Call Number Title Count
BF1.P816 Psychological science : a journal of the American Psychological Society.
Psychological science.
BF1.P817 Psychological studies. 1
BF1.P847 Psychology and developing societies. 1
BF1.P85 Psychologia. 1
BF1.P86 Psychological abstracts. 1
BF1.P861A51 1976 Psychological abstracts information services : users reference manual. 1
BF1.P87 The Psychoanalytic review. 2
BF1.P876 1981 Psychological abstracts information services : users reference manual. 1
BF1.P88 Psychological book previews. 1
BF1.P9 The Psychological bulletin. 1
BF1.P91 The Psychological exchange. 1
BF1.P917 The Psychological record. 1
BF1.P92 The Psychological review. 1
BF1.P92 v.32 no.1 A study of individual differences in learning / 1
BF1.P92 v.32 no.1 p.34-53 A study of individual differences in learning, 1
BF1.P93 Psychological monographs : general and applied.
Psychological monographs general and applied.
BF1.P93 v.1 no.1 On sensations from pressure and impact, with special reference to the intensity, area and time of stimulation, 1
BF1.P93 v.1 no.2 Association. An essay analytic and experimental. 1
BF1.P93 v.1 no.3 The mental development of a child, 1
BF1.P93 v.1 no.4 A study of Kant's psychology with reference to the critical philosophy, 1
BF1.P93 v.2 no.1 Problems in the psychology of reading, 1
BF1.P93 v.2 no.2 The fluctuation of attention. 1
BF1.P93 v.2 no.3 Mental imagery, experimentally and subjectively considered, 1
BF1.P93 v.2 no.4 Animal intelligence, an experimental study of the associative processes in animals. 1
BF1.P93 v.2 no.5 The emotion of joy, 1
BF1.P93 v.2 no.6 Conduct and the weather; an inductive study of the mental effects of definite meteorological conditions. 1
BF1.P93 v.3 no.1 On inhibition, 1
BF1.P93 v.3 no.3 The accuracy of voluntary movement; 1
BF1.P93 v.3 no.4 A study of lapses; 1
BF1.P93 v.3 no.5 The mental life of the monkeys, 1
BF1.P93 v.3 no.6 The correlation of mental and physical tests; by Clark Wissler. 1
BF1.P93 v.5 no.1 Sociality and sympathy. An introducion to the ethics of sympathy. 1
BF1.P93 v.5 no.2 The practice curve. A study in the formation of habits. 1
BF1.P93 v.5 no.3 The psychology of expectation. 1
BF1.P93 v.5 no.4 Motor, visual and applied rhythms. An experimental study and a revised explanation. 1
BF1.P93 v.5 no.5 The perception of number / 1
BF1.P93 v.5 no.6 A Study of memory for connected trains of thought / 1
BF1.P93 v.6 no.1 A study in reaction time and movement, 1
BF1.P93 v.6 no.2 The individual and his relation to society as reflected in British ethics of the eighteenth century. 1
BF1.P93 v.6 no.3 Time and reality, 1
BF1.P93 v.6 no.4 The Differentiation of the religious consciousness / 1
BF1.P93 v.7 no.2 The theory of psychical dispositions. 1
BF1.P93 v.7 no.3 A visual illusion of motion during eye closure / 1
BF1.P93 v.8 no.1 The psychological experiences connected with the different parts of speech. 1
BF1.P93 v.8 no.2 Kinæsthetic and organic sensations: their role in the reactions of the white rat to the maze, 1
BF1.P93 v.8 no.4 An experimental study of visual fixation, 1
BF1.P93 v.9 no.1 Control processes in modified handwriting : an experimental study / 1
BF1.P93 v.9 no.3 Combination tones and other related auditory phenomena / 1
BF1.P93 v.10 no.2 The social will / 1
BF1.P93 v.10 no.3 The Effect of achromatic conditions on the color phenomena of peripheral vision / 1
BF1.P93 v.10 no.4 A study in memorising various materials by the reconstruction method. 1
BF1.P93 v.11 no.2 An experimental study of dementia praecox 1
BF1.P93 v.11 no.3 An experimental study of fatigue / 1
BF1.P93 v.11 no.4 The determination of the position of a momentary impression in the temporal course of a moving visual impression / 1
BF1.P93 v.12 no.1 A study of sensory control in the rat / 1
BF1.P93 v.12 no.2 On the influence of complexity and dissimilarity on memory / 1
BF1.P93 v.12 no.3 Studies in melody / 1
BF1.P93 v.12 no.4 Report of the Committee of the American psychological association on the teaching of psychology. Presented to the Association December 29, 1909 ... 1
BF1.P93 v.12 no.5 Some mental processes of the Rhesus monkey / 1
BF1.P93 v.13 no.1 Report of the Committee of the American psychological association on the standardizing of procedure in experimental tests 1