Author Count
Illinois 605
Illinois 2000 Foundation 1
Illinois. Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum
Illinois Academy of Criminology 6
Illinois Academy of Science 1
Illinois Academy of Sciences
Illinois. Act Concerning Land Titles 1
Illinois. Act in Relation to Meetings 1
Illinois. Act to Incorporate the City of Chicago 1
Illinois. Act to incorporate the Galena and Chicago Union Rail Road Company approved January 16, 1836 1
Illinois. Act to License and Regulate Detection of Deception Examiners. 1981 1
Illinois. Ad Hoc Committee on Truancy Legislation. Report and recommendations 1
Illinois. Adjutant General
Illinois. Adjutant General's Office 11
Illinois. Administration, Board of
Illinois. Administrative Code Division 1
Illinois. Administrative Office of the Illinois Courts 1
Illinois Administrative Practice and Review Commission 1
Illinois. Adoption Information Service. Citizens Advisory Committee 1
Illinois. Adult, Vocational, and Technical Education
Illinois. Adult, Vocational, and Technical Education, Advisory Council on
Illinois. Adult, Vocational, and Technical Education, Department of
Illinois. Advisory Board on Necropsy Service to Coroners 2
Illinois. Advisory Commission on Financing the Arts in Illinois 1
Illinois. Advisory Commission on Labor-Management Policy for Public Employees 1
Illinois. Advisory Commission on Labor-Management Policy for Public Employees, Governor's
Illinois. Advisory Commission on Taxes, Governor's
Illinois. Advisory Committee for Electric Utility Regulatory Reform, Governor's
Illinois Advisory Committee to the United States Commission on Civil Rights
Illinois. Advisory Council on Adult, Vocational, and Technical Education 1
Illinois. Advisory Council on Pneumonia Control 1
Illinois. Advisory Council on Vocational Education 5
Illinois. Advisory Council to the Department of Children and Family Services 1
Illinois Aeronautics Commission 3
Illinois. Aeronautics commission 1
Illinois. Aeronautics, Department of
Illinois. Aeronautics, Division of
Illinois Agent Orange Study Commission 1
Illinois. Agent Orange Study Commission
Illinois. Aging, Department on
Illinois Agricultural Association 4
Illinois Agricultural Association. School Committee 1
Illinois Agricultural Experiment Station
Illinois Agricultural Experiment Station. Annual report 1
Illinois Agricultural Experiment Station. Recent progress in solving some farm problems of Illinois 1
Illinois. Agricultural Experimental Station, Urbana 1
Illinois. Agricultural Migrant Workers, Committee on
Illinois. Agricultural Statistics Section 1
Illinois Agricultural Statistics Service 4
Illinois. Agricultural Statistics Service
Illinois Agricultural Task Force on Non-point Sources of Pollution
Illinois. Agriculture, Department of
Illinois Agriculture Experiment Station
Illinois. Agriculture, State Board of
Illinois. Air Pollution Control Act (1963) 1
Illinois. Air Pollution Control Board 3
Illinois. Air Pollution Control, Division of
Illinois. Alcoholism Division 3
Illinois. Alcoholism, Division of