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Great Britain.Parliament.Papers by command (Indexes) 3
Great Britain.Parliament.Parliamentary debates (official report[s]).Daily issue 1
Great Britain.Parliament.Parliamentary papers 1
Great Britain.Parliament.Parliamentary papers.Session 1805 1
Great Britain.Parliament.Public general acts. 10 Vict. c.32 1
Great Britain.Parliament.Public General Acts.1718-1719. 5 Geo.I.c.2 1
Great Britain.Parliament.Recruiting Committee 1
Great Britain.Parliament.Scottish Grand Committee 1
Great Britain.Parliament.Select Committee Appointed to Take into Consideration An Act for Further Regulating and Ascertaining the Importation and Exportation of Corn and Grain, within Several Ports and Places Therein Mentioned 2
Great Britain.Parliament.Select committee to consider the best means which Great Britain can adopt for the final extinction of the African slave trade 1
Great Britain.Parliament.(Session 2008-09).House of Commons.Treasury Committee 1
Great Britain.Parliament.(Session 2009-10) 1
Great Britain.Parliament.Sessional index 1
Great Britain.Parliament.Sessional papers 1
Great Britain.Parliament.Sessional papers (Indexes) 1
Great Britain.Parliament.Standing Committee A 1
Great Britain.Parliament.The parliamentary debates 1
Great Britain.ParliamentAct to Permit the Importation of Rice, Grain, and Flour, from Any Foreign Colonies on the Continent of America, into Certain Ports in the West Indies, and to Allow Certain Articles to be Imported from the United States ... into the British Provinces in North America, for ... Exportation to the British Islands in the West Indies 1
Great Britain.Parliamentary Elections Corrupt Practices Act, 1885 1
Great Britain. Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology
Great Britain.Parliamentary Recruiting Committee 1
Great Britain.ParliamentHouse of Commons 1
Great Britain.ParliamentHouse of Commons)Committee Appointed to Enquire into the state of the British Herring Fisheries 4
Great Britain.Partnership Act, 1890 9
Great Britain.Patent Office 54
Great Britain.Patent Office.Library 34
Great Britain.Patent Office.Library.Subject lists 1
Great Britain.Patent Office.Library.Subject lists.New ser 3
Great Britain.Patent Office.Library.Subject lists : New ser 1
Great Britain.Patent Office.Library.Subject Lists : New Series 1
Great Britain.Patent Office.Library.Subject lists.New Series 5
Great Britain.Patent Office.Official journal of the Patent Office 1
Great Britain.Patents Act 1977 1
Great Britain.Patents and Designs Act, 1907 4
Great Britain.Patents and Designs Acts, 1907 1
Great Britain.Patents and Designs Acts, 1908 1
Great Britain.Patents, Designs, and Trade Marks Act, 1883 4
Great Britain.Pawnbrokers Act, 1872 1
Great Britain.Pawnbrokers Act, 1922 1
Great Britain.Paymaster General's Office 5
Great Britain.Penal Laws 1
Great Britain. Permanent Committee on Geographical Names
Great Britain.Permanent Consultative Committee on Official Statistics 1
Great Britain. Pest Infestation Laboratory
Great Britain. Pest Infestation Research Board. Pest Infestation Laboratory
Great Britain.Petitions of Right Act, 1860 1
Great Britain.Petroleum Dept 2
Great Britain.Physical Deterioration, Committee on 1
Great Britain.Pipe office 1
Great Britain. Pipes & Drums of the Scots Guards
Great Britain.Pitcairn Island Government Regulations, 1940 1
Great Britain.plaintiff 1
Great Britain, plaintiff 1
Great Britain.Planning Advisory Group 1
Great Britain.Police Advisory Board 1
Great Britain.Police Advisory Board.Working Party on Manpower 1
Great Britain.Police and Criminal Evidence Act, 1984 4
Great Britain.Police and Criminal Evidence Act, 1984.1985 2
Great Britain.Police Complaints Authority 2
Great Britain.Police Complaints Board 2