Call Number Title Count
641 Q323 Cakes / 1
641 Q337 Just for two : a collection of recipes designed for two persons / 1
641 Q341 "Dainty dishes" ; a collection of choice receipts, 1
641 Q342 Preisgekröntes illustrirtes Kochbuch für die bürgerliche und seine Küche / 1
641 Q349 Oranges, how to eat and how to serve; or, One hundred and twelve ways of preparing, cooking, and serving oranges in a dainty and appetizing manner for the table. Illustrated ... 1
641 Q350 A compilation of choice salad recipes. 1
641 Q400 Food and cookery for the sick and convalescent, 1
641 Q418 What to have for luncheon 1
641 Q420 May Irwin's home cooking; 1
641 Q421 Books and my food: with literary quotations and original recipes for every day in the year, 1
641 Q428 Wyvern's Indian cookery book... / 1
641 Q430 One hundred selected recipes from the experience of chafing dish enthusiasts. 1
641 Q440 One hundred and one salads / 1
641 Q442 One hundred and one chafing-dish recipes, 1
641 Q448 Kochbuch für den einfachen Haushalt zugleich Leitfaden für den Haushaltungsunterricht in der Volksschule. Von Johanna Münzner ... . 1
641 Q455 One hundred and one entrées, 1
641 Q457 Recipes, my friends and my own / 1
641 Q506 Mazdaznan encyclopaedia of dietetics and home cook book; cooked and uncooked foods, what to eat and how to eat it ... 1
641 Q507 Twentieth century home cook book, 1
641 Q509 What to have for dinner : containing menus with the recipes necessary for their preparation / 1
641 Q522 Household cookery. 1
641 Q523 The table and its service; an encyclopedia of its full requirements, service and supply; what to eat, what to buy, how to cook, how to serve ... 1
641 Q525 The North end club cook book. A collection of choice and tested recipes. 1
641 Q526 La bonne cuisine dans la famille. Recettes choisies. 1
641 Q535 "Koche auf Vorrat!" Handbuch für die Frischhaltung aller Nahrungsmittel mit den "Weck'schen Einrichtungen." 1
641 Q537 Woodside cook book ... 1
641 Q548 Neuestes, leicht fassbares recept-buch für bäcker, cakesbäcker und conditoren; 1
641 Q601 The international cook book : over 3,300 recipes gathered from all over the world, including many never before published in English : with complete ménus of the three meals for every day in the year / 1
641 Q602 Just for two; a collection of recipes designed for two persons, 1
641 Q603 365 tasty dishes; a tasty dish for every day in the year. 1
641 Q604 Table Talk's illustrated cook book, 1
641 Q610 The fish and oyster book, 1
641 Q612 Monarch cook book; kitchen-tested recipes for everyday use, 1
641 Q613 How we cook in Tennessee ... 1
641 Q616 Louis' salads & chafing dishes, 1
641 Q618 One hundred & one Mexican dishes, 1
641 Q624 One hundred & one sauces, 1
641 Q627 The Picayune's Creole cook book. 1
641 Q628 Recipes used in the cooking schools, U.S. Army. 1
641 Q636 Indian manual of military cooking; 1
641 Q637 San Rafael cook book, 1906 / 1
641 Q638 Simple continental dishes. 1
641 Q639 Baxter's practical up-to-date receipt book for bakers: an invaluable collection of receipts for the baker who wishes to keep up with the times, 1
641 Q700 Lowney's cook book, illustrated in colors; a new guide for the housekeeper, especially intended as a full record of delicious dishes sufficient for any well-to-do family, clear enough for the beginner, and complete enough for ambitious providers, 1
641 Q702 The Baptist cook book, 1
641 Q706 Paul Richards' book of breads, cakes, pastries, ices and sweetmeats, especially adapted for hotel and catering trades. 1
641 Q708 Recherché ... entrées ... : a collection of the latest and most popular dishes / 1
641 Q710 A guide to modern cookery / 1
641 Q711 Joe Tilden's recipes for epicures. 1
641 Q713 Many ways for cooking eggs / 1
641 Q714 Daniel Webster cook book. 1
641 Q716 How to cook shell-fish, 1
641 Q717 Meat substitutes, 1
641 Q719 The kitchen manual; being a collection of cooking formulas, both ancient and modern, together with many that are entirely new, 1
641 Q720 One hundred & one ways of serving oysters, 1
641 Q721 One hundred & one desserts. 1
641 Q723 Sunday night suppers / 1
641 Q727 The Germantown D.A.R. cook book; a few favorite receipts collected by members of the Germantown chapter, D.A.R., and their friends. 1
641 Q729 Colonial receipt book; celebrated old receipts used a century ago by Mrs. Goodfellow's cooking school ... 1
641 Q734 Six hundred recipes for meatless dishes, 1