Author Count
Western Australia.Department of Land Administration 1
Western Australia.Department of Land Administration.Cartographic Services Branch 1
Western Australia.Department of Lands and Surveys 15
Western Australia.Department of Minerals and Energy 1
Western Australia.Department of Mines 44
Western Australia.Department of Mines and Petroleum 2
Western Australia.Department of Mines.Surveys and Mapping Division 4
Western Australia.Dept. for public works, water supply, labour, and trading concerns 1
Western Australia.Dept. of Agriculture 3
Western Australia.Dept. of Agriculture.Irrigation Division.Publication 1
Western Australia.Dept. of Lands and Surveys 1
Western Australia. Dept. of Minerals and Energy. Geological Survey of Western Australia
Western Australia.Dept. of Mines 1
Western Australia. Dept. of Mines. Geological Survey
Western Australia.Dept. of Mines.Mineral resources of Western Australia.Bulletin 1
Western Australia.Dept. of Railways 1
Western Australia.District Court 1
Western Australia.Domestic Violence Task Force 1
Western Australia.Education Department 1
Western Australia.Family Court 1
Western Australia.Forests Dept 2
Western Australia.Goldfields Water Supply Administration 1
Western Australia.Government Statistician's Office 2
Western Australia.Government Tourist Bureau 1
Western Australia.Honorary Royal Commission to Enquire into the Treatment of Alcohol and Drug Dependents in Western Australia 1
Western Australia.Local Government Assessment Committee 1
Western Australia.Lotteries Commission 1
Western Australia.Main Roads Department 1
Western Australia.Metropolitan Region Planning Authority 1
Western Australia.Metropolitan Water Supply, Sewerage and Drainage Department 1
Western Australia.National Parks Authority 2
Western Australia.National Parks Board 4
Western Australia.Parliament 1
Western Australia.Parliament.Papers 1
Western Australia.Parliament.Votes and proceedings 1
Western Australia.Premier 1
Western Australia.Premier's Department 2
Western Australia.Public Health Department 1
Western Australia.Public Library,Perth 1
Western Australia.Public Works Department 1
Western Australia.Registrar General's Office 1
Western Australia.Registration Dept 1
Western Australia.Registry Department 3
Western Australia.Royal Commission into Aboriginal Affairs 1
Western Australia.Royal Commission on Mining 1
Western Australia.Royal Commission on the Ventilation and Sanitation of Mines 1
Western Australia.State Statistical Requirements and Co-ordination Committee 1
Western Australia.Supreme Court 1
Western Australia.Treasury 2
Western Australia.Water Supply, Sewerage and Drainage Dept 1
Western Australia.Western Australian Department of Tourism 2
Western Australia. Western Australian Tourism Commission
Western Australia.Woods and Forests Department 1
Western Australian College of Advanced Education.Institute of Applied Aboriginal Studies 1
Western Australian Conference on Algebra(1st :1980 :University of Western Australia) 1
Western Australian Government Railways 2
Western Australian Institute for Education Research 1
Western Australian Institute for Educational Research
Western Australian Institute of Technology 1
Western Australian Institute of Technology. Western Australian School of Mines