Call Number Title Count
619 Y501 A colour atlas of neoplasia in the cat, dog and horse / 1
619 Y901 Interactions of mycotoxins in animal production : proceedings of a symposium, July 13, 1978, Michigan State University / 1
619 Z002 Animal health in the Americas, 1979 : African swine fever : animal health laboratories and their support of health care programs in rural areas : proceedings of the XII Inter-American Meeting, at the ministerial level, on Foot-and-Mouth Disease and Zoonoses Control, Willemstad, Curaçao, 17-20 April 1979. 1
619 Z003 Isotope and radiation research on animal diseases and their vectors : proceedings of the Internatioinal Symposium ... / 1
619 Z103 Advances in the control of theileriosis : proceedings of an international conference held at the International Laboratory for Research on Animal diseases in Nairobi, 9-13th February, 1981 / 1
619 Z104 The Mucosal immune system : proceedings of a seminar in the EEC programme of coordination of agricultural research on protection of the young animal against perinatal diseases, held at the University of Bristol, School of Veterinary Science, Lanford, Nr. Bristol, United Kingdom, on September 9-11, 1980 / 1
619 Z105 Laboratory diagnosis in neonatal calf and pig diarrhoea : proceedings of a Workshop on Diagnostic Techniques for Enteropathogenic Agents Associated with Neonatal Diarrhoea in Calves and Pigs, held at the Central Veterinary Institute, Department of Virology, Lelystad, The Netherlands, June 3-5, 1980 / 1
619 Z201 Fourth International Symposium on Bovine Leukosis : a seminar in the EEC programme of coordination of research on animal pathology organised by O.C. Straub and G. Gentile, and held in Bologna, 5-7 November 1980 / 1
619.007 1 Livestock sanitary laws of Montana, also rules and regulations of the Montana Livestock Sanitary Board including regulations governing inspection of dairies, milk plants, slaughter houses and meats, and standards for milk and cream ... 1
619.007 R200 Reichsviehseuchengesetz vom 26. Juni 1909 mit den bayerischen Ausführungsbestimmungen und der Gemeinfasslichen Belehrung über die Seuchen. 1
619.007 R201 Viehseuchenpolizeiliche Anordnung. (Zugleich Ausführungsanweisung zum Viehseuchengesetze vom 26. Juni 1909--Reichs-Gesetzbl. S. 519-.)--V.A. V.G. 1
619.007 R300 Viehseuchengesetzgebung. Das Viehseuchengestz vom 26. Juni 1909 nebst dem dazu für Preussen ergangenen Ausführungsgesetze, den Ausführungsbestimmungen, der viehseuchenpolizeilichen Anordnung, den Ministerialerlassen, usw. Textausgabe mit Erläuterungen. 1
619.007 R600 Essentials of veterinary law, 1
619.01 T600 Konstitutionsforschung und Krankheitsbekämpfung in der Tierzucht / 1
619.02 1 Veterinary manual : a reference handbook of diagnosis and therapy for the veterinarian. 1
619.02 I600 Handbuch der gesammten gerichtlichen Thierarzneykunde. 1
619.02 I800 Handbuch der speziellen Pathologie und Therapie für Thierärzte und Landwirthe, oder, Die Kunst, die innern Krankheiten der Pferde, Rinder und Schafe zu erkennen, zu verbüten und zu heilen / 1
619.02 L900 Pathologische anatomie der haussäugethiere. 1
619.02 M600 Dadd's theory and practice of veterinary medicine and surgery, containing the curative treatment of diseases of horses and cattle, sheep and swine, and embracing all the latest information on the rinderpest and trichina. 1
619.02 N001 A treatise on the nature, cause, cure, and prevention of disease in animals, horses, cattle, sheep, pigs, dogs, poultry, cage birds, silk worms, with practical illustrations of the medicinal and other uses of Hibbert's patent antiseptic solutions, &c. / 1
