Author Count
Nigeria.Federal Surveys 8
Nigeria. Federal University of Technology, Yola
Nigeria.Forestry Dept 1
Nigeria Fuji Machine (Musical group) 1
Nigeria.Full Court 1
Nigeria.Government Printer 1
Nigeria.Governor-General 1
Nigeria.Governor-General (1914-1919 : Lugard) 1
Nigeria.Governor-General, 1948- 1
Nigeria.House of Representatives 3
Nigeria.House of Representatives.Committee on the Nigerianisation of the Federal Public Service.Interim report 1
Nigeria.House of Representatives.Sessional paper 1
Nigeria Industrial Development Bank
Nigeria Jaycees
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Nigeria Junior Chamber 1
Nigeria.Land and Survey Dept 4
Nigeria Law School
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Nigeria.Laws, statutes, etc 3
Nigeria.Laws, statutes, etc.Companies decree no. 51 of 1968. 1972 1
Nigeria.Laws, statutes, etc.Evidence act.1945 1
Nigeria.Legislative Council 4
Nigeria.Legislature.House of Representatives 1
Nigeria. Michael Imoudu Institute for Labour Studies
Nigeria. Ministry of Communications. Nigerian Meteorological Service
Nigeria.Ministry of External Affairs 2
Nigeria.Ministry of Foreign Affairs 1
Nigeria.Ministry of Mines and Power 1
Nigeria. Ministry of Natural Resources and Research. Nigerian Meteorological Service
Nigeria. National Archives
Nigeria.National Assembly 7
Nigeria.National Boundary Commission 3
Nigeria.National Boundary Commission.Research and Documentation Centre 2
Nigeria)National Broadcasting Commission 1
Nigeria. National Centre for Economic Management and Administration
Nigeria.National Commission for Colleges of Education 1
Nigeria.National Commission for Mass Literacy, Adult, and Non-Formal Education 1
Nigeria.National Commission for Museums and Monuments 6
Nigeria.National Commission on Colleges of Education 1
Nigeria.National Committee against Apartheid 1
Nigeria.National Committee on Problems of Sports Development in Nigeria 1
Nigeria. National Council on Intergovernmental Relations
Nigeria.National Electoral Commission 1
Nigeria. National Institute for Policy and Strategic Studies
Nigeria.National Manpower Board 2
Nigeria.National Museum (Lagos) 1
Nigeria. National Petroleum Corporation
Nigeria. National PHC Development Agency
Nigeria.National Planning Commission 1
Nigeria.National Planning Committee for Education of Gifted and Talented Children 1
Nigeria.National Population Bureau 1
Nigeria.National Population Commission 2
Nigeria. National Primary Health Care Development Agency
Nigeria.National Space Research & Development Agency 1
Nigeria. National Teachers' Institute
Nigeria.National Universities Commission 4
Nigeria)National Universities Commission 2
Nigeria.National Universities Commission.Dept. of Research and Postgraduate Development 1
Nigeria.National Universities Commission.MIS Unit 1
Nigeria. National War College
Nigeria.Native Courts (Cameroons and Bamenda Provinces) Commission of Inquiry 1