Author Count
Movimiento Nacional por los Derechos Humanos (Guatemala).Unidad de Protección a Defensores y Defensoras de Derechos Humanos 1
Movimiento Nacional.Sección Femenina 2
Movimiento Nacional.Servicio de Estudios y Difusión Doctrinal 1
Movimiento Nacional y Popular (Paraguay)
Movimiento No Alineado
Movimiento Político Sindical Liberación (Argentina) 1
Movimiento Popular Colorado (Paraguay) 1
Movimiento por el Presupuesto Participativo de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires 1
Movimiento por la Paz con Justicia y Dignidad 1
Movimiento Revolucionario 26 de Julio. Segundo Frente Oriental "Frank País"
Movimiento sin Tierra (Brazil)
Movimiento Solidario de Salud Mental 1
Movin, Lars 4
Movin, Lisbeth,1917-2011 1
Movin, Nina 1
Movin' Out Band 1
Movin, R 1
Movin, Rasmus Christian Bent,1914-1991 1
Moving Cooler Steering Committee 2
Moving Eye Productions 1
Moving Forward Postgraduate Conference(2008 :Aberdeen, Scotland) 2
Moving Forward Postgraduate Conference(2009 :University of Aberdeen) 1
Moving from Evidence to Implementation of Early Childhood Programs (Workshop)(2016 :Toronto, Canada) 1
Moving from Water Problems to Water Solutions: Research Needs Assessment for the Eastern Gangetic Plains (International Workshop)(2013 :Indian Council of Agricultural Research) 1
Moving Image and Sound Archives (Canada) 3
Moving Images in Norway (Project)
Moving Images (Organization)
Moving Images Video Project 1
Moving matters: seminar on ethnoarchaeology in the Near East(1998 :Cairo) 1
Moving Parts Press 1
Moving Picture Company Limited 4
Moving Picture Exhibitors' Association 1
Moving Pictures, Inc 3
Moving Star Hall Singers 2
Movio, Simone,1978-Incanto,no. 19 1
Movio, Simone,1978-Incanto,no. 7 1
Movita,1915- 1
Movits! (Musical group) 2
Movitt, Eli Rodin,1907- 3
Movius, Caspar,d. 1639 2
Movius, Geoffrey H.(Geoffrey Hallam),1940- 2
Movius, Hallam 1
Movius, Hallam L.(Hallam Leonard),1907-1987 14
Movius, Hallam L.(Hallam Leonard),1907-1987.Mousterian cave of Teshik-Tash 1
Movius, Phyllis Demuth 3
Mövius, Ruth 1
Moviworld (Firm) 1
Movlaeva, S. A 1
Movna, Marianna 1
Movsas, Benjamin 2
Movsēs,Daskhurantsʻi,10th cent 2
Movsēs,Daskhurantsʻi,active 10th century 2
Movses, Hakob,1952- 3
Movsēs,Kaghankatuatsʻi,7th cent 4
Movsēs,Kaghankatuatsʻi,active 7th century 1
Movsesi͡an, A. G 1
Movsesian, Ara John 2
Movsesian, Arpi,1987- 2
Movsesi͡an, S. O.(Sergeĭ Oganesovich) 4
Movsessian, Leon 1