Author Count
Vermong-Salas, Refugio 2
Vermont 201
Vermont Academy of Medicine (Castleton, Vt.) 1
Vermont.Act for Regulating and Governing the Militia of the state of Vermont.1809 1
Vermont.Act in Addition to an Act, Entitled, an Act Regulating and Governing the Militia 1
Vermont.Act in addition to an act, entitled, An act regulating and governing the militia 1
Vermont.Act Passed by the Legislature of Vermont for Establishing a University at Burlington 1
Vermont.Act to Incorporate the Vermont Medical Society 1
Vermont.Adjutant and Inspector General's Office 1
Vermont, Adolph,1874- 1
Vermont, Adolph,1874-1949 2
Vermont Aeronautics Commission 1
Vermont Affordable Housing Coalition 1
Vermont.Agency of Development and Community Affairs 2
Vermont.Agency of Environmental Conservation 6
Vermont.Agency of Natural Resources 7
Vermont.Agency of Transportation 5
Vermont.Agency of Transportation.Planning Division 4
Vermont Agricultural Experiment Station 14
Vermont and Canada Railroad Co 3
Vermont and Massachusetts Rail Road Company 5
Vermont and Massachusetts Railroad Company
Vermont Anti-Slavery Society 1
Vermont Archaeological Society 1
Vermont.Arts and Crafts Advisory Commission 1
Vermont Association
Vermont Asylum for the Insane 2
Vermont.Attorney General's Office 3
Vermont Attractions Association 2
Vermont.Auditor of Accounts 1
Vermont Baptist Association 17
Vermont Baptist Historical Society 2
Vermont Bar Association 10
Vermont Bar Association.Young Lawyers Division.Committee on Children's Rights 1
Vermont Bible Society 9
Vermont Bible Society.Annual Meeting(1815 :Montpelier) 1
Vermont Bible Society.Annual Meeting(1817 :Montpelier) 1
Vermont Bible Society.Annual Meeting (1818 : Montpelier) 1
Vermont Bible Society.Constitution of the Vermont Bible Society 1
Vermont.Board of Commissioners for the Promotion of Uniformity of Legislation in the United States 1
Vermont.Board of Control 1
Vermont.Board of Education 2
Vermont.Board of Library Commissioners 2
Vermont.Board of Railroad Commissioners 1
Vermont.Board of War 1
Vermont.Board of War, 1779-1783 1
Vermont Botanical Club 1
Vermont.Bureau of Publicity 11
Vermont Centennial Commission 2
Vermont Center for Geographic Information 3
Vermont.Central Planning Office 8
Vermont Central Railroad.Board of Directors 2
Vermont Central Railroad Company 11
Vermont Central Railroad Company.Investigating Committee (1853) 1
Vermont, Charlie 1
Vermont Cheese Council 1
Vermont Chronicle 1
Vermont, Clémentine 1
Vermont Colonization Society 8
Vermont.Commission for Erecting Monuments at Gettysburg 1