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Harvard University.Library 116
Harvard University.Library.Bibliographical contributions 10
Harvard University.Library.Caroline Miller Parker Collection 1
Harvard University.Library.Catalogue of Hebrew books. Supplement I: Appendix 1
Harvard University. Library. Harvard-Yenching Library
Harvard University Library. Lamont Library
Harvard University.Library.Lamont Library 2
Harvard University. Library. Milman Parry Collection
Harvard University.Library of the Departments of Landscape Architecture and Regional Planning 1
Harvard University.Library.Special publications 4
Harvard University.Library.University Librarian 1
Harvard University.Library.Widener Collection 14
Harvard University.Library.Widener Collection.Widener Library shelflist 6
Harvard University.Library.Widener Library shelflist 35
Harvard University. Louis Adams Frothingham Fund
Harvard University.Management Consulting Club 2
Harvard University.Maria Moors Cabot Foundation 1
Harvard University.Maria Moors Cabot Foundation for Botanical Research 6
Harvard University.Maria Moors Cabot Foundation for Botanical Research.Publication 3
Harvard University. Massachusetts Medical College
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Harvard University. Medical Department
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Harvard University. Medical Faculty
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Harvard University. Medical School. Beth Israel Hospital
Harvard university, Medical school. Dept of tropical medicine 1
Harvard university.Medical school. Dept. of tropical medicine 1
Harvard University. Medical School. Harvard Center for Community Health and Medical Care
Harvard University.Metropolitan Opportunity Project 1
Harvard University.Migration and Development Program 1
Harvard University. Milman Parry Collection
Harvard University. Minda de Gunzburg Center for European Studies
Harvard University--MIT Division of Health Sciences and Technology 2
Harvard University.Museum of Comparative Zoology 17
Harvard University.Museum of Comparative Zoology.Bulletin 5
Harvard University.Museum of Comparative Zoology.Department of Mollusks 1
Harvard University.Museum of comparative zoölogy. Dept. of mollusks 1
Harvard University.Museum of Comparative Zoology.Illustrated catalogue of the Museum of Comparative Zoölogy, at Harvard College 7
Harvard University.Museum of Comparative Zoology.Library 2
Harvard University-Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, Cyprus Expedition(1971-1973) 1
Harvard University-Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, Expedition 3
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Harvard University Observatory 1
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Harvard University.Office of the President 2
Harvard University.Official register of Harvard University 2
Harvard University. Peabody Museum
Harvard University.Peabody Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology.Peabody Museum monographs 1
Harvard University.Phi Beta Kappa prize essays 1
Harvard University.Philosophy of Education Research Center 1
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Harvard University.Program for Science and International Affairs 1
Harvard University.Program on Information Resources Policy 18
Harvard University.Program on Information Technologies and Public Policy.Publication - Harvard University, Program on Information Technologies and Public Policy 1
Harvard University.Program on Nonviolent Sanctions in Conflict and Defense 1