Call Number Title Count
614.514 J100 A medical and topographical history of the cholera morbus, including the mode of prevention and treatment. 1
614.514 J101 History of the epidemic spasmodic cholera of Russia; including a copious account of the disease which has prevailed in India, and which has travelled, under that name, from Asia into Europe. Illustrated by numerous official and other documents, explanatory of the nature, treatment, and prevention of the malady. 1
614.514 J203 The history of the contagious cholera; with remarks on its character and treatment in England. 1
614.514 J204 Beitrag zur Beantwortung der Frage: ob die Cholera ansteckend sei? Zu einem binnen kurzem dem Drucke zu übergebenden Gesammtwerke über die Cholera, von einem Vereine Stettiner Aerzte, nach den während des Verlaufes der Epidemie in Stettin gemachten Erfahrungen geliefert ... 1
614.514 M600 Memorial of Doctor John Evans praying the establishment of a system of quarantine regulations for the prevention of the spread of cholera. ... 1
614.514 M602 Report on epidemic cholera in the Army of the United States, during the year 1866. 1
614.514 M603 A communication from the city physician on Asiatic cholera. Is it a contagious disease? 1
614.514 O500 Cholera in Europe in 1884. Reports from consuls of the United States. 1
614.514 P400 Professor Koch on the bacteriological diagnosis of cholera, water-filtration and cholera, and the cholera in Germany during the winter of 1892-93 / 1
614.514 P401 Reports and papers on cholera in England in 1893; with an introduction by the medical officer of the Local Government Board. 1
614.514 Q900 A history of Asiatic cholera in the Philippine Islands, 1
614.521 P1 Variola and vaccinia, history and description. Hints relating to the propagation of vaccine virus. Certain anomalies in the course of the vaccine disease ... 1
614.521 Q200 A Concise history of small-pox and vaccination in Europe / 1
614.521 R300 Studies in small-pox and vaccination / 1
614.521 R900 Half a century of small-pox and vaccination : being the Milroy lectures delivered before the Royal College of Physicians of London on March 13th, 18th and 20th, 1919 / 1
614.522 I600 Versuch einer kritischen Bearbeitung der Geschichte des Scharlachfiebers und seiner Epidemien von den ältesten bis auf unsere Zeiten. 1
614.522 N500 Scarlatina Statistics of the United States. 1
614.522 Q900 The mode of infection and duration of the infectious period in scarlet fever. 1
614.522 Q905 Scarlet fever; report by the medical officer of health. 1
614.522 T200 Epidemiologische en bacteriologische gegevens over het roodvonk. 1
614.523 1 Measles; report of the Medical Officer of Health and School Medical Officer on the measles epidemic ... 1
614.523 K600 Observations made during the epidemic of measles on the Faroe Islands in the year 1846 / 1
614.526 G100 A letter to Dr. Percival, on the prevention of infectious fevers. And An address to the College of physicians at Philadelphia, on the prevention of the American pestilence ... Read to the Literary and philosophical society of Bath. 1
614.526 I500 Typhus syncopalis, sinking typhus, or The spotted-fever of New-England, as it appeared in the epidemic of 1823, in Middletown, Connecticut. 1
614.53 2 Malaria Bureau reports. 1
614.53 3 Annual report of the Malaria Advisory Board ... 1
614.53 10 Annual report ... 1
614.53 12 Voprosy fiziologii i ekologii maliariinogo komara. 1
614.53 25 Annual report on the anti-malarial campaign in Egypt ... 1
614.53 Q201 Malarial fevers and malarial parasites in India. 1
614.53 Q202 Bionomics, experimental investigations with "Bacillus sanarelli" and experimental investigations with malaria, in connection with the mosquitoes of New Orleans. 1
614.53 Q300 The practical study of malaria and other blood parasites, 1
614.53 R100 A report on hemoglobinuric fever in the Canal zone. A study of its etiology and treatment, 1
614.53 R300 Malaria: cause and control. 1
614.53 R800 Anti-malaria work in Macedonia among British troops / 1
614.53 S500 Rapport sur son voyage d'étude dans certains pays d'Europe en 1924. Report on its tour of investigation in certain European countries, 1924. 1
614.53 S600 Studies of the epidemiology of malaria in the coastal lowlands of Brazil, made before and after the execution of control measures, 1
614.53 S701 Mosquito reduction and malarial prevention, 1
614.53 S800 La malaria nel Mantovano. Storia e stato attuale. ... 1
614.53 S802 La lucha antimalárica en la Argentina, campaña contra la anquilo-stomiasis. 1
614.53 T002 La febbre palustre nella poesia (da Virgilio a d'Annunzio) ... 1
614.53 T300 Notes on malaria in Mysore State. pt. 1-7 ... 1
614.53 T400 Malaria and Culicidae in the Philippine islands: history and critical bibliography, 1898 to 1933, 1
614.53 T401 Conferenze sulla malaria, tenute nell'agosto del 1934 ... 1
614.53 T500 K endemii maliarii basseĭna oz. Il'men' i plan bor'by / 1
614.53 T600 Malaria control for engineers; 1
614.53 T601 La malaria en Guatemala; estudio epidemiológicos y desarrollo de la campaña antipalúdica. 1
614.53 T800 The seasonal periodicity of malaria and the mechanism of the epidemic wave / 1
614.53 T900 Mali͡arii͡a; materialy k uchenii͡u ob ėpidemiologii i patogeneze. 1
614.53 V001 El paludismo en Cuba. 1
614.53 V200 Malaria and its control in the Tennessee Valley : as popular health instruction directed to the prevention and control of malaria / 1
614.53 V201 Report on malaria survey along the Upper Mississippi River : between Alton, Illinois, and St. Paul, Minnesota. 1
614.53 X901 A textbook of malaria eradication. 1
614.53 Y501 The impact of malaria on economic development : a case study / 1
614.53 Z001 The Garki project : research on the epidemiology and control of malaria in the Sudan savanna of West Africa / 1
614.5305 N21 Influenza bulletin. 1
614.53052 I394 Indian journal of malariology. 1
614.53052 M291 Journal of the Malaria Institute of India. 1
614.535 R900 Studies on epidemic influenza : comprising clinical and laboratory investigations / 1
614.54 R001 The prevention of sexual diseases. 1