call Number (LC) Title Results
BF1576.U671 Salem witchcraft : with an account of Salem village, and a history of opinions on witchcraft and kindred subjects / 1
BF1576.U672 Salem witchcraft; with an account of Salem village and a history of opinions on witchcraft and kindred subjects. 1
BF1577.C2 S25 2002 Enchanted feminism : ritual, gender and divinity among the Reclaiming witches of San Francisco / 1
BF1577.H3R7 The kahuna sorcerers of Hawaii, past and present : with a glossary of ancient religious terms, and the books of the Hawaiian royal dead / 1
BF1577.P4A8 The realness of witchcraft in America : with special references to the Pennsylvania Germans and the conflict of science vs. old time beliefs and customs / 1
BF1577.P4G9 Witchcraft and Quakerism; a study in social history, 1
BF1577.S68 B78 2007 Brujerías : stories of witchcraft and the supernatural in the American Southwest and beyond / 1
BF1577.S68 S56 1980eb Witchcraft in the Southwest : Spanish and Indian supernaturalism on the Rio Grande / 1
BF1578.C7C37 1994 La bruja : coca, política y demonio / 1
BF1578.C7C43 1994 Hechicería, brujería, e Inquisición en el Nuevo Reino de Granada : Un duelo de imaginarios / 1
BF1578.C7C45 2002 "Quyen tal haze que tal pague" : sociedad y prácticas mágicas en el Nuevo Reino de Granada / 1
BF1578.G7H577 1809 A History of the witches of Renfrewshire, who were burned on the Gallowgreen of Paisley. 1
BF1578.R38S330 1994 Living witchcraft : a contemporary American coven / 1
BF1578.S7A77 1995 Brujas asturianas / 1
BF1581 A history of witchcraft in England from 1558 to 1718 /
The triumph of the moon : a history of modern pagan witchcraft /
BF1581.A2 The vnfained retractation of Fraunces Cox, which he vttered at the pillery in Chepesyde, and els where, accordyng to the counsels commaundement anno. 1561. the. 25. of Iune. Beyng accused for the vse of certayne sinistral and diuelysh artes. 1
BF1581.A2 B78 1653a Doctor Lamb revived, or, VVitchcraft condemn'd in Anne Bodenham : a servant of his, who was arraigned and executed the lent assizes last at Salisbury, before the right honourable the Lord Chief Baron Wild, judge of the assise : wherein is set forth her strange and wonderful diabolical usage of a maid, servant to Mr. Goddard, as also her attempt against his daughters, but by providence delivered : being necessary for all good Christians to read, as a caveat to look to themselves, that they be not seduced by such inticements / 1
BF1581.A2 C84 A tryal of witches at the assizes held at Bury St. Edmonds for the count of Suffolk on the tenth day of March, 1664 [i.e 1665] : before Sir Matthew Hale, Kt., then Lord Chief Baron of His Majesties Court of Exchequer / 1
BF1581.A2 D4 1652 A declaration in answer to several lying pamphlets concerning the witch of Wapping : being a more perfect relation of the arraignment, condemnation, and suffering of Jone Peterson, who was put to death on Munday the 22 of April, 1652. Shewing the bloudy plot and wicked conspiracy of one Abraham Vandenbernde, Thomas Crompton, Thomas Collet, and others. 1
BF1581.A2 D72 Daimonomageia : a small treatise of sicknesses and diseases from witchcraft, and supernatural causes : never before, at least in this comprised order, and general manner, was the like published : being useful to others besides physicians, in that it confutes atheistical, sadducistical, and sceptical principles and imaginations. 1
BF1581.A2F3 Witchcraft cast out from the religious seed and Israel of God : and the black art, or, nicromancery inchantments, sorcerers, wizards, lying divination, conjuration, and witchcraft discovered... : written in Warwickshire, the ninth moneth, 1654 as a judgement upon witchcraft ... from those that the world reproachfully calleth Quakers. 1
BF1581.A2 F84 The Full and true relation of the tryal, condemnation, and execution of Ann Foster : (who was arrained for a witch) on Saturday the 22th of this instant August, at the place of execution at Northampton : with the manner how she by her malice and vvitchcraft set all the barns and corn on fire belonging to one Joseph Weeden living in Eastcoat, and bewitched a whole flock of sheep in a most lamentable manner ... : and also in what likeness the Devil appeared to her while she was in prison, and the manner of her department at her tryal.
The full tryals, examination, and condemnation of four notorious witches at the assizes held at Worcester, on Tuesday the 4th of March : with the manner, how they were found guilty of bewitching several children to death, as also, their confessions, and last dying speeches at the place of execution, with other amazing particulars concerning the said witchcraft.
