Author Results
Queens College (New York, N.Y.).Dept. of Sociology 1
Queens College (New York, N.Y.).Historical Documents Collection 1
Queens College (New York, N.Y.).Institute for Community Studies 1
Queens College (New York, N.Y.).Labor Resource Center 1
Queens College (New York, N.Y.).Library Science Dept 1
Queens College (New York, N.Y.).Masters theses (Art) 1
Queens College (New York, N.Y.).New Human Services Institute 2
Queens College (New York, N.Y.).Queens College publications in anthropology 1
Queen's College (Oxford, England).Choir 1
Queen's College (Oxford University).Library 1
Queens College studies in librarianship 2
Queens' College (University of Cambridge) 6
Queens' College (University of Cambridge).Choir 3
Queens' College (University of Cambridge).Library 3
Queen's College (University of Oxford) 5
Queen's College.University of Oxford 1
Queen's College (University of Oxford).Choir 7
Queen's College (University of Oxford)University of Oxford 3
Queens County Agricultural Society (N.Y.) 1
Queens County Bar Association 2
Queen's County (Ireland) 1
Queens County (N.Y.).Board of Supervisors 1
Queen's County Society for the Promotion of Agriculture and Domestic Manufactures 1
Queens County Water Company 1
Queens Duo 2
Queen's Gallery 2
Queen's Gallery (Edinburgh, Scotland) 8
Queen's Gallery (London, England) 25
Queen's Hall Orchestra 2
Queen's Homophile Association 1
Queen's Institute of District Nursing (Great Britain) 5
Queens Library
Queens Library Foundation 1
Queens-Long Island Mass Transportation Demonstration Program 1
Queens Museum (1974-1990) 4
Queens Museum of Art 13
Queens (New York, N.Y.). Chamber of Commerce
Queens (New York, N.Y.). Community College
Queens (New York, N.Y.). Queens Borough Public Library
Queens (New York, N.Y.).Topographical Bureau 1
Queen's Number Theory Conference(1979 :Queen's University) 1
Queen's Nursing Institute (Great Britain) 1
Queens of the Stone Age 2
Queens Public Access Television
Queens Public Television 1
Queen's Royal Pipers 7
Queen's Royal Theatre (Dublin, Dublin) nne
Queen's Royal Theatre (Dublin, Ireland) 1
Queen's Six (Musical group) 2
Queen's Theatre (Dublin, Ireland)
Queen's Theatre (London, England : 1849-1877) 1
Queen's Theatre (Manchester, England)
Queen's Universiteit van Belfast
Queen's University at Kingston.School of Policy Studies 1
Queen's University Belfast
Queen's University Collection of Canadian Dress 1
Queen's University Conference on Areas of Economic Stress in Canada(1965) 1
Queen's University de Belfast
Queen's University (Kingston, Ont.) 24
Queen's University (Kingston, Ont.). Agnes Etherington Art Centre