Author Count
New York City-Rand Institute 16
New York City Regional Interdepartmental Rehabilitation Committee 2
New York (City).Saint Stephen's Church 1
New York (City). School of Insurance
New York (City). St. John's University
New York City Symphony 2
New York City Symphony Orchestra
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New York (City).Tax Dept 1
New York City Teachers' Union
New-York City Temperance Society 4
New York (City).The City College.Series in commerce, civics and technology 2
New York (City). Tibor de Nagy Gallery
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New York City Transit
New York City Transit Authority 57
New York (City)Trustees of Bellevue and Allied Hospitals 1
New York (City).Union defence committee 1
New York (City).Union Meeting, Dec. 19, 1859 1
New York (City).Vocational survey commission 1
New York City WPA Symphony Orchestra
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New York (City). Youth Board.
New York City Youth Board 15
New York City Youth Board.In-Service Training Dept 1
New York City Youth Board.Monograph 3
New York Civic League 1
New York. Civic repertory theatre 1
New York Civil Liberties Union 2
New York Civil Liberties Union.Student Rights Project 1
New York Clearing House Association 14
New York Clearing House Association.Tax Committee 2
New York Co-operative Society 1
New-York Coal Company 1
New York Coffee and Sugar Clearing Association 1
New York Coffee and Sugar Exchange 2
New York Collaborative Library Systems Development Conference(1970 :New York) 1
New York College Bound Corporation 1
New York College Learning Skills Association 1
New York.College of St. Francis Xavier 1
New York Collegium 2
New York (Colony) 79
New York (Colony).Act for confirming unto the city of New-York 2
New York (Colony).Act for Confirming unto the City of New-York its Rights and Privileges 3
New York (Colony).Act for Raising a Supply of One Hundred Thousand Pounds 1
New York (Colony).Attorney General 1
New York (Colony).Committee of Safety 1
New York (Colony).Committee to Examine into the Claims of the Patentees of Minisink and Wawayanda 1
New York (Colony).Council 33
New York (Colony).Council.At a Council held at Fort-George, in New-York, November 25, 1727 1
New York (Colony).Court of Assizes 4
New York (Colony).Court of Chancery 1
New York (Colony).Court of General Sessions (New York County) 1
New York (Colony).Court of Oyer and Terminer and General Goal Delivery (New York County) 1
New York (Colony).Court of Vice Admiralty 3
New York (Colony).Courts 1
New York (Colony).General Assembly 51
New York (Colony).General Assembly.Act to exempt the inhabitants of the counties of West-Chester, New-York, Queen's and Richmond, from any taxations for the support of the ministers of churches to which they do not belong 1
New York (Colony).Governor (1664-1668 : Nicolls) 2
New York (Colony).Governor (1692-1695 : Benjamin Fletcher) 1
New York (Colony).Governor (1692-1695 : Fletcher) 2
New York (Colony).Governor (1692-1698 : Fletcher) 38
New York (Colony).Governor (1698-1701 : Bellomont) 12