BF1581.A2 P44 2013 Witch hunt : the persecution of witches in England / 1
BF1581.A2 P47 A faithful narrative of the wonderful and extraordinary fits which Mr. Tho. Spatchet (late of Dunwich and Cookly) was under by witchcraft, or, A mysterious providence in his even unparallel'd fits : with an account of his first falling into, behaviour under, and (in part) deliverance out of them : wherein are several remarkable instances of the gracious effects of fervent prayer / 1
BF1581.A2 R47 1686 Representation by the Sheriff Depute of Ross, Commissioners of the Justiciary and Supply, and of the justices of the peace within the district of Ardmanach. : To the committee of His Majesties most honourable Privy Council, to whom the consideration of the petition anent the witches in the parish of Kilernan was remitted. 1
BF1581.A2 S77 Strange and wonderful news from Yowel in Surry : giving a true and just account of one Elizabeth Burgiss, who was most strangely bewitched and tortured at a sad rate, having several great lumps of clay pulled forth from her back, full of pins and thorns, which pricked so extreamly that she cry'd and roar'd in a vehement and out-ragious manner, to the great amazement of all the beholders : as also, how great stones as big as a mans fist were thrown at her ... and afer she came to her fathers house, the throwing of the pewter-dishes, candlesticks, and other clattering of household-goods at her, besides the displacing of a musical instrument, hanging up her grand-fathers breeches on the top of the sealing : with many more strange and miraculous things, filling the spectators with wonder and amazement. 1
BF1581.A2T8 A true and exact relation of the severall informations, examinations, and confessions of the late witches, arraigned and executed in the County of Essex. Who were arraigned and condemned at the late sessions, holden at Chelmesford before the Right Honorable Robert, Earle of Warwicke ... the 29th of July, 1645 ... 1
BF1581.A2W82 Witchcraft in Northamptonshire : facsimile reproduction of six rare and curious tracts dating from 1612. 1
BF1581.A22 Witch hunt : the great Scottish witchcraft trials of 1697 / 1
BF1581.A24 Witch, warlock, and magician : historical sketches of magic and witchcraft in England and Scotland / 1
BF1581 .A55 2012 The Lancashire Witches : a chronicle of sorcery and death on Pendle Hill / 1
BF1581.A667 1963 The apprehension and confession of three notorious witches. Arreigned and by iustice condemned and executed at Chelmes-forde, in the Countye of Essex, the 5. day of Iulye, last past. 1589 : With the manner of their diuelish practices and keeping of thier spirits, whose fourmes are heerein truelye proportioned. 1
BF1581.B37 2012 Witchcraft and demonology in South-West England, 1640-1789 / 1
BF1581 .B47 A guide to grand-iury men divided into two books : in the first, is the authors best aduice to them what to doe, before they bring in a billa vera in cases of witchraft, with a Christian direction to such as are too much giuen vpon euery crosse to thinke themselues bewitched : in the second, is a treatise touching witches good and bad, how they may bee knowne, euicted and condemned, with many particulars tending thereunto / 1
BF1581.B6 A calendar of cases of witchcraft in Scotland, 1510-1727 / 1
BF1581 .B67 1997 Witchcraft and its transformations, c.1650-c.1750 / 1
BF1581.B86 Pale Hecate's team : an examination of the beliefs on witchcraft and magic among Shakespeare's contemporaries and his immediate successors / 1
BF1581.D25 Rowan tree and red thread : a Scottish witchcraft miscellany of tales, legends and ballads : together with a description of the witches ̓rites and ceremonies / 1
BF1581 .D38 1999 Witchcraft, magic and culture, 1736-1951. 1
BF1581 .E37 2000 Early modern witches : witchcraft cases in contemporary writing / 1
BF1581 .E37 2000eb Early modern witches : witchcraft cases in contemporary writing / 1
BF1581.E56 2016 Witchcraft, witch-hunting, and politics in early modern England / 1
BF1581 .E8 1929a Witch hunting and witch trials : the indictments for witchcraft from the records of 1373 assizes held for the home circuit A.D. 1559-1736 / 1
BF1581.E9 Witch hunting and witch trials; the indictments for witchcraft from the records of 1373 assizes held for the home circuit A. D. 1559-1736, 1
BF1581.E91 Witchcraft and demonianism: a concise account derived from sworn depositions and confessions obtained in the courts of England and Wales, 1
BF1581.E92 Witchcraft in the Star chamber, 1
BF1581.F48 1653a An advertisement to the jury-men of England touching witches / 1
BF1581.F7 1712 A full and impartial account of the discovery of sorcery and witchcraft practis'd by Jane Wenham of Walkerne in Hertfordshire ... : also her tryal at the Assizes at Hertford ... the fifth edition ; [Witchcraft farther display'd ... ; The Case of the Hertfordshire witchcraft consider'd : being an examination of a book entitl'd A full and impartial account of the discovery of sorcery & witchcraft practis'd by Jane Wenham of Walkern ...] 1
BF1581.G215 The meaning of witchcraft. 1
BF1581.G22 Witchcraft today, 1
BF1581.G37 2001 Hellish Nell : last of Britain's witches / 1
BF1581 .G38 2005 Witchfinders : a seventeenth-century English tragedy / 1
BF1581.G530 1988 Hanged for witchcraft : Elizabeth Lowys and her successors / 1
BF1581 .G535 1999 Reading witchcraft : stories of early English witches / 1
BF1581 .G5355 2018 Rediscovering Renaissance witchcraft : witches in early modernity and modernity / 1
BF1581.H37 1993 The Pendle witch trial 1612 / 1
BF1581 .H46 2016 Witchcraft and folk belief in the age of enlightenment : Scotland 1670-1740 / 1
BF1581.H697 A mirror of witchcraft / 1
BF1581.H7 Witchcraft in England, 1
BF1581 .H88 1999 The triumph of the moon : a history of modern pagan witchcraft / 1