Author Count
Standard and Poor's Corporation 67
Standard and Poor's Corporation.Fixed income investor 1
Standard and Poor's Corporation.Municipal bond selector 1
Standard Atlas Company 1
Standard Audit Company, Atlanta 1
Standard Bank
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Standard Bank Centre Art Gallery 2
Standard Bank Centre Gallery
Standard Bank Gallery
Standard Bank Group 1
Standard Bank Investment Corporation 1
Standard Bank Investment Corporation.Economics and Planning Division 1
Standard Bank Investment Corporations 1
Standard Bank Limited 17
Standard Bank National Arts Festival(1997) 1
Standard Bank of South Africa Limited 2
Standard Book Numbering Agency 5
Standard Book Numbering Agency.Standard book numbering 1
Standard Brands inc., New York 1
Standard Brands Incorporated 7
Standard Bred Poultry Association of America 1
Standard Car Construction Company 1
Standard car equipment Company 1
Standard Chartered Bank 2
Standard Chartered (Firm) 1
Standard Chemical Products, inc., Hoboken, N.J 1
Standard.(Chicago, Ill 1
Standard Club, Chicago 1
Standard Club (Chicago, Ill.)
Standard Club of Chicago 2
Standard Coated Products Corporation 1
Standard College, Kongba 1
Standard, Diffee William 1
Standard, Elinore 1
Standard Fashion Companpy 1
Standard Fashion Company 3
Standard Gas and Electric Company 2
Standard Gauge Manufacturing Company, Syracuse, N.Y 1
Standard Geographics 1
Standard-Germanic Conference(2001 :University of Sheffield) 2
Standard Heat and Ventilation Company, New York 1
Standard Homes Company 1
Standard Industrial Compounds Co., Chicago 1
Standard Insurance Company 1
Standard-italo americana petroli 1
Standard, Kenneth G.,1936- 1
Standard Life Assurance Company (Edinburgh, Scotland) 1
Standard Lighting Company 1
Standard Lime and Cement Co 1
Standard Map Co
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Standard Map Company 41
Standard, Matthew G 1
Standard, Michael.Stamina 1
Standard motor construction company, Jersey City 3
Standard Oil Company 69
Standard Oil Company.Committee on Reservoir Development and Operation 2
Standard Oil Company.Employee Relations Dept 1
Standard Oil Company. Humble Oil and Refining Company