Author Count
Illinois 475
Illinois 2000 Foundation 1
Illinois. Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum
Illinois Academy of Criminology 6
Illinois Academy of Sciences
Illinois.Act Concerning Land Titles 1
Illinois.Act in Relation to Meetings 1
Illinois.Act to incorporate the Galena and Chicago Union Rail Road Company approved January 16, 1836 1
Illinois.Act to License and Regulate Detection of Deception Examiners.1981 1
Illinois.Ad Hoc Committee on Truancy Legislation.Report and recommendations 1
Illinois.Adjutant General's Office 5
Illinois.Administrative Code Division 1
Illinois.Administrative Office of the Illinois Courts 1
Illinois Administrative Practice and Review Commission 1
Illinois.Adoption Information Service.Citizens Advisory Committee 1
Illinois.Advisory Board on Necropsy Service to Coroners 2
Illinois.Advisory Commission on Financing the Arts in Illinois 1
Illinois.Advisory Commission on Labor-Management Policy for Public Employees 1
Illinois.Advisory Council on Adult, Vocational, and Technical Education 1
Illinois.Advisory Council on Pneumonia Control 1
Illinois.Advisory Council on Vocational Education 5
Illinois.Advisory Council to the Department of Children and Family Services 1
Illinois Aeronautics Commission 3
Illinois.Aeronautics commission 1
Illinois Agent Orange Study Commission 1
Illinois Agricultural Association 2
Illinois Agricultural Association.School Committee 1
Illinois.Agricultural Statistics Section 1
Illinois Agricultural Statistics Service 4
Illinois Agricultural Task Force on Non-point Sources of Pollution
Illinois.Air Pollution Control Act (1963) 1
Illinois.Air Pollution Control Board 3
Illinois.Alcoholism Division 3
Illinois All-State Band 2
Illinois All-State Chorus 1
Illinois All-State Orchestra 2
Illinois Alliance for Aging 1
Illinois.Alternative Energy Development Section 1
Illinois Alzheimer's Disease Assistance Plan 1
Illinois.Ambient Air Monitoring Section 2
Illinois and Michigan Canal.Board of Trustees 2
Illinois and Michigan Canal (Ill.) 1
Illinois and Michigan Canal National Heritage Corridor Commission 1
Illinois and Mississippi River and Canal Improvement Commission 2
Illinois and Ouabache Land Companies
Illinois and St. Louis Bridge Company 6
Illinois and Wabash Land Companies
Illinois and Wabash Land Company
Illinois Annual School for Mothers of Deaf Children 1
Illinois anti-slavery convention(1837 :Upper Alton) 1
Illinois Anti-slavery Society 1
Illinois Anti-Vivisection Society 1
Illinois.Appellate Court 33
Illinois.Appellate Court (1st District) 7
Illinois.Appellate Court (2nd District) 1
Illinois.Appellate Court (3rd District) 2
Illinois.Appellate Court. First district 1
Illinois Archaeological Survey 18
Illinois Area Council of YMCA's 1