Author Count
Nebraska.Legislature.Judiciary Committee 1
Nebraska.Legislature.Legislative Council 72
Nebraska.Legislature.Legislative Council.Committee on a Constitutional Convention 1
Nebraska.Legislature.Legislative Council.Committee on Higher Education 1
Nebraska.Legislature.Legislative Council.Committee on Impact of Sales and Income Tax Legislation 1
Nebraska.Legislature.Legislative Council.Committee on Increase in Crime 1
Nebraska.Legislature.Legislative Council.Committee on Law Enforcement and Justice 1
Nebraska.Legislature.Legislative Council.Committee on Taxation 2
Nebraska.Legislature.Legislative Council.Committee report 57
Nebraska.Legislature.Legislative Council.Committee report no 1
Nebraska.Legislature.Legislative Council.Judiciary Committee 1
Nebraska.Legislature.Legislative Fiscal Office 1
Nebraska.Legislature.Legislative Research Division 5
Nebraska.Legislature.Senate 6
Nebraska Library Association 1
Nebraska Library Association.Advisory Committee to the Nebraska Library Commission on Special Collections in Libraries in Nebraska 1
Nebraska Library Association.Nebraska Library Development Committee 2
Nebraska Library Association.State Planning Committee 1
Nebraska Library Commission 4
Nebraska Library Commission. Nebraska Publications Clearinghouse
Nebraska Medical Association
  • The Nebraska State Medical Society, organized in 1868, changed its name to the Nebraska State Medical Association, and then to the Nebraska Medical Association. Works by the Nebraska State Medical Society and the Nebraska State Medical Association are found under Nebraska State Medical Association. Works by the body after the later change in name are found under Nebraska Medical Association. SUBJECT ENTRY: Works about this body are entered under the name used during the latest period covered. In the case where the required name is represented in this catalog only under a later form of the name, entry is made under the later form.
Nebraska Men's Association Opposed to Woman Suffrage 1
Nebraska Merit System Council 1
Nebraska Methodist Hospital.Howard B. Hunt, M.D., Tumor Registry 1
Nebraska National Conference on Assessment and Programming for Infants, Preschool, and School Age Children with Low-Incidence Handicaps(1982 :University of Nebraska, Lincoln) 1
Nebraska National Forest (Neb. and S.D.) 1
Nebraska Natural Resources Commission 17
Nebraska. Nebraska Commission on the Status of Women
Nebraska. Nebraska Natural Resources Commission
Nebraska Ned,pseud 1
Nebraska.Negotiable Instruments Law 1
Nebraska.Office of Legislative Research 1
Nebraska.Office of the Attorney General 8
Nebraska.Office of the Public Counsel 3
Nebraska.Office of the Secretary of State 8
Nebraska.Office of the State Court Administrator 1
Nebraska.Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction 1
Nebraska Ornithologists' Union 2
Nebraska Ornithologists' Union.Bird protection leaflet 1
Nebraska Orthopedic Hospital, Lincoln 1
Nebraska. Papio-Missouri River Natural Resources District
Nebraska Parole Board 1
Nebraska Pharmaceutical Association 1
Nebraska.Planning Board 1
Nebraska Platte River Cooperative Hydrology Study Group 2
Nebraska Power Association 1
Nebraska power company, Omaha 1
Nebraska Prison Association 1
Nebraska Professional Practices Commission 1
Nebraska Program of Educational Enrichment Through the Use of Motion Pictures 1
Nebraska Public Library 1
Nebraska Public Library Commission 4
Nebraska.Public Library Commission, 1935- 1
Nebraska.Public Service Commission 2
Nebraska Publications Clearinghouse 2
Nebraska RC&D Association Inc 3
Nebraska.Real Estate Commission 1
Nebraska.Real Estate Commission.Rules and Regulations of the Real Estate Commission. 1975 1
Nebraska.Revisor of Statutes 2
Nebraska School Financing Review Commission 1