Author Count
Intellectual Property Law Society (University of Chicago. Law School) 3
Intellectual property on the Internet: is there life outside of the big three?(2014 ;Victoria University of Wellington) 1
Intellectual Property Society of Australia and New Zealand 1
Intellectual property, trade and the knowledge assets of indigenous peoples: the developmental frontier(2010 :Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand) 1
Intellectual Reserve, Inc 1
Intellectuels chrétiens sociaux d'Alsace 1
Intellektualʹnye innovat͡sii v obshchestve i razvitie obrazovanii͡a(1996 :Novosibirsk, Russia) 2
Intellektualʹnyĭ potent͡sial obnovlenii͡a obshchestva (Organization)
Intellettuali di Capitanata, la famiglia Bellucci(2014 :Foggia, Italy) 1
IntelliChoice, Inc 1
Intelligence Community (U.S.) 1
Intelligence Corps Association 1
Intelligence digest.Supplement 1
Intelligence Network International (Toronto, Ont.) 1
Intelligence of Low Dimensional Topology 2006(4th :2006 :Hiroshima, Japan) 2
Intelligence, Policy, and Politics: The DCI, the White House, and Congress (Symposium)(2012 :George Mason University. School of Public Policy) 1
Intelligence Policy Center (U.S.) 11
Intelligence services in a changing world(Sept. 1999 :St. Antony's College, Univ. of Oxford) 1
Intelligent Direct, Inc 1
Intelligent emigrant at Philadelphia 1
Intelligent Materials Forum (Mitō Kagaku Gijutsu Kyōkai) 1
Intelligent Systems and Semiotics (Conference) 1
Intelligent Systems (Firm) 1
Intelligent Telecommunications (Firm)
Intelligent User Interfaces, International Conference on
Intelligent vehicle initiative (U.S.) 1
IntelliQuest 2
Intelmann, Helmut 1
Intelmann, Steven S 7
Intemann, Frauke,1970- 1
Intemann, Friedrich,1880- 1
Intemann, Gabriele 1
Intemann, Kristen 1
Intemin (Organization) 1
Intenation Conference IACuDiT(2nd :2015 :Athens) 1
Intendance nationale des monuments historiques (Hungary)
Intensity (Percussion ensemble) 1
Intensive Care Society (Great Britain) 1
Intensive District Approach to Education for All (Project) 1
Intensive Family Preservation Services National Research Conference(1989 :Cleveland, Ohio) 1
Intensive Seminar on "Topics in Modern Harmonic Analysis"(1982 :Turin, Italy and Milan, Italy) 1
Intensive Study and Research Centre (Kathmandu, Nepal)
Intensive Study & Research Centre (Kathmandu, Nepal) 4
Intensive Training Conference for Foreman Conference Leaders(1927 :Topeka, Kan.) 1
Intepe, Nazim 1
Inter-African Bureau for Soils and Rural Economy 1
Inter-African Committee on Linguistics 1
Inter-African Conference on Industrial, Commercial and Agricultural Education(2d :1957 :Luanda) 1
Inter-African Conference on Nutrition(2nd :1952 :Fajara, Gambia) 1
Inter-African Conference on Nutrition.3d,Luanda,1956 1
Inter-African Conference on Rural Welfare 2
Inter-African Conference on Rural Welfare(2nd :1957 :Antananarivo, Madagascar) 1
Inter-African Labour Conference 1
Inter-African Labour Institute 1
Inter African Network for Human Rights and Development
Inter-African Pedological Service
Inter-African Soils Conference(2d :1954 :Leopoldville) 1
Inter-Agency Arctic Research Policy Committee (U.S.)
Inter-Agency Committee on Housing and Urban Development for Latin America 1
Inter-Agency Committee on Land Subsidence in the San Joaquin Valley 1