Author Count
Virgin Islands of the United States.Office of the Governor 1
Virgin Islands of the United States. University of the Virgin Islands
Virgin Islands of the United States.Water and Power Authority 1
Virgin Islands' Seminar on Unification Theology(1979) 1
Virgin, Ivar 1
Virgin, JJ 1
Virgin, Lawrence 1
Virgin, Lawrence N.,1960- 2
Virgin, Louise Erica,1953- 1
Virgin, Norman L 1
Virgin, Peter 1
Virgin, R. Z.(Robert Zerubabel) 7
Virgin, Robert Zerubabel 1
Virgin Valley Water District (Nev.) 1
Virgin Vision Limited 2
Virgin Voices 1
Virgin, Wm. Wirt(William Wirt),1823-1893 2
Virgin, Wm. Wirt(William Wirt), 1823-1893.Maine civil officer 1
Virginás, Andrea 1
Virginás, Andrea,1976- 1
Virgines, George E 1
Virginia 395
Virginia.(1776) 1
Virginia(1912) 1
Virginia Academy of Science 4
Virginia Academy of Science.Committee on Virginia flora 1
Virginia.Act Appropriating Certain Taxes Due Prior to the Year 1790 to the Establishment of the Turnpike Road Leading from Fredericksburg to Swift Run Gap 1
Virginia.Act for Extending the Charter of the Bank of Virginia, and for Other Purposes 2
Virginia.Act Incorporating a Company to Establish a Turnpike Road from Fredericksburg to Swift-Run Gap in the Blue Ridge 1
Virginia.Act of the Commonwealth of Virginia, for regulating the militia 1
Virginia.Act to Incorporate a Library Company, in the Town of Alexandria, in Virginia 1
Virginia.Adjutant General's Office 8
Virginia.Advisory Commission on Unemployment Insurance 1
Virginia.Advisory Council on the Virginia Economy 1
Virginia.Advisory Council on the Virginia Economy.Committee on Industry 1
Virginia.Advisory Council on the Virginia Economy.Committee on Transportation 1
Virginia Advisory Legislative Council 31
Virginia. Advisory Legislative Council
Virginia.Advisory Task Force to Study Local Jails 1
Virginia.Age of Majority Study Commission 1
Virginia Agricultural Advisory Council 1
Virginia Agricultural Experiment Station 19
Virginia. Agricultural Experiment Station
Virginia.Agricultural Experiment Station, Blacksburg.Mimeographed report 1
Virginia Agricultural Experiment Station.Report 1
Virginia Agricultural, Mechanical and Tobacco Exposition(1888 :Richmond, Va.) 1
Virginia Agricultural Society 1
Virginia Agricultural Society of Fredericksburg 1
Virginia Agricultural Statistics Service 1
Virginia Agriculture Experiment Station 1
Virginia Alcoholic Beverage Control Board 1
Virginia (Alexandria government : 1863-1865) 1
Virginia (Alexandria government : 1863-1865).General Assembly.House of Delegates 1
Virginia (Alexandria government : 1863-1865).General Assembly.Senate 1
Virginia and Southwestern Railway Company 1
Virginia and Tennessee Railroad
Virginia and Tennessee Railroad Company 3
Virginia Arts Festival.Chamber Players,instrumentalist 1
Virginia Arts Festival.Chamber Players.instrumentalist 2
Virginia Arts Festival.Wind Ensemble 2