Call Number Title Count
BF1.C86 Current directions in psychological science : a journal of the American Psychological Society.
Current directions in psychological science.
BF1.C863 Current opinion in psychology. 1
BF1.C88 Current trends in history & philosophy of psychology. 1
BF1.D4 Developmental psychology. 1
BF1.E3 Educational and psychological measurement. 3
BF1.E87 European psychologist. 1
BF1.E92 Experimental publication system, catalog of abstracts. 1
BF1.G37 The German journal of psychology. 1
BF1.I39 The Indian journal of psychology. 1
BF1.I392 Indian psychological abstracts. 1
BF1.I4 The Indian psychological bulletin. 1
BF1.I42 Indian psychological review. 1
BF1.I6 International journal of individual psychology. 1
BF1.I61 International journal of psychology / 1
BF1.I8 University of Iowa studies in psychology ... 1
BF1.J572 Journal of comparative psychology. 1
BF1.J647 Journal of Indian psychology. 1
BF1.J65 Journal of individual psychology 1
BF1.J687 Le journal des psychologues 1
BF1.J75 Journal of applied psychology. 1
BF1.J765 Journal of consulting psychology.
Journal of consulting and clinical psychology.
BF1.J79 Journal of engineering psychology. 1
BF1.J8 Journal of experimental psychology. 1
BF1.J812 Journal of experimental psychology. General. 1
BF1.J813 Journal of experimental psychology. Animal behavior processes. 1
BF1.J814 Journal of experimental psychology. Learning, memory, and cognition.
Journal of experimental psychology: Human learning and memory.
BF1.J815 Journal of experimental psychology. Human perception and performance. 1
BF1.J82 Journal of experimental research in personality. 1
BF1.J821 Journal of research in personality. 2
BF1.J83 The journal of general psychology. 1
BF1.J84 Journal of humanistic psychology.
The Journal of humanistic psychology.
BF1.J85 Journal of individual psychology.
Individual psychology.
The journal of individual psychology.
BF1.J853 The Journal of mind and behavior. 1
BF1.J855 The Journal of multivariate experimental personality and clinical psychology. 1
BF1.J863 Journal of psychological researches. 1
BF1.J865 Journal of psychological studies. 1
BF1.J8651 Journal of psychological studies. Supplement. 1
BF1.J869 The Journal of psychology. 1
BF1.J87 The Journal of psychology. 1
BF1.J88 Journal of the history of the behavioral sciences. 2
BF1.J9 The Journal of transpersonal psychology. 1
BF1.L4 Learning and motivation. 1
BF1.M24 Manab mon. 1
BF1.M26 Manas. 1
BF1.M58 Miteinander leben lernen. 1
BF1.M665 Monitor on psychology : a publication of the American Psychological Association. 1
BF1.M68 The Modern psychologist ... 1
BF1.N53 New ideas in psychology. 2
BF1.N66 Nonlinear dynamics, psychology, and life sciences. 1
BF1.P28 Pakistan journal of psychological research : PJPR. 1
BF1.P3 Pakistan journal of psychology. 1
BF1.P32 Pakistan psychological abstracts. 1
BF1.P33 Integrative psychological and behavioral science.
Integrative physiological and behavioral science : the official journal of the Pavlovian Society.
Conditional reflex.
The Pavlovian journal of biological science.
BF1.P467 Perspectives on psychological science : a journal of the Association for Psychological Science. 1
BF1 .P47 2008eb Persistence / 1
BF1.P675 Psychological inquiry. 1
BF1.P74 Polish psychological bulletin. 1
BF1.P75 Psychological science in the public interest : a journal of the American Psychological Society.
Psychological science in the public interest.
BF1.P76 Professional psychology. 1
BF1.P78 Progrès de la psychotechnique. Progress of psychotechnics. Fortschritte der Psychotechnik. 1