Author Count
W.K. Kellogg Foundation 54
W-----k,Mr 2
W. Kroh, Lothar 1
W. L 31
W. L.,a faithful petitioner and careful practitioner for the peace and welfare of the church and people of God 2
W. L.,a lover of his country 2
W.L.A.M. (Wing Luke Asian Museum)
W. L.,active 1603 1
W. L.,active 17th century 7
W. L.,B.D 1
[W.L.,B.D.] 1
W. L.,commoner of England 2
W. & L.E. Gurley 6
W. L.,Esquire 2
W. L.,faithful petitioner and careful practitioner for the peace and welfare of the Church and people of God 1
W------l, L 2
W. L.,lover of his country 2
W. L.,Sir 2
W. L.,unworthy servant, but hearty well-willer to them all 4
W.L. Van Dame Co 1
W. Lango, John 1
W?lfflin, Heinrich,1864-1945 1
W. Libānos, Fāntāyé
W. Lutoslawski Philharmonic Orchestra
W. M 52
W., M 5
W.M.A.T.A. Office of Marketing
W.M.A.T.A. (Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority)
W.M.A. (World Medical Association)
W. M.,active 1609 2
W. M.,active 1639 2
W., M. B 1
W.M.B. Berger Charitable Trust 1
W***, M. Ch 1
W. M. Connection of America
W., M. E 1
W. M.,Esq 2
W. M. G 2
W. M. Keck Foundation 4
W.M. Keck Foundation 1
W., M. L 1
W. M.,Mr 2
W. M.,Mr.,active 1697 15
W.M.O./I.C.S.U. Joint Scientific Committee
W. M.,of the Society of Jesus 2
W.M.R.C. (Radio station : Milford, Mass.)
Use instead:
W., M. R. D 1
W. M.,servitour 2
W. M.,shop-keeper 1
W. M.(William Melvin) 10
W.,Messr 1
W----,Miss 2
W. Montague Cobb/NMA Health Institute 1
W. N 22
W.N. Brown (Firm) 1
W.N.E.T./13 (Television station : New York, N.Y.)
W.N.E.T. (Television station : New York, N.Y.)
W.N.E.T./Thirteen (Television station : New York, N.Y.)