Author Count
Universal Pictures (Firm) 187
Universal Pictures (Germany) 2
Universal Pictures Germany GmbH 1
Universal Pictures Home Entertainment (Firm) 28
Universal Pictures International 3
Universal Portland Cement Co. (Chicago, Ill.) 1
Universal Portland Cement Company 10
Universal Portland Cement Company,Chicago 1
Universal Portland Cement Company.Information Bureau 2
Universal Postal Union 7
Universal Postal Union.4. congrès,Vienna,1891 1
Universal Postal Union.9. congrès, London, 1929 2
Universal Postal Union.Congress(8th :1924 :Stockholm, Sweden) 1
Universal Postal Union.International Bureau 7
Universal Press Pty. Ltd 8
Universal Press Pty. Ltd. Gregory's Publishing Company
Universal Press Pty. Ltd. Travelog Publications
Universal Press Pty. Ltd. UBD Broadbents
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Universal Printing Co 2
Universal Printing Company 2
Universal Production Partners (Firm) 1
Universal Productions, Inc 4
Universal Publications, Ltd.
Universal Publishing Co 2
Universal Races Congress(1st :1911 :London) 2
Universal Races Congress(1st :1911 :London, England) 5
Universal Reference System 12
Universal Reference System.Political science, government & public policy series 10
Universal Register Office (Dublin, Ireland) 3
Universal safety standards company, Philadelphia 1
Universal schedule committee, New York 1
Universal Social Security Coverage Study Group (U.S.) 1
Universal Social Security Coverage Study Group (U.S.) 2
[Universal Society for Promotion of the New Church] 1
Universal Society of the Friends of the People 2
Universal Sports Marketing 1
Universal Studio Orchestra 1
Universal Studios
Universal Studios Canada 2
Universal Studios Home Entertainment (Firm) 124
Universal Studios Home Entertainment (Firme) 1
Universal Studios Home Video (Firm) 45
Universal Studios, Inc 1
Universal Suez Canal Company
Universal Suffrage Central Committee for Scotland 3
Universal syndicate, Montclair, N.J 1
Universal Television (Firm) 5
Universal Tontine 1
Universal Trading-Company (Paisley, Scotland) 2
Universal TV (Firm)
Universal Water Corporation 2
Universala esperanto-asocio, Genève 1
Universalis, Gilbert 1
Universalist Church (Ann Arbor, Mich.) 1
Universalist Church (New Bedford, Mass.) 1
Universalist Church of America 5
Universalist Church (Pittsfield, Me.).Sunday School.Library 1
Universalist Church (Ripon, Wis.) 1
Universalist Church (Roxbury, Boston, Mass.) 1
Universalist Church (Roxbury, Mass.) 2