Call Number Title Count
AS36.C8 v.15 p.239-282 Notes on the Aramaic part of Daniel. 1
AS36.C8 v.15 p.283-292 Constantine of Fleury, 985-1014, A.D. 1
AS36.C8 v.15 p.293-303 Herodotus' source for the opening skirmish at Plataea. 1
AS36.C8 v.15 p.305-368 Notes on Milton's Ode on the morning of Christ's nativity. 1
AS36.C8 v.16 p.1-115 The Amphipoda of Bermuda. 1
AS36.C8 v.16 p.117-245 The clausula in Ammianus Marcellinus. 1
AS36.C8 v.16 p.247-382 Nutrition investigations on the carbohydrates of lichens, algae, and related substances, 1
AS36.C8 v.16 p.383-407 New spiders from New England / 1
AS36.C8 v.17 p.1-139 The financial history of Connecticut from 1789 to 1861 / 1
AS36.C8 v.17 p.141-211 The authorship of the second and third parts of "King Henry VI". 1
AS36.C8 v.17 p.213-361 The date of the Ruthwell and Bewcastle crosses, 1
AS36.C8 v.17 p.363-538 The literary relations of "The First Epistle of Peter" with their bearing on date and place of authorship, 1
AS36.C8 v.18 p.1-137 A monograph of the terrestrial palaeozoic Arachnida of North America, 1
AS36.C8 v.18 p.141-207 The Greek diminutive suffix [isko-iskē (romanized form)] / 1
AS36.C8 v.18 p.209-224 New England spiders identified since 1910. 1
AS36.C8 v.18 p.225-289 The life and works of Henry King, D.D. 1
AS36.C8 v.18 p.291-345 Hepaticae: Yale Peruvian expedition of 1911, 1
AS36.C8 v.18 p.347-447 The appendices to the Gospel according to Mark; a study in textual transmission. 1
AS36.C8 v.19 p.1-110 Fossil birds in the Marsh Collection of Yale University / 1
AS36.C8 v.19 p.113-445 Middlemen in English business, particularly between 1660 and 1760, by Ray Bert Westerfield. 1
AS36.C8 v.22 p.1-209 The history of early relations between the United States and China, 1784-1844, 1
AS36.C8 v.22 p.211-248 Studies in the calcite group, 1
AS36.C8 v.22 p.249-467 The vegetation of northern Cape Breton island, Nova Scotia, 1
AS36.C8 v.23 p.1-63 Chaucerian papers. 1
AS36.C8 v.23 p.65-108 Spenser's English rivers. 1
AS36.C8 v.23 p.109-158 New species of Devonian fossils from western Tennessee, 1
AS36.C8 v.23 p.159-210 Early history of American auctions. A chapter in commercial history. 1
AS36.C8 v.23 p.211-241 Russia's contribution to science, 1
AS36.C8 v.23 p.243-382 The Rhetorica of Philodemus. 1
AS36.C8 v.23 p.383-416 The principle of general relativity and Einstein's theory of gravitation. 1
AS36.C8 v.24 Collectanea Hispanica / 1
AS36.C8 v.25 p.1-90 Anthropological studies on the Quichua and Machiganga Indians, 1
AS36.C8 v.25 p.93-209 The genus Riccardia in Chile, 1
AS36.C8 v.25 p.211-279 Tertiary spiders and opilionids of North America, 1
AS36.C8 v.25 p.281-346 The possible begetter of the Old English Beowulf and Widsith / 1
AS36.C8 v.25 p.347-408 The reputation of Christopher Marlowe, 1
AS36.C8 v.26 p.181-211 Crustacea of Bermuda. : Schizopoda, Cumacea, Stomatopoda and Phyllocarida / 1
AS36.C8 v.26 p.213-243 The emission theory of electromagnetism, 1
AS36.C8 v.26 p.245-332 The old English Andreas and Bishop Acca of Hexham, 1
AS36.C8 v.27 p.1-50 The lobate species of Symphyogyna, 1
AS36.C8 v.27 p.51-248 Arachnida from Panama. 1
AS36.C8 v.27 p.249-384 The integrity of I Maccabees, 1
AS36.C8 v.27 p.385-406 Cynewulf's part in our Beowulf, 1
AS36.C8 v.27 p.407-469 A study of ancient Andean social institutions, 1
AS36.C8 v.27 p.471-577 Soil reaction and plant distribution in the Sylene national park, Norway, 1
AS36.C8 v.28 p.1-20 Beowulfian and Odyssean voyages, 1
AS36.C8 v.28 p.21-78 Spiders from the Virgin Islands. 1
AS36.C8 v.28 p.85-235 The distribution of industrial occupations in England, 1841-1861. 1
AS36.C8 v.28 p.237-271 Voyages of American ships to China, 1784-1844 1
AS36.C8 v.28 p.273-293 Sources of the biography of Aldhelm, 1
AS36.C8 v.28 p.295-354 A further study of the American species of Symphyogyna, 1
AS36.C8 v.29 p.1-270 Systema aranearum. 1
AS36.C8 v.29 p.271-525 Biblioteca Andina. 1
AS36.C8 v.30 p.357-510 The Cladoniae of Connecticut, 1
AS36.C8 v.30 pp.1-355, etc. The spiders of Porto Rico. 1
AS36.C8 v.31 p.193-297 The cephalopods of the Bighorn formation of the Wind River mountains of Wyoming. 1
AS36.C8 v.31 p.299-389 An inquiry into the natural classification of spiders, based on a study of their internal anatomy, 1
AS36.C8 v.31 p.391-425 The expansion of Russia, 1
AS36.C8 v.32 p.1-19 Goethe, the layman in science, 1
AS36.C8 v.32 p.21-109 The epidemiology of Noah Webster. 1