Author Count
Robert M. Conway Notre Dame London Center Conference(1st :2011 :London, England) 1
Robert M. De Witt (Firm) 2
Robert M. DeWitt (Firm)
Robert M. Feldman Md; Nicholas P. Bell 1
Robert M. La Follette Institute of Public Affairs
Robert M. LaFollette Institute of Public Affairs 1
Robert M. McBride and Company
Robert M. McBride & Co.
Robert M. McBride & Company 16
Robert M. McCormick Tribune Foundation 1
Robert M. Minkoff Foundation, Ltd 1
Robert, M. N 2
Robert M. Sargis 2
Robert M. Wald 2
Robert, Maciej,1977- 1
Robert MacLehose & Co 3
Robert,Madame(Marie Anne de Roumier),1705-1771 1
Robert Manning Strozier Library 7
Robert, Manuel Funes
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Robert Mapplethorpe Foundation 2
Robert, Marc 1
Robert, Marc-Antoine 2
Robert, Marcel 3
Robert, Marcel André
  • Joint pseudonym of Jacques André, Robert Remouchamps, and Marcel Witvrouw. For works of these authors written under their own names search also under: André, Jacques, 1910- Remouchamps, Robert, Witvrouw, Marcel
Robert, Marie 1
Robert, Marie-Christine 1
Robert, Marie-Hélène 2
Robert, Marie-Hélène,1967- 1
Robert, Marie(Museum curator) 3
Robert, Marie-Noëlle 1
Robert, Mario,1958- 2
Robert Marr 1
Robert, Marthe 20
Robert, Marthe.Livre de lectures 1
Robert, Martial 3
Robert-Martignan, Léopold 1
Robert Martin, D 1
Robert-Martin, René Maus.Manuel des baux commerciaux 1
Robert, Maryse 3
Robert Matthew, Johnson-Marshall and Partners 1
Robert Matthew Johnson-Marshall (Firm)
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Robert, Mattie A 2
Robert, Maurice 2
Robert, Maurice,1880-1958 6
Robert, Maurice,1930- 5
Robert Mavounzy Quartet 1
Robert-McComb, Jacalyn J 3
Robert McConnell Productions 1
Robert McLaughlin Gallery 25
Robert Menzies Centre for Australian Studies
Robert, Merce 1
Robert, Michel 5
Robert, Michel,1930-2010 1
Robert, Michel,1941- 3
Robert, Michel,1941-Strategy pure and simple 1
Robert, Michel,1965- 2
Robert, Michèle 1
Robert Miller Gallery (New York, N.Y.) 17
Robert-Milles, S 2
Robert Mitchell's Panacea 1