Call Number Title Count
AG240.G96 Guinness book of world records.
The Guinness book of superlatives.
The Guinness book of records.
Guinness world records.
The Guinness book of world records.
AG241.B47 1818 Taschenbuch der Wunder und Seltenheiten in der Natur, der Kunst und im Menschenleben. 1. Bändchen. 1
AG241.B69 La minera del mondo / 1
AG241.B84 1810 Gallerie der merkwürdigsten Erfinder älterer und neuerer Zeiten, in alphabetischer Ordnung nach ihren Geistesproducten gereiht. Als ein nicht unwichtiger Beytrag zu einer Geschichte der Fortschritte des menschlichen Verstandes gesammelt und herausgegeben 1
AG241.C8 1822 Curiosities for the ingenious : selected from the most authentic treasures of nature science and art, biography, history and general literature. 1
AG241.C88 The Surprizing miracles of nature and art. in two parts, containing I. The miracles of nature, or the strange signs and prodigious aspects and appearences in the heavens, the earth, and the waters for many hundred years past. II. The miracles of art, describing the most magnificant buildings, and other curious inventions / 1
AG241.G76 New, original, and complete wonderful museum and magazine extraordinary : being a complete repository of all the wonders, curiosities, and rarities of nature and art, from the beginning of the world to the present year. 1
AG241.I268 2011 ʻAjāʼib al-buldān : "wa-yalīhi ʻAjāʼib al-nabātāt wa-al-fawākah wa-al-ḥayawānāt" / 1
AG241.J3 1880 Industrial curiosities : glances here and there in the world of labour / 1
AG241.K58 Kirby's wonderful and scientific museum; or, Magazine of remarkable characters. 1
AG241.K67 De mirandis antiqvorvm operibus, opibus & veteris aeui rebus, pace belloq́; 1
AG241 .K67 1614 De miraculis vivorum : seu, De varia natura, variis singularitatibus, proprietatibus, affectionibus, mirandisque virtutibus, facultatibus & signis hominum vivorum, liber novus & singularis / 1
AG241 .L33 A brief collection of many rare secrets : many of which are approved and physical and the rest most pleasant and recreative : very necessary for all sorts of people /
A precious treasury of twenty rare secrets : most necessary, pleasant and profitable for all sorts of people /
AG241 .M37 The husbandman's jewel : directing how to improve land from 10 l. per annum to 50 l. with small charge by planting ... 1
AG241.M85 2003 Nirbācita racana / 1
AG241.N39 1543 Newe zeytung von etlichen wunderzeychen, so gesehen seind worden inn lüfften, ob einer Statt, Stabonicchio genannt, ligt in[n] Judea, gegen auffgang der Sonnen, gehört dem grossen Türcken, sind grosse hauffen Völcker in[n] lüfften gesehe[n] worden ; Newe zeytung wie ein Kneblein inn Marem[m]an geboren sey grösser wann ein gemein newgeboren Kindlein sein sol, und als bald nach der geburt, reden and gehen künden ; Newe zeytung wie vnd was newlicher zeyt für wunderzeychen zu Florentz vnnd der selben gegent, auch Erdtbiben, grausame gewitter vnd seltzamer gesicht, so da gesehen vnd erhört seind worden / 1
AG241 .P48 1637 The phoenix of these late times: or The life of Mr. Henry Welby, Esq; who liued at his house in Grub-street forty foure yeares, and in that space, was neuer seene by any. Aged 84. : Who in all that time neither dranke wine, nor eate flesh, as it is testified. Shewing the first occasion, and the reasons thereof. There is also intermixt some other passages, with the manner of his bestowing his charity and pious uses. Whose portracture, you may behold, as it was taken at his death. With some new epitaphs by those who formerly knew this gentleman, who lyeth buried in S. Giles Church neere Criple gate, London. 1
AG241 .P76 1611 The Protestants and Iesuites together by the eares in Gulicke-land. : Also, a true and wonderfull relation of a Dutch maiden (called Eue Fliegen of Meurs in the county of Meurs) who being now (this present yeare) 36 yeares of age, hath fasted for the space of 14 yeares, confirmed by the testimony of persons, both honourable and worshipfull, (as well English, as Dutch. Truely translated according to the Dutch coppy. 1
AG241 .R12 1685 The extraordinary adventures and discoveries of several famous men : with the strange events and signal mutations and changes in the fortunes of many illustrious places and persons in all ages : being an account of a multitude of stupendious revolutions, accidents and observable matters in many kingdomes, states and provinces throughout the whole world : with divers remarkable particulars lively described in picture for their better illustration / 2
AG241 .R32 1683 Unparalleld varieties: or, The matchless actions and passions of mankind. : Displayed in near four hundred notable instances and examples. Discovering the transcendent effects; I. Of love, friendship, and gratitude. II. Of magnanimity, courage, and fidelity. III. Of chastity, temperance, and humility. And on the contrary the tremendous consequences, IV. Of hatred, revenge, and ingratitude. V. Of cowardice, barbarity, treachery. VI. Of unchastity, intemperance, and ambition. : Imbellished with proper figures. / 1
