Author Count
Ireland.Census office 1
Ireland.Census Office 13
Ireland.Central Loan Fund Board 1
Ireland.Central Statistics Office 24
Ireland.Chancery 6
Ireland, Charles,1961-2008 1
Ireland. Chartlann Náisiúnta
Ireland, Christopher 1
Ireland, Clifford J 2
Ireland, Clive R 1
Ireland, Colin A.,1949- 2
Ireland.Combat Poverty Agency 2
Ireland.Comhairle na Gaeilge 1
Ireland.Comhairle na Gaelige 1
Ireland. Comhairle Oidhreachta
Ireland.Commission Court (Dublin) 1
Ireland.Commission of Inquiry into Banking, Currency and Credit 1
Ireland.Commission of Lands and for the Settlement of Ireland 1
Ireland.Commission of Oyer and Terminer 21
Ireland.Commission on Higher Education 1
Ireland.Commission on Manual and Practical Instruction in Primary Schools under the Board of National Education in Ireland 1
Ireland.Commission on Taxation 1
Ireland.Commission on the Restoration of the Irish Language 1
Ireland.Commission on the Status of Women 2
Ireland.Commissioners and Chief Governors of Her Majesties revenue 1
Ireland.Commissioners appointed for taking the Census of the Population of Ireland 2
Ireland.Commissioners appointed to enquire in to Forfeited Estates 2
Ireland.Commissioners appointed to enquire into the Forfeited Estates 2
Ireland.Commissioners for executing the Act of Settlement and the Act of Explanation 3
Ireland.Commissioners for Making Wide and Convenient Streets in the City of Dublin 2
Ireland.Commissioners for Publishing the Ancient Laws and Institutes of Ireland 3
Ireland.Commissioners for stating the accounts of the army 1
Ireland.Commissioners for the Relief of Suffering Loyalists 24
Ireland.Commissioners for the Settling and Securing the Province of Ulster 1
Ireland.Commissioners of Account 1
Ireland.Commissioners of the Common-wealth of England for the Affairs of Ireland 10
Ireland.Commissioners of the Tillage and Inland Navigation Act 2
Ireland.Commissioners of Their Majesty's Revenue 1
Ireland.Committee on Civil Legal Aid and Advice 1
Ireland.Committee on Court Practice and Procedure 20
Ireland.Committee on Court Practice and Procedure.Fees of professional witnesses 1
Ireland.Committee on Court Practice and Procedure.Interim report of the Committee on Court Practice and Procedure 19
Ireland.Committee on Court Practice and Procedure.Jury challenges 1
Ireland.Committee on Industrial Organisation 1
Ireland.Committee to Review the Offences Against the State Acts, 1939-1998 and Related Matters 1
Ireland.Congested Districts Board 4
Ireland.Constitution 9
Ireland.Constitution.Bunreacht na hÉireann 1
Ireland.Constitution.English.Bunreacht na hÉireann 1
Ireland.Constitution.English & Gaelic. 1980 1
Ireland.Constitution.English & Irish 1
Ireland.Constitution.Irish 7
Ireland. Córas Iompair Éireann
Ireland.Council for the Affairs of Ireland 3
Ireland. Council for the Status of Women
Ireland.Court for Crown Cases Reserved 2
Ireland.Court for Land Cases Reserved 1
Ireland.Court for Matrimonial Causes and Matters 1
Ireland.Court for Relief of Insolvent Debtors 1
Ireland.Court of Appeal 5