Author Count
Picker, Randal C 54
Picker, Randal C.Trade regulation cases and materials 1
Picker, Richard 1
Picker, Rolf 1
Picker, Rudolf 1
Picker, Sidney,1895- 1
Picker, Tobias 1
Picker, Tobias,1954- 49
Picker, Tobias,1954-American tragedy.Car aria.Vocal score 1
Picker, Tobias,1954-American tragedy.Driving aria.Vocal score 1
Picker, Tobias,1954-American tragedy.Drunk aria.Vocal score 1
Picker, Tobias,1954-American tragedy.Elvira's jail aria.Vocal score 1
Picker, Tobias,1954-American tragedy.Letter aria.Vocal score 1
Picker, Tobias,1954-American tragedy.Open your eyes.Vocal score 1
Picker, Tobias,1954-American tragedy.Selections.Vocal score 1
Picker, Tobias,1954-American tragedy.You have to marry me, Clyde.Vocal score 1
Picker, Tobias,1954-And suddenly it's evening 2
Picker, Tobias,1954-Blue hula,piano 1
Picker, Tobias,1954-Concertos,cello, orchestra 2
Picker, Tobias,1954-Concertos,violin, orchestra 1
Picker, Tobias,1954-Concertos,violin, orchestra.1991 1
Picker, Tobias,1954-Dolores Claiborne.Accidents can be an unhappy woman's best friend.Vocal score 1
Picker, Tobias,1954-Dolores Claiborne.God won't forgive me.Vocal score 1
Picker, Tobias,1954-Dolores Claiborne.I've lived my life as best I could.Vocal score 1
Picker, Tobias,1954-Dolores Claiborne.Selections.Vocal score 1
Picker, Tobias,1954-Dolores Claiborne.The years slip by.Vocal score 1
Picker, Tobias,1954-Dolores Claiborne.There should not be stars.Vocal score 1
Picker, Tobias,1954-Dolores Claiborne.We was two old women.Vocal score 1
Picker, Tobias,1954-Dolores Claiborne.When I was young.Vocal score 1
Picker, Tobias,1954-Emmeline.Emmeline is your mother.Vocal score 1
Picker, Tobias,1954-Emmeline.Everything I want is gone.Vocal score 1
Picker, Tobias,1954-Emmeline.Letter aria.Vocal score 1
Picker, Tobias,1954-Emmeline.Maryanne aria.Vocal score 1
Picker, Tobias,1954-Emmeline.Mrs. Bass' aria.Vocal score 1
Picker, Tobias,1954-Emmeline.Selections.Vocal score 1
Picker, Tobias,1954-Emmeline.The Lord has spared this child.Vocal score 1
Picker, Tobias,1954-Emmeline.They are waiting below.Vocal score 1
Picker, Tobias,1954-Emmeline.You can see the farm from here.Vocal score 1
Picker, Tobias,1954-Encantadas 1
Picker, Tobias,1954-Etudes for Ursula 1
Picker, Tobias,1954-Fantastic Mr. Fox.Framer Bunce's aria.Vocal score 1
Picker, Tobias,1954-Fantastic Mr. Fox.I want to say.Vocal score 1
Picker, Tobias,1954-Fantastic Mr. Fox.Miss Hedgehog's aria.Vocal score 1
Picker, Tobias,1954-Fantastic Mr. Fox.My name is Agnes.Vocal score 1
Picker, Tobias,1954-Fantastic Mr. Fox.Rita's aria.Vocal score 1
Picker, Tobias,1954-Fantastic Mr. Fox.Selections.Vocal score 1
Picker, Tobias,1954-Old and lost rivers 4
Picker, Tobias,1954-Old and lost rivers;arr 2
Picker, Tobias,1954-Old and lost rivers;arranged 1
Picker, Tobias,1954-Opera without words 1
Picker, Tobias,1954-Pieces,piano 1
Picker, Tobias,1954-Quartets,violins (2), viola, cello,no. 1 2
Picker, Tobias,1954-Rhapsody,violin, piano 1
Picker, Tobias,1954-Rhapsody,violin, piano.1991 1
Picker, Tobias,1954-Romance,violin, piano 1
Picker, Tobias,1954-Romances,violin, piano.1991 1
Picker, Tobias,1954-Séance 1
Picker, Tobias, 3 1
Picker, Tobias,1954-Sextets,piano, flute, violin, cello, double bass, percussion,no. 3 1
Picker, Tobias,1954-Sonetos de amor 1