Author Count
National Micrographics Association.NMA recommended practice, microfilming newspapers 1
National Micrographics Association.Special interest package 1
National Microscopical Congress(1878 :Indianapolis, Ind.).Proceedings 3
National Middle School Association 1
National Migraine Foundation 1
National Military-Industrial Conference 1
National Military Organization (Palestine)
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National Milk Producers Federation 2
National Milk Publicity Council 1
National Millinery Company 1
National Mine Health and Safety Academy 17
National Mined Land Reclamation Conference(1986 :Saint Louis, Mo.) 1
National Mineral Development Corporation Limited 2
National Mineral Wool Association 1
National Minerals Information Center (U.S.) 2
National Minerals Policy Forum(1st :1991 :Washington, D.C.) 1
National Mining and Industrial Exposition(1st :1882 :Denver, Colo.) 1
National Mining and Industrial Exposition Association, Denver 1
National Mining and Industrial Exposition Association, Denver.Circular 1
National Mining Association (U.S.) 2
National mining company 1
National Mining Company 1
National Mining Congress 1
National Mining Hall of Fame and Museum 1
National Minority Business Directories, inc 1
National Minority Conference on Human Experimentation 1
National Minority Procurement Fair(1984 :Washington, D.C.) 1
National Mission for Manuscripts (India) 42
National Mission on Wastelands Development (India) 1
National Missionary Congress(1916 :Washington, D.C.) 2
National missionary congress(1st :1910 :Chicago) 1
National Missionary Council of Australia 1
National Missionary Society of India 1
National Model Cities Community Development Directors Association 4
National Modern Languages Convention(2nd :1986 :Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland) 1
National Monetary Conference (U.S.) 1
National Monuments Authority (India) 1
National Monuments Record (England) 1
National Mooney-Billings Committee 3
National Mortgage Association of Washington
National Mortgage Bank (Argentina)
National Mortgage Database (U.S.) 3
National Motor Museum 1
National Mouth Hygiene Association 2
National Movement Against Terrorism 1
National Movement of Iranian Resistance
National MPA Center (U.S.)
National MS Society (U.S.)
National MST Conference(2000 :Maseru, Lesotho) 1
National Multi Housing Council (U.S.) 2
National Multi-Sectoral Planning Team (Bangladesh) 1
National Multicultural Conference and Summit(1999 :Newport Beach, Calif.) 1
National Multicultural Conference & Summit 5
National Multicultural Conference & Summit(1999 :Newport Beach, Calif.) 2
National Multicultural Conference & Summit(2001 :Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1
National Multicultural Conference & Summit(2005 :Hollywoood, Calif.) 1
National Multicultural Conference & Summit(2007 :Seattle, Wash.) 1
National Multicultural Conference & Summit II(2001 :Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1
National Multicultural Symposium(1976 :Ottawa, Ont.) 1
National Multicultural Symposium(1st :1976 :Ottawa, Ont.) 1