Call Number Title Count
AP2.H33 Harper's weekly. 1
AP2.H36 Harvey's weekly. 1
AP2.H4 Hearst's international combined with Cosmopolitan. 1
AP2.H518 Heraclitus ridens : at, A dialogue between Jest and Earnest, concerning the times. 1
AP2.H52 Heraclitus ridens : or, A discourse between Jest and Earnest ... 1
AP2.H54 The Hesperian; a western quarterly illustrated magazine. 1
AP2.H55 The Hesperian; a monthly miscellany of general literature, original and select. 1
AP2.H62 The Hibernian magazine, or, Compendium of entertaining knowledge, containing the greatest variety of the most curious and useful subjects in every branch of polite literature. 1
AP2.H63 High private's monthly. 1
AP2.H65 Himmat. 1
AP2.H67 The History of our own times ... To be continued regularly once a fortnight. 1
AP2.H68 Hitotsubashi journal of arts & sciences. 1
AP2.H69 The Hive; or, Weekly entertaining register. 1
AP2.H73 Holiday. 1
AP2.H757 Home news. 1
AP2.H76 The Honolulu mercury ... 1
AP2.H77 The Hopkins review. 1
AP2.H773 Horizon. 1
AP2.H775 Horizon ; a review of literature & art. 1
AP2.H777 Horizon, the magazine of useful and intelligent living. 1
AP2.H79 The Hound & horn. 1
AP2.H8 Hours at home: a popular monthly of instruction and recreation. 1
AP2.H88 The Household monthly. 1
AP2.H9 Household words. A weekly journal. 1
AP2.H905 News from Xinhua news agency. 1
AP2.H91 Human events. 1
AP2.H92 The Hudson review. 1
AP2.H92 2003 Along these lines : fifty-five years of Hudson Review poetry / 1
AP2.H92 2008 Poetry into music with Dana Gioia / 1
AP2.H922 Humanities / 1
AP2.H926 The Human world. 1
AP2.H928 Humanitas. 1
AP2.H93 The Humanities Association bulletin 1
AP2.H931 The Humanities Association review. 1
AP2.H94 Humanities in society. 1
AP2.H95 The Hyphen. 1
AP2.I15 Iconograph. 1
AP2.I16 The New iconograph. 1
AP2.I17 i.e.; The Cambridge review. 1
AP2.I2 The Idiot, or, Invisible rambler ... 1
AP2.I205 The Idler; an illustrated monthly magazine ... 1
AP2.I22 Ikon. 1
AP2.I23 The Illuminated magazine ... 1
AP2.I25 The Illustrated American. 1
AP2.I26 The Illustrated Dublin journal. A miscellany of amusement and popular information. 1
AP2.I263 The Illustrated family journal and pioneer of utility and amusement ... 1
AP2.I27 The Illustrated Kentuckian. 1
AP2.I29 Illustrated London news. 1
AP2.I3 Illustrated London news. 1
AP2.I32 The Illustrated weekly of India. 1
AP2.I323 Weekly; the national magazine of news significance. 1
AP2.I325 The Impartial Protestant mercury 1
AP2.I33 The Imperial magazine; and, monthly record of religious, philosophical, historical, biographical, topographical, and general knowledge; embracing literature, science, & art. 1
AP2.I34 In these times 1
AP2.I38 The Independent. Devoted to the consideration of politics, of social and economic tendencies, of history, literature, and the arts. 1
AP2.I395 The independent reflector. 1
AP2.I395 1963 The Independent reflector, or, Weekly essays on sundry important subjects, more particularly adapted to the Province of New-York / 1
AP2.I4 India; journal of politics, commerce & industry. 1
AP2.I41 Indian ink. 1
AP2.I42 The Indian world. 1