Call Number Title Count
616.932 M603 Cholera : facts and conclusions as to its nature, prevention, and treatment / 1
616.932 M604 The cholera : a familiar treatise on its history, causes, symptoms and treatment : with the most effective remedies, and proper mode of their administration, without the aid of a physician, the whole in language free from medical terms, especially adapted for the use of the public generally : also containing a history of the epidemics of the Middle Ages / 1
616.932 M605 Asiatic cholera : a treatise on its origin, pathology, treatment, and cure / 1
616.932 M606 Epidemic cholera; its mission and mystery, haunts and havocs, pathology and treatment, with remarks on the question of contagion, the influence of fear, and hurried and delayed interments, 1
616.932 M702 Notes on the origin, nature, prevention, and treatment of Asiatic cholera. 1
616.932 N300 Des infiniment petits rencontrés chez les cholériques; étiologie, prophylaxie et traitement du choléra. 1
616.932 O400 Cholera and its preventive and curative treatment. 1
616.932 O502 A treatise on epidemic cholera and allied diseases. 1
616.932 O600 Neue Untersuchungen über die Cholera-Mikroben / 1
616.932 O701 Estudio sobre la patojenia del colera / 1
616.932 O800 El cólera y su tratamiento, 1
616.932 P200 Undersøgelser om den asiatiske koleras aarsagsforhold, 1
616.932 P201 Quinine in cholera / 1
616.932 P300 Therapeutics of cholera. (Cholera asiatica.) 1
616.932 P302 Cholera, its protean aspects and its management. 1
616.932 P303 [Collected papers on cholera]. 1
616.932 Q900 Le grandi epidemie esotiche: colera, peste e febbre gialla. 1
616.932 R001 Il cholera dal punto di vista clinico e terapeutico. 1
616.932 R100 Cholera and its treatment / 1
616.932 R300 Il colera asiatico nell' infanza. Tesi di libera docenza 1
616.932 R400 Die Cholera asiatica und die Cholera nostras 1
616.932 R900 Le choléra: 1
616.932 S100 Cholera and its modern treatment (for practitioners and students), 1
616.932 T100 Il colera; epidemiologia, patologia, batteriologia, terapia e profilassi. 1
616.932 Y401 Guidelines for the laboratory diagnosis of cholera / 1
616.934 R100 Observations upon the natural history of epidemic diarrhoea / 1
616.935 1 [Pamphlets on dysentery]. 1
616.935 K600 Remarks on the dysentery and hepatitis of India. 1
616.935 L300 Dysentery and its homoeopathic treatment; containing also a repertory and numerous cases. 1
616.935 Q400 Part I. Amebas: their cultivation and etiologic significance, 1
616.935 Q500 Nutrition and dysentery. 1
616.935 R001 Amœbic or tropical dysentery : its complications and treatment / 1
616.935 R100 Die bazillenruhr, 1
616.935 R300 Dysenteries: their differentiation and treatment. 1
616.935 R301 Giftfattige dysenteribaciller : experimentelle og kliniske studier / 1
616.935 R500 Amoebiasis and the dysenteries, 1
616.935 R800 La dysenterie amibienne et les entérites chroniques de guerre, 1
616.935 R801 Die Ruhr, ihr Wesen und ihre Behandlung. 1
616.935 T500 Bakteriofag pri dizenterii, terapii͡a i profilaktika, tekhnika izgotovlenii͡a i primenenii͡a mekhanizm bakteriofagovogo deĭstvii͡a v organizme. 1
616.936 1 [Pamphlets on malaria]. 1
616.936 I500 The endemial bilicus fever, as it generally occurs in the vicinity of Natchez ... 1
616.936 I900 Untersuchungen über die epidemischen Sumpffieber, die Gesetze ihrer Entstehung, ihrer Verbreitung, die Mittel zu ihrer Verhütung und schnellen Beendigung; mit vorzüglicher Rücksicht auf das gelbe Fieber ... 1
616.936 L400 Pneumonia: its supposed connection, pathological and etiological, with autumnal fevers; including an inquiry into the existence and morbid agency of malaria. 1
616.936 N600 Typho-malarial fever : is it a special type of fever? Being remarks introductory to the discussion of the question in the Section of Medicine, International Medical Congress / 1
616.936 N900 Paresis of the sympathetic centers from over excitation by high solar heat, long continued and suddenly withdrawn, etc., so-called malaria; its etiology, pathogenesis, pathology and treatment. 1
616.936 O500 Malaria. 1
616.936 P200 Notes on the malarial fevers met with on the river Niger (West Africa) / 1
616.936 P501 A study of some fatal cases of malaria / 1
616.936 P502 The malarial fevers of Baltimore. An analysis of 616 cases of malarial fever, with special reference to the relations existing between different types of haematozoa and different types of fever, 1
616.936 P800 Ueber die Pilze des Paludismus (Bakteriologische und klinische Untersuchungen) 1
616.936 Q1 Lectures on the practice of medicine [Malaria lectures, I-V], 1
616.936 Q100 Studi di uno zoologo sulla malaria / 1
616.936 Q101 Introduction to the study of malarial diseases. 1
616.936 Q102 Beobachtungen uber Malaria. Gesammelt auf einer Expedition in Nordost-Afrika 1900-1901. 1
616.936 Q300 La malaria secondo le nuove ricerche, con tavole e figure intercalate nel testo. 1
616.936 Q501 Malaria, influenza and dengue / 1
616.936 Q502 Paludisme et trypanosomiase. 1
616.936 Q600 Einführung in das Studium der Malariakrankheiten, mit besonderer Berücksichtigung der Technik. 1
616.936 Q800 La malaria nel mezzogiorno d'Italia, 1
616.936 Q901 A practical study of malaria, 1