Author Count
Illinois Tunnel Company, Chicago 1
Illinois Turfgrass Conference 1
Illinois Turfgrass Foundation 1
Illinois Type Founding Company 1
Illinois Unemployment and Job Training Research Project 1
Illinois.University 7
Illinois.University Agricultural Experiment Station, Urbana 1
Illinois.University.Air Photo Repository 1
Illinois.University.All-University Committee on Community Problems 1
Illinois.University.Bioacoustics Laboratory 1
Illinois.University Bulletin 1
Illinois.University.Bureau of Business Management 2
Illinois.University Bureau of Business Management 1
Illinois.University.Burnsides Research Laboratory 1
Illinois.University.Civil Engineering Systems Laboratory 1
Illinois.University.Co-ordinated Science Laboratory 1
Illinois University.College of Agriculture 1
Illinois.University.College of Agriculture.Extension Service in Agriculture and Home Economics 2
Illinois.University.College of Agriculture.Extension Service in Agriculture and Home Economics.Circular 1
Illinois.University.College of Commerce and Business Administration.Business Management Service.Business Management Service bulletin 1
Illinois.University.College of education.Bureau of educational research.Bulletin 1
Illinois.University.College of Education.Division of Historical, Comparative, Philosophical, and Social Foundations of Education 1
Illinois.University.College of engineering.Arthur Newell Talbot laboratory 1
Illinois.University.College of Medicine.Dept. of Pediatrics 1
Illinois.University.College of Medicine.Dept. of Physiology 1
Illinois.University.Collegium Musicum 1
Illinois.University.Committee on the Centennial 3
Illinois.University. Dept. of Animal Husbandry.Laboratory of Physiological Chemistry 1
Illinois.University.Dept. of Household Science 1
Illinois.University.Dept. of Sociology and Anthropology 1
Illinois.University.Division of Animal Nutrition 1
Illinois.University.Electrical Engineering Research Laboratory.Scientific report 1
Illinois.University.Engineering experiment station 1
Illinois.University.Engineering experiment station.Circular series 1
Illinois.University.Graduate College.Committee for the Centennial Year 1
Illinois.University.Graduate school 3
Illinois.University.Graduate School of Library Science 1
Illinois.University.High School Visitor 4
Illinois.University.Illinois Historical Survey.Publication 2
Illinois.University.Illinois monographs in the medical sciences 1
Illinois.University.Illinois studies in the social sciences 3
Illinois.University.Laboratory of Personality Assessment and Group Behavior 2
Illinois.University.Laboratory of physics 2
Illinois.University.Land Economics Institute 1
Illinois.University.Law Library.Progressive Center for Comparative Legal Research 2
Illinois.University.Library School 1
Illinois. University. Library school association 1
Illinois. University of Illinois at Chicago
Illinois. University of Illinois at Congress Circle, Chicago
Illinois. University of Illinois at Springfield
Illinois. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Illinois. University of Illinois (Urbana--Champaign campus)
Illinois.University.School of Railway Engineering and Administration 1
Illinois.University.State Library School 1
Illinois.University.Student Senate 1
Illinois.University.University at Congress Circle, Chicago.Library 2
Illinois.University.University press 1
Illinois.University, Urbana 1
Illinois.University.War committee 1
Illinois Valley Area Chamber of Commerce 1