619.02 N600 The farmer's veterinary adviser : a guide to the prevention and treatment of disease in domestic animals / 1
619.02 N901 The diseases of live stock and their most efficient remedies; including horses, cattle, sheep and swine. Being a popular treatise, giving in brief and plain language a description of all the usual diseases to which these animals are liable, and the most successful treatment of American, English and European veterinarians. 1
619.02 O200 Die Seuchen und Herdekrankheiten unserer Hausthiere mit Rücksicht auf die Zoonosen des Menschen; für Thierärzte, Ärzte und Landwirthe, nach seinen eigenen Vorlesungen. 1
619.02 O300 The principles and practice of veterinary medicine 1
619.02 O500 Modern practical farriery : a complete guide to all that relates to the horse ... : forming a complete system of the veterinary art, as at present practised at the Royal Veterinary College, London / 1
619.02 O700 The farmer's veterinary adviser, a guide to the prevention and treatment of disease in domestic animals. 1
619.02 O800 The principles and practice of veterinary medicine / 1
619.02 P400 Sémiologie, diagnostic et traitement des maladies des animaux. 1
619.02 P500 Diseases of horses and cattle : written especially for the farmer, stockman and veterinary student / 1
619.02 Q100 McClure's American horse, cattle and sheep doctor. 1
619.02 Q101 Bovine obstetrics, 1
619.02 Q102 Manual of veterinary medicine for the use of farmers. 1
619.02 Q200 Husdjurens viktigaste sjukdomar, deras orsaker, behandling och förebyggande, 1
619.02 Q300 The diseases of animals : a book of brief and popular advice on the care and common ailments of farm animals / 1
619.02 Q301 Veterinary studies for agricultural students, 1
619.02 Q402 Lehrbuch der allgemeinen Pathologie für Tierärzte und Studierende. 1
619.02 Q501 Text book of veterinary medicine, 1
619.02 Q502 Handbook of veterinary surgery and obstetrics, 1
619.02 Q600 Lehre von den gesunden und kranken Haustieren. 1
619.02 Q601 Surgical and obstetrical operations / 1
619.02 Q602 Spezielle Pathologie und Therapie der Haustiere. Für Tierärtze, Ärzte, und Studierende. 1
619.02 Q603 A manual of veterinary therapeutics and pharmacology / 1
619.02 Q604 Handbuch der tierärztlichen Chirurgie und Geburtshilfe, 1
619.02 Q700 Veterinary obstetrics; a compendium for the use of students and practitioners, 1
619.02 Q701 Operationskursus für tieräzte und studierende / 1
619.02 Q703 Therapeutische Technik; mit besonder Berücksichtigung der speziellen Therapie für Tierärzte. 1
619.02 Q800 The vet. book; an account of the ailments of and accidents to domestic animals, 1
619.02 Q801 Theory and practice of veterinary medicine; notes taken from lectures delivered by A.H. Baker. 1
619.02 Q802 Erste Hilfe bei Erkrankungen der Haustiere. Landwirtschaftliche Tierheilkunde, 1
619.02 Q900 Spezielle pathologie und therapie der haustiere. 1
619.02 Q901 The farmer's veterinarian; a practical treatise on the diseases of farm stock ... 1
619.02 Q902 The principles and practice of veterinary medicine / 1
619.02 Q903 Lehrbuch der Gerichtlichen Tierheilkunde, 1
619.02 Q904 Notes on the theory and practice of veterinary medicine; the basis of a series of lectures delivered to the students of the Grand Rapids Veterinary College, 1
619.02 Q905 Hygiène et maladies du bétail, 1
619.02 R101 Common sense treatment of farm animals, 1
619.02 R102 Service vétérinaire: service vétérinaire de l'armée. Texte. Volume arrêtá a la date du 27 décembre 1911. 1
619.02 R200 Special pathology and therapeutics of the diseases of domestic animals, 1
619.02 R201 Dr. David Roberts' practical home veterinarian. 1
619.02 R300 A system of veterinary medicine, 1