Author Count
Illinois.Regional Transportation Authority 54
Illinois.Regional Transportation Authority.Commuter Board 1
Illinois. Regional Transportation Authority. Commuter Rail Division
Illinois.Regional Transportation Authority.Development Planning Department 1
Illinois.Regional Transportation Authority.Development Planning Dept 1
Illinois. Regional Transportation Authority. Metra
Illinois.Regional Transportation Authority.Operational Planning Dept 1
Illinois.Regional Transportation Authority.Planning and Development Department 2
Illinois.Regional Transportation Authority.Suburban Bus Division 16
Illinois.Regional Transportation Authority.Technical report 5
Illinois.Regulatory Agency Sunset Act.1981 2
Illinois Rehabilitation Association 1
Illinois.Reports, digests, etc 1
Illinois Republican Council 1
Illinois Republican Women's Clubs 1
Illinois.Research and Reference Center Directors.Subcommittee on Cooperative Collection Development 1
Illinois Retail Jewelers Association 1
Illinois.Revenue Commission 3
Illinois.Revenue commission 1
Illinois.Revenue Laws Commission 1
Illinois River Strategy Team 1
Illinois River Valley Association.Legislative Committee 1
Illinois.Rivers and Lakes Commission 12
Illinois.Roadmap Implementation Task Force 1
Illinois.Rubber coordinator 1
Illinois.Rules and regulations governing the control of air pollution (1965) 1
Illinois.Rural Crime Advisory Board 1
Illinois. Rural Health Task Force
Illinois Rural Planning Council 1
Illinois.Safety Commission 2
Illinois Saint Andrew Society 1
Illinois. Sangamon State University
Illinois.Sanitary Water Board 10
Illinois Savings and Loan League 2
Illinois.School Finance and Tax Commission 1
Illinois.School Finance and Tax Commission.Research Dept 1
Illinois School for the Blind 1
Illinois. School for the Blind
Illinois.School for the Deaf (Jacksonville, Ill.) 1
Illinois.School Organizaton and Facilities Section 1
Illinois.School Problems Commission 5
Illinois School Psychologists' Association 1
Illinois school work council 1
Illinois Secondary School Curriculum Program 1
Illinois Secondary School Curriculum Program.Consensus study 1
Illinois.Secure Automated Facility Environment Project 1
Illinois.Securities Department 4
Illinois.Securities Division 2
Illinois.Seditious Activities Investigation Commission 4
Illinois.Select Joint Committee on Regulatory Agency Reform 7
Illinois Self-Help Center 2
Illinois.Senate Ethics Commission 1
Illinois.Senior Citizens and Human Resources Department 1
Illinois Seniors Golf Association 1
Illinois.Sesquicentennial Commission 3
Illinois.Shiloh Battlefield Commission 1
Illinois Small Business Development Center Network 1
Illinois Social Hygiene League 1
Illinois Society for Child-Study 3
Illinois Society for Clinical Social Work 1