Author Count
UNICEF.International Child Development Centre 16
UNICEF. Joint Committee on Health Policy
UNICEF. Joint Nutrition Support Programme
UNICEF.Kenya Country Office 12
UNICEF.Kenya Country Office.Unit of Health and Nutrition 1
UNICEF Lesotho
Use instead:
UNICEF Lithuania.National Committee 1
UNICEF, Madras 1
UNICEF Maputo 2
UNICEF México 2
UNICEF.Middle North India Office 1
UNICEF Mozambique
UNICEF.Multiple Indicator Cluster Survey 1
UNICEF Namibia 4
UNICEF, Namibia
Use instead:
UNICEF Namibia Country Office
UNICEF-Nationalkomitee der DDR 1
UNICEF/Nepal 16
UNICEF, New Delhi 2
UNICEF (New Delhi, India)
UNICEF Nicaragua 1
UNICEF Nicaragua.Programa de Educación 1
UNICEF.Office of Emergency Programmes 1
UNICEF.Office of Research 4
UNICEF.Oficina de Area-Lima 1
UNICEF.Oficina de Area para Argentina, Chile y Uruguay 1
UNICEF. Ofisi Tanzania
UNICEF Österreich
UNICEF Pakistan 2
UNICEF. Pakistan Country Office
Use instead:
UNICEF, por 1
UNICEF. Regional Office for South Asia
Use instead:
UNICEF.Regional Office for South Central Asia 2
UNICEF.Regional Office for the Americas 1
Use instead:
UNICEF Somalia 2
UNICEF/South Asia 29
UNICEF, Sri Lanka 5
UNICEF.Sudan Country Office 1
UNICEF, Tanzania
UNICEF. Tanzania Country Office
UNICEF--Thailand 1
UNICEF. Thailand Office
Use instead:
UNICEF Uganda 1
UNICEF. United Kingdom Committee
UNICEF. United Nations Children's Fund in Pakistan
Use instead:
UNICEF.West and Central Africa Regional Office 1
UNICEF/WHO Joint Committee on Health Policy 1
UNICEF Windhoek, Namibia
UNICEF.Women's Development Programme 3
UNICEF-Zimbabwe 5
UNICEF. Zimbabwe Country Office
Use instead:
UNICEFChildren and youth in national development in Latin America 1
Unicine (Firm) 1
Unico Ensemble 1
Unicode Consortium 1
Unicoi County Chamber of Commerce (Tenn.) 1
Unicom Seminars 1
Unicom Seminars Ltd 1