AG241 .R32 1685 Unparallel'd varieties, or, The matchless actions and passion of mankind displayed in near four hundred notable instances and examples ... imbellished with proper figures / 1
AG241.S51 Medulla mirabilium naturae, Das ist : Auserlesene, unter den Wundern der Natur, aller verwunderlichste Wunder, von Erschaffung der Natur, Himmlischen Firmaments, Sternen, Planeten, und Cometen ... / 1
AG241 .S8 1695 A summers divertisemet of mathematical and mechanical curiosities. : Being an account of the things seen at the House of Curiosities, near Grange Park. Part First. 1
AG241 .T8 1684 The amazement of future ages, or, This swaggering world turn'd up-side down : by which means the astonishing curiosities, the charming varieties, the pleasant remarks, the daring adventures, the bloody wars, the ingenious devices, the unspeakable miracles, the merry journeys and voyages, the roaring practices, the strange prodigies, the delightful experiments, the pretty customs, humours, laws, governments, dwellings, inhabitants of the world ... are faithfully described to the satisfaction of every curious palate / 1
AG241.W24 The history of Man; or, The wonders of humane nature, in relation to the virtues, vices and defects of both sexes. 1
AG241.W25 The wonders of the little world: or, A general history of man. In six books. Wherin by many thousands of examples is shewed what man hath been from the first ages of the world to these times ... Collected from the writings of ... historians, philosophers ... and others. By Nath. Wanley. 1
AG241.W290 1985 Shen yi jing yan jiu / 1
AG241 .W35 1788eb Virtues and their vices / 1
AG241 .W45 1637 The phoenix of these late times: or The life of Mr. Henry Welby, Esq; who liued at his house in Grub-street forty foure yeares, and in that space, was never seene by any. Aged 84. : Shewing the first occasion, and the reasons thereof. Whose portracture, you may behold, as it was taken at his death. With epitaphs and elegies of the late deceased gentleman, who lyeth buried in S. Giles Church neere Criple gate, London. 1
AG241 .W66 Wonderful news from Bristol : a true yet prodigious relation how a hen on the 3d of July last, brought into the world a kitling or young catt, to the unspeakable admiration of many people present : both the hen and catt being still alive attested by Elianor Holder, widdow, Mary, Joan, Martha, Sarah Holder, her daughters, Tho. Fisher, Tho. Holbrook, Sarah Holbrook, neighbors, all eye witnesses : for confirmation whereof, besides an affidavit taken before an alderman of Bristol, a true copy whereof is here annexed ... 1
AG241.W86 2007 Wunder über Wunder : Wunderbares und Wunderliches im Glauben, in der Natur und in der Kunst / 1
AG243.A42 1987 Chōgeijutsu Tomason / 1
AG243 .A84 2001 The top 10 of everything : 2002. 1
AG243.B26 Les merveilles de l'ancien monde et du nouveau monde; descriptions scientifiques, historiques et pittoresques de l'Asie, de l'Afrique et de l'Amerique. 1
AG243.B37 2009 Kitāb-i ʻajāyib-i Īrānī : rivāyat, shakl va sākhtār-i fāntizī-i ʻajāyibʹnāmahʹhā, bah hamrāh-i matn-i ʻajāyibʹnāmahʹī qarn-i haftumī / 1
AG243.B782 1968 Bude vás zajímat ... : různé ze světa, podivuhodné, neuvěřitelné a přece pravdivé / 1
AG243.C40 La nature et les prodiges : l'insolite au 16e siècle, en France / 1
AG243 .C43 2007 Chambers dictionary of the unexplained / 1
AG243 .C43 2007eb Chambers dictionary of the unexplained / 1
AG243.C4730 1984 Zu guo shan he zhi zui / 1
AG243.C4780 1987 Ye hang chuan / 1
AG243.C48 Le Livre du mystérieux inconnu. 1
AG243.C4805 The mysterious unknown; 1
AG243.C5540 1987 Zhongguo wen wu zhi zui / 1
AG243.C67 Myths of the space age. 1
AG243.D465 2004 Parallelʹnye li͡udi / 1
AG243.E58 2001 Die Entdeckung der Welt - die Welt der Entdeckungen : österreichische Forscher, Sammler, Abenteurer : eine Ausstellung des Kunsthistorischen Museums Wien mit Museum für Volkskunde und des Bundesministeriums für Bildung, Wissenschaft und Kultur in Zusammenarbeit mit dem Naturhistorischen Museum und dem Heeresgeschichtlichen Museum ; KHM, Wien, Künstlerhaus, 27. Oktober 2001 bis 13. Jänner 2002 / 1
AG243.E96 2009 De exotische mens : andere culturen als amusement / 1
AG243.G65 This baffling world. 1
AG243.G65 1965 Oddities; a book of unexplained facts. 1
AG243 .G66 1969 Die grossen Rätsel unserer Welt; an den Grenzen des menschlichen Wissens. 1
AG243 .G737 1999 Great mysteries of the 20th century. 1
AG243.G92 1968 Guinness book of world records, 1
AG243.G92 1972 Guinness book of world records 1
AG243.H7650 1986 Xin Zhongguo di yi zhi / 1
AG243 .J39 2011 Celebrations of curious characters / 1
AG243 .J4550 1984 Ren jian chuan qi / 1
AG243 .K3 Collier's wonder book / 1
AG243 .K44 1992 Eestimaa rekordid / 1
AG243.K790 1991 Gu jin guai yi ji cheng / 1